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What Is An ESOP and Do You Want One? Pros and Cons of the Employee Stock Option PlanBy Erin D. Hollis • 06/25/2019
Handled well, the ESOP functions as a means of financing the ownership transition of a closely-held business in a tax-favored manner. But it's not right for everyone.
When Should a Seller Sign a Letter of Intent?By Scott Adamson • 06/24/2019
A letter of intent is used in the purchase and sale of a business to set forth the framework for the negotiation of definitive transaction documents and closing of a transaction. Normally, a letter of intent does not create a[...]
What are Private Placements?By Robert T. Slee • 06/21/2019
What is a private placement? Read Financial Poise’s guide to private placement types, rules and private placement memorandums.
An Initiation Into Private Equity FundsBy The Financial Poise Editors • 06/20/2019
Most people are familiar with the concept of a stock exchange and publicly traded shares of companies that are listed there. But the private equity market is less well-understood.
Seven Things to Consider Before Making a Private Equity InvestmentBy Nick Veronis • 06/18/2019
When it comes to stocks and bonds in the public equity market, prices can reflect new data quickly, and almost everyone is privy to the same information. However, there is a second, much larger market—the private company market—that has the potential for outsized returns and portfolio diversification through private equity investment. But how do you select a fund (and a fund manager)?
The Farm Crisis of 2019: History Repeats with Ag Sector DebtBy David Onion • 06/17/2019
The last major farm crisis is now 40 years in the rear view, but today’s farmers are experiencing a parallel phenomenon, especially where it comes to farm sector debt.
Investing in Cannabis: Is it Still a Private Equity Game?By Amanda Florip • 06/14/2019
Normalization of marijuana continues to push legislatures towards legalization, which will have an important effect on private equity firms as they invest in cannabis.
Accredited Investor Installment 9: Venture Capital InvestingBy Jonathan Friedland • 06/13/2019
Whether you are a lone wolf angel, part of an angel group, or investing in a VC fund, the threshold question is: is investing in venture capital for you?
Now that You Have Identified Your Risks, Can They be Avoided, Reduced or Insured?By Rusty Magner • 06/12/2019
Safeguarding Your Business with a Solid Risk Management Plan All business entities face risk.  Some aspects are insurable, while some are not. But just because it’s insurable, does that mean you should buy insurance?  Organizations today are transitioning from simply[...]
Ready, Set, Action: Investing in Film Under a Smarter LensBy The Financial Poise Editors • 06/11/2019
Investing in Hollywood diversifies a portfolio for investors who deem it “worth the risk,” with the potential for venture capital-style returns.
Understanding the Purchase Agreement: The Essential Overview and Risk Allocation ProvisionsBy Robert E. Connolly • 06/10/2019
The Purchase Agreement is the principal arena of negotiation. Understanding the document and its risks is foundational to the sale of your business.
Will You Retire Broke? Reasons Why Your Retirement May be in JeopardyBy The Financial Poise Editors • 06/07/2019
More than 42% of Americans will retire broke, according to a survey taken by GOBanking Rates. For the third year in a row, thousands of individuals were polled to ascertain how much the average American has set aside for retirement, and the results may, and should, shock you.
The Fine Print on Investing in Venture CapitalBy Alicia Purdy • 06/06/2019
Looking to invest in a startup? Learn about investing in venture capital, the perfect stage to invest and what to know about VC fund management fees.
Crowdfunded Securities: The Continuing Growth of the Secondary MarketBy David M. Freedman • 06/05/2019
The crowdfunded securities of yesterday were rife with illiquidity. Today, secondary markets for crowdfunded securities have emerged and continue to grow.
Blockchain & Cannabis: Investing ComplianceBy Samson Williams • 06/04/2019
Whether you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies, cannabis, businesses that leverage blockchain or the latest emerging technology, you’re ultimately considering investing in non-traditional, “alternative” investments.
An Alternative Exit Strategy for Distressed Business OwnersBy Bruce Werner • 06/03/2019
What happens when a family business with debt and no exit strategy faces a crisis? Read about their alternative solution: a distressed debt investor.
Three Reasons the Consumer Goods Industry Should Be On Every Investor’s RadarBy Lior Lavy • 05/31/2019
Consumer trends are changing rapidly due to technology, social consciousness and emerging industries, making the consumer goods industry an exciting one to consider adding to your portfolio.
What Investors Need to Know about Equity Crowdfunding: Part 2By John Drachman • 05/30/2019
There is considerable potential in equity crowdfunding, but all investors should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages to such investing.
What Investors Need to Know about Equity Crowdfunding: Part 1By John Drachman • 05/29/2019
Equity crowdfunding has changed in notable ways since its introduction in 2012, and is now primed to revolutionize how we finance companies and investments.
EBITDA: What Does it Say and Not Say?By The Financial Poise Editors • 05/28/2019
Learn how EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, facilitates financial comparison among companies in the same sector.

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