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$30 Trillion Wealth Transfer: Most Advisors Miss This Critical Step

It is likely that Boomer women were largely uninvolved in their family’s finances throughout their lives. Males and females tend to have different priorities when it comes to managing their finances, and a woman advisor can be invaluable in helping to cater to these needs and make women feel more comfortable throughout the process.

The Doctor And the Drug Dealer: A Parable About Registered Investment Advisors and Broker-Dealers

If you go to the doctor and the doctor prescribes medicine made by a company that the doctor owns shares in, does the doctor have a conflict of interest? What if the doctor is paid for every pill she prescribes? Is that a conflict?

Episode 9 with Richard K. Roscelli

Dive into the fascinating world of managed futures with Accredited Investor Markets Radio. In Episode 9, AIMkts Managing Editor Alicia Purdy, explores this asset class with Richard Roscelli, an investment advisor with Cathay Consultants Ltd. Richard is also licensed futures broker. In their discussion, Richard covers many aspects of managed futures including the opportunities/risks they offer when incorporated into traditional financial portfolios, how to develop an effective allocation as well as how the sector performs versus traditional asset classes.

Looking for a financial advisor? Here’s what not to do.

Says Gershman, “You want an advisor who is experienced with working with people who have similar goals and similar account sizes. You want one without any conflicts, one who isn’t all bells and whistles and no substance.”

What Accredited Investors Need to Know When Selecting Advisors

Without experience or a significant amount of time spent studying how various investment vehicles work, chances are you, the average accredited investor, will need to locate a financial advisor who can help direct and manage your investment.