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Executives & Business Owners

Business executives and owners of privately held businesses wear many hats, each of which require different skill-sets. Yet, at the same time, the pressures of running a business often leave little time for the continuing education that can benefit them. Financial Poise provides easily digestible, highly relevant information that business people can use right away to make their businesses better.

From columns and articles to webinars and podcasts, all of Financial Poise’s content is produced so that you don’t need a law degree or be a CPA to fully understand and apply the educational information provided.  Instead, it’s developed specifically for business owners and executives with the intent to be as comprehensive as possible without all of the unnecessary jargon.

Covering such subjects as fraud and litigation as well as bankruptcy and other similar topics, the Financial Poise collection for business executives and owners is meant to be engaging and easy to apply, so that you can get back to doing what’s most important – running your business .

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 2/3

Social Media, Blogging and Targeted Online Marketing for Beginners [Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a three-part series by Joshua Lyons about online marketing. Read his previous article, “Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 1.”] Social Media Marketing Strategy Social media is one of the most frequently implemented tactics for entrepreneurs. Social media […]

Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing Orientation for Entrepreneurs: Part 1/3

Budgeting, Website Building and SEO Analysis There are dozens, or possibly hundreds, of tactics that can be implemented for online marketing. Tactics can include social media, email, paid ads on Google, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. But where should an entrepreneur start with his or her online marketing? What are the most important tactics […]

Business Transition and Exit Planning

Planning and Staging a Company for Transition:

What You Need to Know Laverne was at the country club talking with Shirley, a new member. Laverne was surprised to learn that Shirley had just sold her distribution company for $10 million. Laverne knew about her business because it was a competitor. Shirley’s company was an ordinary but steadily profitable operation. Its product line, […]

measuring the loss of trade secret theft

Case Assessment on Trade Secret Misappropriation

Estimating Economic Loss in Trade Secrets Cases The number of civil and criminal trade secret cases filed have substantially increased in recent years. In April of 2019, a former Garrett Popcorn employee was accused of stealing trade secrets, and just days before, an ex-GE engineer reportedly stole trade secrets for China. The rise in trade secrets […]

Letters of Intent (LOI)

Reading and Writing a Letter of Intent

The 411 on LOIs A Letter of intent (LOI) (also sometimes called a term sheet, expression of interest, or indication of interest) is an informal offer made by a strategic or potential buyer of (or investor in) a business. Regardless of its name, a LOI is drafted in the preliminary stage of the sale of […]

Marketing Financial Services to Millennials

Millennial Financial Habits: Uncracking Gen Y

Marketing to Millennials: A Major Challenge for Financial Services Industry When it comes to managing their money, the nation’s millennials march to a different beat; one that has the financial services industry feeling out of step. Predictably, millennials are more likely than previous generations to consider financial services marketed by names like Google, Apple or […]


ESOPs: Tax Advantages of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Employees Have Retirements Staked on Company Success An employee stock ownership plan, commonly referred to as an ESOP, offers a range of benefits for sponsor companies, in addition to its owners and employees. As a qualified employee benefit plan, an ESOP is designed to provide retirement benefits to employees, and is similar to that of […]

business acquisitions

Acquisitions: That Company May Be Good to Own, but Tough to Buy

Inaction Dissatisfaction is Preferable to Buyer’s Remorse At a client’s recent board meeting we were evaluating making a bid on a rival business worth $100 million. Our management had spent years positioning itself for the opportunity to obtain this business, and now that acquisition was finally upon us. Even though it was an extremely large […]

leading from the front

The Balancing Act: Why Leaders Should be Equally Tough and Transparent

Bad Bosses Don’t Communicate Vulnerabilities In her campaign for the Democratic nomination, Minnesota’s Senior Senator Amy Klobuchar’s campaign has had to deal with blowback from former staff, who alleged mal-treatment. She was asked about this on a recent CNN-hosted town hall, and to be honest, I was expecting her to avoid the topic. But instead […]

Family-Owned Business Transition

Family-Owned Business Transitions: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

Like Snowflakes,  They Vary Transitions in family-owned businesses can take many forms and be challenging endeavors. From a change of control, as the torch is passed from one generation to the next, to the much more life-changing sale of the entire business, each transition comes with its share of the Good, Bad, and Ugly. Types […]

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