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Video On Demand Webinar Series

Below are all of our available Video On Demand Webinars, grouped by Series. You can watch a free preview of each webinar before it will ask you to purchase the webinar for full access. Please contact us with any questions or problems.

Bankruptcy Intersections

Bankruptcy Intersections On Demand Video Webinar Series Bankruptcy law is generally a federal-based practice, and governed by title 11 of the United States Code (the Bankruptcy Code). Bankruptcy law, however, is far from an insular practice; This webinar series focuses on how issues involving intellectual property, employment and labor, tax law, and environmental law are treated through the prism of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Transactions 301 - Advice For The Advanced Practitioner

Bankruptcy Transactions 301 On Demand Video Webinar Series This series provides tools for business owners and their advisors to navigate through the landscape of bankruptcy transactions, demystify esoteric concepts, and discuss best practices for advanced professionals working on these matters.

Board Of Directors Boot Camp

Board of Directors Boot Camp 2023 Video Webinar Series Applicable to owners, executives, directors and their respective trusted advisors, this webinar series discusses various aspects of good governance in private companies including best practices and common pitfalls.

Business Borrowing Basics

Business Borrowing Basics Video Webinar Series This webinar series provides a guided tour of the various borrowing options available to businesses, from both a business and legal perspective. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different types of loans, how to select the right loan for your business, how to negotiate terms, and what happens in the event the loan is defaulted upon.

Business Law Review

Business Law Review Video On Demand Webinar Series While law school provides a great foundation, there are so many things it does not teach. This series delves into cutting edge issues in dynamic fields to help lawyers, business professionals, or anyone interested in the law, with some specialized learning in seven distinct areas of law.

Commercial Litigation Funding

Commercial Litigation Funding Video Webinar Series This three-part series is geared towards educating attorneys and clients on legal/ethical, strategic, and business decisions when considering litigation funding, and investors seeking to learn about an increasingly mainstream asset class.

Complex Financial Litigation

Complex Financial Litigation Video On Demand Webinar Series This webinar series focuses on the legal and financial realities that accompany unanticipated adverse events, soured business relationships, and failing organizations. Whether you are a general litigator, business owner, aspiring shareholder, or insurance claims analyst, this webinar series will help you to understand and prioritize key concepts associated with business breakups.

Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Part 1

Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Part 1 - Video Webinar Series This webinar series covers corporate and regulatory compliance as it relates to procurement and government contracting, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, data privacy and social media.

Ethical Issues In Real Estate-Based Bankruptcies

Ethical Issues in Real Estate-Based Bankruptcies Video On Demand Webinar Series In this series we tackle some common ethical scenarios that frequently present themselves in real estate-focused bankruptcies and take a deep dive into how we can use the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct to help guide legal practitioners through challenging ethical situations.

Legal Ethics – Best Practices

Legal Ethics Best Practices On Demand Video Webinar Series This webinar series examines ethical issues confronted by lawyers in a variety of contexts. The panelists consider and recommend different approaches to ethical decision-making and lawyers responsibilities and concerns, especially in light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing Tips For The New (Or Old!) Business Owner - Part 1

Marketing Tips for the New or Old Business - Video Webinar Series This webinar series is designed to educate business owners on how to prepare, execute and refine their own customized marketing initiatives. After finishing this webinar series, the business owner should have a much clearer and strategic plan for their own marketing.

Protecting Your Employee Assets: The Life Cycle of the Employment Relationship 2023

Protecting Your Employee Assets Video Webinar Series This webinar series approaches the employer-employee relationship from beginning to end, including hiring and onboarding, policy and procedure development, training, wage and hour compliance, accommodating disabilities, conducting investigations and considerations when ending the relationship.

Real Estate Investing 101

Real Estate Investing 101 On Demand Video Webinar Series Real estate has always been a popular asset class for investment. Investors considering making an investment in real estate have a variety of choices: retail, office buildings, industrial, raw land, and, of course, residential. This webinar series covers the several types of real estate classes available to invest in, explaining where to look for opportunities; how to diligence them; possible funding solutions; and best practice for execution.

The Start-Up/Small Business Advisor

The Start-Up/Small Business Advisor Video Webinar Series Whether and to what extent a startup will be successful depends on many factors. One set of factors is the foundational pillars on which the company is built, and includes things such as the company’s capital structure, financial controls, human capital, management/founder talent, market niche (and barrier to entry), financing growth, managing burn rate, and marketing functions.


Business Valuation - On Demand Video Webinar Series Valuation is used by market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to transact a sale of a security, a business, or any other asset. The same techniques are used to determine the price a party is willing to pay or receive to settle a claim or satisfy a liability. This series of webinars teaches how commercial litigators use valuation experts in commercial disputes.