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Financial Poise offers reliable and plain English education to investors and business owners.

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Financial Poise Webinars produces more than 100 webinars every year which are sold to more than 25,000 customers each year. Customers include accredited investors, accountants, attorneys ,and business owners.

All Financial Poise webinars are audio only, with PowerPoint presentations that can be viewed by audience members while they listen. All webinars are conversational. While PowerPoints are prepared, available, and referenced during webinars, panelists do not simply “walk through” a PowerPoint. Rather, the moderator of each panel has been trained in Financial Poise’s proprietary webinar interview style. This further assures that webinars are engaging and entertaining.

Financial Poise neither pays, nor accepts payment from, speakers. Rather, we strive to be a meritocracy that attracts top-tier professionals who are excellent communicators and who wish to raise their profiles by reaching our audience. If you are a subject matter expert on business, finance, investment, or legal topic and would like to be considered as a faculty member, please contact us at [email protected] and include your resume or CV and a cover statement regarding the subject matter you wish to teach and your past teaching experience. A representative from Financial Poise’s Faculty Selection Team will contact you within seven days of receiving this information.

Write for Us

We’re always looking for fantastic expert business, financial and legal contributors. Financial Poise shares insights, intelligence and real world experiences that challenges our readers. If your ideas can bring our readers a fresh perspective (especially on a topic that keeps you up at night), we want to hear about it.

Financial Poise Faculty Members gain exposure to an audience of business owners, C-level executives, business owners, investors and other professionals.

Unlike so many information sources in the internet, Financial Poise content is not crowdsourced, nor is it the result of pay-to-play arrangements. Our audience understands and appreciates this.

We promote our Faculty because it is in our best interest to do so. If you are a professional service provider—or otherwise wish to increase your public profile—our PR and social media teams will work with you to promote your content and, more generally, your personal brand.

We have to be honest, though...

Writing for Financial Poise takes work.

We want your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to get there. Once accepted, you’ll receive extensive feedback from our team, and you’ll work closely with an editor on revisions.

What are we looking for?

We create content that, by example, shows readers how to do better content marketing.

We’re not afraid to get into deep detail, either. Our commitment to creating the most actionable content on the web earns our readers’ trust, and will continue to do so.

We expect every blog post to improve our readers financial lives. . If you get it right, your readers will not need another article to take practical steps forward.

Our standards are high. We need to be up front about this. Pitches that may be acceptable elsewhere might not cut it here.

However, when someone sees your post on our blog, they’ll know to expect a high-quality piece that’s worth their time. We expect your piece will be well-written, deeply researched and full of tips real people can actually use.

Our four content pillars support every post we publish. Keep these things in mind when pitching:

  • Topic. Your topic must be relevant and targeted toward our audience. Strive to write the best post on your topic ever published.
  • Research. Do your homework and link to reputable sources. Use data and statistics to back up your claims.
  • Keyword. Your chosen keyword should be well-aligned with the search intent behind your topic.
  • Comprehensiveness. Cover your topic in whole. Don’t leave out any steps or information that are necessary for readers to apply your advice. Ideally, a reader should fully understand your topic, without needing to read another post.

Your post must also be original and not published elsewhere on the web.

Contributor Guidelines

Articles must be original and responsive to the needs of our target readership. Financial Poise does not publish content intended for any other audience.

We welcome article proposals and submissions from public relations professionals who represent authors, but we generally do not read press releases.

Please keep the editorial focus of articles very narrow. Include plenty of examples, details, illustrations, anecdotes and reference case studies. Keep your content narrow and deep, not broad and superficial.

Also, please make sure to hyperlink to any credible sources you’ve used in your research to help back up any claims you make.

Lead by explaining to the reader how they’ll benefit from the content. (This is commonly referred to as the “inverted pyramid” writing style.) What will readers learn? How will their business benefit? How will their portfolio improve by reading the article?

Style Guidelines

Financial Poise adheres to AP Style except as may be contra-indicated below.

The Financial Poise editorial style is informal and conversational. However, avoid use of the first-person (‘I’ or ‘we’). You may use the second-person (‘you’) in your writing to refer to the reader as an individual, where appropriate.

Articles should not feature (or ‘plug’) your business/firm/services. Financial Poise gives each author a bio on our ‘Author Profiles” page in which to feature, in detail, who you are, your area of expertise, accomplishments (such as books you’ve authored, TV appearances etc.), the business or firm you work for and more.

Although you may write on a current event, Financial Poise prefers “evergreen” pieces. Once we receive an article, it may take several weeks before published on the Financial Poise or DailyDAC website, in which case the current event or topic may no longer be relevant.

We want to publish entertaining (as well as illuminating) anecdotes from your experiences (or hypotheticals). Feel free to tell stories about your experiences in the area about which you write.

We encourage writers to use the “search” function on the Financial Poise or DailyDAC home page to look for the topic about which they consider writing. This will show you what, and to what degree, Financial Poise already covered a topic.

When in doubt, ask! We are always excited to work with contributors to produce content that resonates with our audience and we are here to help!

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