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Equity Crowdfunding for the New Angel Investor

By David M. Freedman • September 20, 2021

Discover how to plan your equity crowdfunding investments thoughtfully to navigate risk as a new angel investor.

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Talent Development Strategies for the Talent You Have Today but Need Tomorrow

By Bruce Werner • September 9, 2021

Your talent development strategies should consider the talent you want and how it compares to the talent you have today.

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Want to Invest in Opportunity Zones? 5 Reasons to Target Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

By Kenneth Silverberg • August 24, 2021

Here’s why you should combine your investment in opportunity zone funds with the rich tax benefits of low-income housing tax credits.

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Recent Articles

Trade Secrets

Trade Secret Misappropriation: Methods for Measuring Damages and Seeking Relief

By Shawn Fox • August 23, 2021
Trade secret misappropriation is on the rise in the US. How does a business calculate damages in cases of trade secret theft?

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Employee Development

Employee Development and Retention: How to Invest in People and Boost Your ROI

By Michele Schechter • August 19, 2021
Employee development and training is crucial to avoid turnover and the costs of onboarding new employees. Learn how to retain your talent.

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Sunk costs

Don’t Let the Sunk Cost Fallacy Sink Your Business!

By Prasad Ramani • August 17, 2021
Don’t stay on a course of action just because you’ve already put in the time and money. Learn how to overcome the sunk cost fallacy.

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Business School

I Went for an MBA at 43. Here’s Why Business School Rankings are Meaningless

By Josh Beach • August 12, 2021
After years of teaching higher education, a lecturer works to get his MBA. What he learns may change your mind about getting the degree.

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4 Steps for Handling Your Finances in Divorce

By Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom • August 11, 2021
Divorce is not just an emotional process—it’s a financial one too. Follow these steps to manage finances in divorce and protect your assets.

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Business Lender Relationship

Managing Your Relationship with Your Business Lender in Times of Crisis

By Michael Fixler • August 10, 2021
A bump in the road can quickly sour your great relationship with your commercial lender. Here’s how to find help and keep your lender happy.

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Private equity

An Initiation Into Private Equity Funds

By The Financial Poise Editors • August 7, 2021
Get to know the most important basics of private equity funds, from history and the current market to risk and due diligence.

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Business owner conflict

Governance Systems Should Anticipate and Resolve Business Ownership Conflicts

By Bruce Werner • August 4, 2021
Business ownership conflicts threaten the continuity of a business, and when decision-makers can’t step up, the board must lead the charge.

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Employee-Owned Companies

The Benefits of an ESOP Transaction for the Seller and Company

By David B. Solomon • August 3, 2021
Selling your company? Retain employees, eliminate tax burdens, and ensure future company growth by utilizing an ESOP transaction.

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Consumer Goods

Three Reasons the Consumer Goods Industry Should Be On Every Investor’s Radar

By Lior Lavy • July 30, 2021
Investing in the consumer goods industry provides moderate but stable returns. Diversify your portfolio with common consumer staples.

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