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How Not to Buy Pre-IPO Shares Back Then: What About Today?By Billy Ray Valentine • 07/19/2019
Were pre-IPO shares a good idea years ago? What about today? Take a look at how far pre-IPO investments have come over the years and where they are today.
Know When It’s Time to Switch Your Retirement Plan Service ProviderBy Allison Brecher • 07/18/2019
Evaluate Your 401(k) Service Provider with These Questions The new year is a great time to take stock of your company offerings, and for plan sponsors, that should include a thorough review of your retirement plan provider. With fiduciary duty[...]
Investing in Your Employees Can Pay Out For Your BusinessBy Michele Schechter • 07/17/2019
Will investing in your employees increase productivity and drive growth? Or will training employees drain resources that will be lost when they leave?
The First Step to Purchase: The Letter of IntentBy Peter Feinberg • 07/16/2019
The letter of intent to purchase or acquire a business is the first step in the M&A process. As a seller, these are the terms to look for in an LOI.
Using Free Cash Flow vs. EBITDA to Determine Return on InvestmentBy Gary Frantzen • 07/15/2019
The return on your investment depends on how your investment is structured and is not necessarily the same as the performance of the company. How's an investor to measure?
Shakedown Street: A Tale of Unethical Business PracticesBy Peter Eickelberg • 07/12/2019
A parking ticket can teach you a lot about unethical business practices. Find out how rent-seeking behavior affects consumers and society. 
4 Steps All Companies Should Take to Protect Themselves from a 401(k) lawsuit By Allison Brecher • 07/11/2019
401(k) lawsuits are on the rise. Take these four important steps to ensure retirement plan options are transparent and reasonable.
Spend it to Raise It: Investing in Investors via Regulation D By Samson Williams • 07/10/2019
You’ve heard that it takes money to make money? Attracting investors and convincing them to pony up is one of the unavoidable costs associated with raising capital.
Expert Advice on Surviving the 2019 U.S. Importers CrisisBy Tom Goldblatt • 07/09/2019
How to Lessen the Impact of the New Tariffs Recently, The U.S. raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of products from 10% to 25% with a threat to levy additional tariffs on an additional $325 billion worth of goods from[...]
3 Real Estate Investment Types and Cash Flow PotentialBy Tracy Treger • 07/08/2019
Optimizing Returns in Core, Value-Add and Development Real Estate When investing in real estate, there are a variety of factors that can influence the stability of your cash flow, as well as your upside potential and overall projected return.  One[...]
Size Should Not Matter: Exchange Traded Funds SelectionsBy Todd Rosenbluth • 07/02/2019
Given the wealth of options, investing decisions can be overwhelming. Narrow the field with your exchange traded funds (ETF) selections and keep it simple.
Valuing Your Company’s Online Assets Before SaleBy Avery Cohen • 07/01/2019
Your company’s online footprint constitutes an important part of the overall value of its goodwill. Indeed, the ability to create an online experience for a brand and to use online channels to reach new customers and retain existing ones is[...]
Not Knowing Your Retirement Account’s Fees Can Cost You PlentyBy Allison Brecher • 06/28/2019
As a retirement plan sponsor, can you justify its mutual fund fees? Find out how to identify and assess plan fees to the benefit of employees.
Don’t Let Sunk Costs Sink You!By Prasad Ramani • 06/26/2019
Sunk costs from the past can affect your future business decisions, resulting in missed opportunities. Find out how you can avoid the sunk cost fallacy.
What Is An ESOP and Do You Want One? Pros and Cons of the Employee Stock Option PlanBy Erin D. Hollis • 06/25/2019
Handled well, the ESOP functions as a means of financing the ownership transition of a closely-held business in a tax-favored manner. But it's not right for everyone.
When Should a Seller Sign a Letter of Intent?By Scott Adamson • 06/24/2019
A letter of intent is used in the purchase and sale of a business to set forth the framework for the negotiation of definitive transaction documents and closing of a transaction. Normally, a letter of intent does not create a[...]
What are Private Placements?By Robert T. Slee • 06/21/2019
What is a private placement? Read Financial Poise’s guide to private placement types, rules and private placement memorandums.
An Initiation Into Private Equity FundsBy The Financial Poise Editors • 06/20/2019
Most people are familiar with the concept of a stock exchange and publicly traded shares of companies that are listed there. But the private equity market is less well-understood.
Seven Things to Consider Before Making a Private Equity InvestmentBy Nick Veronis • 06/18/2019
When it comes to stocks and bonds in the public equity market, prices can reflect new data quickly, and almost everyone is privy to the same information. However, there is a second, much larger market—the private company market—that has the potential for outsized returns and portfolio diversification through private equity investment. But how do you select a fund (and a fund manager)?
The Farm Crisis of 2019: History Repeats with Ag Sector DebtBy David Onion • 06/17/2019
The last major farm crisis is now 40 years in the rear view, but today’s farmers are experiencing a parallel phenomenon, especially where it comes to farm sector debt.

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