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Using Cash Instead of Credit to Keep You Accountable for Your Spending (and Out of Debt)By Michelle Gershfeld • 05/24/2018
Get Out of Debt by Using Cash Instead of Credit When Jenny and Kenny (the “Chargers”) came to speak to me the first time, there were raised voices and accusations. The Chargers recognized their spending had become out of control,[...]
The Many Challenges Ahead for Private Equity InvestingBy Cyril Demaria • 05/23/2018
Editor’s Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published in January of 2013. To view the original, click here. Private Equity Investing Has Exploded Over Past 10 Years The mindset in private equity investing doesn’t seem to[...]
Fighter Jet Fast: Making Business Decisions to Accelerate GrowthBy David Spitulnik • 05/22/2018
Making Business Decisions Air Force-Style In business, there are undoubtedly days when you feel like you’re constantly moving at speeds faster than Mach 5. With all the chaos that can ensue with endless meetings, calls, emails and more, it can[...]
Investing in Comic Books Can Be a Blast in More Ways than OneBy Vincent Zurzolo • 05/21/2018
Editor's Note: This is an update of a similar article, published in July of 2015. To view that article, click here. Investing in Comic Books is No Joke Fueled by the prevalence of top-grossing movies featuring comic book superheroes, interest in[...]
Legacy of 2012 JOBS Act: Deregulation of Angel InvestingBy David M. Freedman • 05/18/2018
Editor’s Note: This is an updated version of  a similar article, published in January of 2013. To view that article, click here. The JOBS Act Makes Raising Capital Easier Than Ever Signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012,[...]
Create Success by Using Delegation to Develop OthersBy Lee Eisenstaedt • 05/17/2018
Grow Your Business by Using Delegation to Develop Others As a manager, you’re often told of the value of using delegation to develop others. Delegation can help you focus on the tasks where you’re most needed and can help scale[...]
Eat to Live: This Article Might Just Save Your LifeBy Tyler Mayoras • 05/16/2018
The Health Benefits are Endless When You Eat to Live Part of my role as a private equity investor is to devour information on food and agriculture. Why? To make sure I understand the trends and impacts within the industry.[...]
Why Blockchain for Small Business is the Future of CommerceBy Jordan M. Fishfeld • 05/15/2018
Blockchain for Small Business is a Must As a business owner, why should you care about blockchain for small business, cryptocurrency, token offerings and all these new terms and tech that have been buzzing about? For those of you that[...]
Building the Best Strategy to Drive Cash AllocationBy Bruce Werner • 05/11/2018
Cash Allocation Challenges Businesses For most businesses, cash allocation is a challenge. Margin pressure, seasonality, credit risk, and bank covenants make it a constant chore. Cash is the oxygen of business. You can’t run low and survive. For successful businesses,[...]
Science Can Help You Find Appropriate Business Attire to Dress for SuccessBy Mercedes Holmen • 05/09/2018
How to Find Appropriate Business Attire Suit? Dress? Slacks? Skirt? Neutrals? Colors? Don’t get me started on “business casual Friday”! Choosing the appropriate business attire is so time-consuming in our already busy lives. Not many of us are willing to[...]
The Saga of Oracle and Google in Layman’s Terms (Hopefully)By Meghan Nugent • 05/08/2018
An ongoing dispute between Oracle and Google has landed in both Federal Court and Northern District of California court. What will happen next? The Federal Circuit recently resurrected one of the most closely watched cases in recent software history: Oracle v.[...]
Another Look at Tax Advantages of Employee Stock Ownership Plans Following Trump Tax ReformBy Shannon R. Weiss • 05/07/2018
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a previous article. To view the original, click here. Employee Stock Ownership Plans Offer Many Economic Perks Employee stock ownership plans, commonly referred to as an ESOP, offer a range of benefits[...]
How Mutual Fund Investment Grew at the Expense of InvestorsBy Jason Lampa • 05/04/2018
Editor's Note: This article is an updated version of an article originally published on May 14, 2014. Mutual Fund Investment Left Investors Behind The Wall Street machine is interested in creating products for profit and not creating profit for the[...]
Improve Your Relationship with Your Advisor (and Improve Your Bottom Line)By Henry Krasnow • 05/03/2018
What is This Column About? Glad You Asked This column is about how you can improve your relationship with your advisor (accountant, attorney, or trusted financial manager). First, let’s get our nomenclature straight. By “advisor,” I mean people who are[...]
Targeted Sales and Marketing Activities Should Drive Your Company’s Business GrowthBy Scott Steer • 05/01/2018
Use Specific Sales and Marketing Activities for Specific Purposes Hi and welcome to my first article for Financial Poise! Let's jump right in. Supposedly, the days of “I know half of my marketing budget is wasted, but I just don’t[...]
Why International Startups are Attracting U.S. Venture CapitalistsBy David Teten • 04/26/2018
International Venture Capital Races Ahead Take a look at The Fortune Unicorn List: Of the top 100 most valuable unicorns in 2016, 39 are currently based outside of the United States. Fundraising of U.S. VCs has dropped slowly as a[...]
Life Happens, but Purchasing Disability Insurance is IntentionalBy Michelle Gershfeld • 04/24/2018
Happy, without Purchasing Disability Insurance Daria and Daniel Diligent had it all figured out. Both were hard-working professionals — Daria a dentist and Daniel a pilot. Happily married and living in a beautiful home, they were raising twin girls with[...]
An Urban Dictionary to Help You Speak with Financial AdvisorsBy Peter Eickelberg • 04/19/2018
An Urban Dictionary Education in Terms Anyone with the Internet has probably heard of, the crowdsourced, online dictionary for slang words and phrases that contains plenty “NSFW” content. (To spare you the trouble/consequence of going there, NSFW means “Not[...]
Losing Power at Home- A Personal StruggleBy Jonathan Friedland • 04/17/2018
The Loss of Losing Power at Home We recently experienced losing power at home, specifically our gas-powered heat,  for a few days while away on vacation. In the aftermath, I got to thinking about how I could have been better[...]
Could Owning Operational Real Estate be Your Ideal Investment?By Tracy Treger • 04/12/2018
Exploring Owning Operational Real Estate Owning real estate for investment can take a little or a lot of work, depending on the type of asset you purchase. Passive investments in real estate offerings managed by professional sponsors require little-to-no work[...]

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