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The Balancing Act of Tough Love Leadership

By David Spitulnik • June 11, 2021

Tough love leadership holds everyone accountable without losing their respect. How can you become a firm but fair leader?

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Introducing SOFR: Benefits and Challenges of the LIBOR Replacement

By The Financial Poise Editors • June 10, 2021

SOFR is set to fully replace LIBOR by June of 2023. SOFR is a transparent and reliable alternative, but it comes with its own challenges.

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Investing in Water: Books to Get You Started

By David M. Freedman • June 5, 2021

As water resources become scarce, a water boom may not be far off. Read these books to get smart about investing in water.

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Recent Articles

Managing Risk

Tips to Manage Business Risks with Your Board and Management Team

By Bruce Werner • June 3, 2021
Business owners have little time to ponder unlikely events. It’s up to the board and management team to manage business risks continuously.

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Marketing Challenges

How to Overcome the Biggest Sales and Marketing Challenges and Brew Up Your Brand

By Scott Steer • June 2, 2021
Who is your niche and what do they want? Go beyond product and differentiate your brand by addressing these sales and marketing challenges.

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Real estate

A Diversified Real Estate Portfolio is Sound Investment Strategy

By Tracy Treger • May 29, 2021
Have you been thinking of investing in real estate, but not sure what type? The key is a diversified real estate portfolio.

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Shiny Service Syndrome

Why This Cousin of Shiny Object Syndrome is Equally Bad for Business

By David Spitulnik • May 28, 2021
Like Shiny Object Syndrome, we also fall trap to Shiny Service Syndrome. Learn how to evolve, not just survive, when chasing new services.

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Family business succession

Structure is the Key to Stronger Family Business Succession Planning

By Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom • May 27, 2021
Unorganized family structure can lead to failed business transitions. A successful family business succession plan requires clear roles.

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Negotiating Fund Terms

Private Investment Fund Terms and Conditions: The Relationship Between GPs and LPs

By Gary Levenstein • May 26, 2021
The guiding principles dictating the relationship between GPs and LPs has not changed, but leverage continues to fluctuate.

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Best State for Retirement

Where Should You Retire? The Best and Worst States for Retirees

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 21, 2021
What are the best states to move to for retirement? Find your home, whether it’s tax-friendly or boasts the best health care.

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Virtual Interviews

Remote Hiring From Inside the Office: The Advantages of Virtual Interviews Post-Pandemic

By Meredith J Kahan • May 18, 2021
Reduce your risk of bias and manage interviews more efficiently by hiring remotely. Discover the advantages of virtual interviews.

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The Threat of Cybercrime for Small and Midsize Business

By Gary Kirshenbaum • May 17, 2021
Cybercrime is on the rise and smaller businesses are in jeopardy. A cyber liability policy can protect you from the enormous damage costs.

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Accounts Receivable

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #5: Understanding Accounts Receivable

By Ralph Nach • May 14, 2021
Improve your accounts receivable collections and increase your cash flow using these helpful calculations.

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