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Seller Financing a Business: How to Strengthen Your Deal

By Michele Schechter • August 6, 2020

Seller financing a business is an often necessary way to tap more buyers, increase sale price and ease capital gains taxes. Here's how to get the best deal.

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Maybe It’s Time for a Gap Year: Will Traditional College Be Worth the Cost in a Post-COVID World?

By Jonathan Friedland • August 5, 2020

COVID-19 has thrusted universities online, but full tuition has students asking, “Is college worth it?” Investing in college may take on a digital meaning.

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6 Ways to Manage Family Wealth and Create Your Family Legacy

By Robert Legan • July 30, 2020

Your family legacy depends on managing family wealth and relationships in a way that fulfills a common mission. Six tips on creating your family's purpose.

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Recent Articles

family preparing food in the kitchen, representing how to create a Family Charter

How to Create a Family Business Charter

By Pierre duPont • July 28, 2020
Successful family businesses often create a Family Charter or Family Business Constitution—a written agreement to guide decisions on boards, succession, hiring and more.

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photo of glass buildings, representing how to find the cap rate formula

Pricing Commercial Real Estate: The Cap Rate Formula

By Tracy Treger • July 27, 2020
Investors use the cap rate formula (ratio of net operating income to purchase price) to price real estate. Find the cap rate for commercial real estate.

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image of high rise building symbolizes opportunity zone tax benefits and qoz exchanges

Exploring Opportunity Zone Tax Benefits for Real Estate Investors

By Adam Grais • July 24, 2020
Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) funds reduce taxes on real estate capital gains, but are opportunity zone tax benefits better than those of 1031 Exchanges?

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the numeral seven on an orange background, representing the seven elements of good employee handbook design

7 Key Elements of Employee Handbook Design

By Zascha Blanco Abbott • July 22, 2020
The employee handbook. Most businesses have them, but is yours effective? Read this guide to the 7 must-have elements of an employee handbook.

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welder at work, representing making bad business decisions

Not Making Business Decisions = Making Bad Business Decisions

By Bruce Werner • July 20, 2020
When Werner Co. faces growing pains, its president avoids making business decisions that could jeopardize the company—but his inaction is still a decision.

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group of people sit with laptops at a conference table, representing a better marketing team in action

6 Tips for Building a Better Marketing Team

By Scott Steer • July 15, 2020
To get the most from your marketing team or consultants, you must act as a leader. Follow these tips to get a better marketing team & reach your objectives.

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Shut Up and Listen: How to Practice Effective Listening for Leaders

By David Spitulnik • July 14, 2020
The key to active listening in leadership is to “shut up” and count to 10. This simple exercise discourages interruptions and boosts effective listening.

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man in black suit stands in front of ancestor photos, representing issues that come up in a business divorce

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Surviving a Business Divorce

By Michele Schechter • July 13, 2020
A business divorce is sometimes inevitable, but it can be avoided. Precautionary measures and written agreements can aid in resolving partnership disputes when they occur.

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close-up of a gear shift, symbolizing how startup accelerators work

How Startup Accelerators Work to Grow Early-Stage Businesses

By Brian Dixon • July 8, 2020
There are many avenues for fundraising, but accelerator programs come with unique resources. Find out how startup accelerators work to provide expertise and investments.

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Woman weighs a decision on the phone, representing the decisions effective boards must make in times of crisis.

For Effective Boards, “Noses In, Fingers Out” Can Be Widely Interpreted

By Bruce Werner • July 6, 2020
Should an effective board of directors stick its nose into business matters or keep its fingers out? A leadership crisis heightens the question.

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