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IRC Tax Section 280E Update and Potential Tax “Loophole” for Cannabis Companies

By Simon Dufour • May 28, 2020

Cannabis companies have felt the weight of IRC tax section 280E for a long time, but changes to the tax code may allow them to deduct from taxable income.

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Repairing Bad Company Culture from the Top

By Lee Eisenstaedt • May 27, 2020

Bad company culture exists when leaders tolerate unethical behavior and deny problems. Changing workplace culture starts with eliminating arrogance.

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The Complexity of Real Estate Investment Partnerships

By Tracy Treger • May 26, 2020

Buying property via real estate investment partnerships requires trust and due diligence in the right partner, whether it be family, friends or a professional.

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ceramics on wooden shelves, representing how to protect your personal assets

How to Protect Your Assets Now to Cover Your Ass(ets) for Later

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 25, 2020
Whether you own real estate or antique jewelry, knowing how to protect your assets will help you avoid costly disasters and increase appreciation.

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a grey shark, representing lessons from shark tank

Lessons from Shark Tank: Is Reality TV Investing the Real Deal?

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 20, 2020
Pitching to investors is nothing like it looks on reality tv, but entrepreneurs and investors can still learn lessons from Shark Tank theatrics.

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IRA investments for families

6 Reasons Private Equity Makes a Great IRA Investment Option

By John Drachman • May 19, 2020
A private equity IRA investment has its benefits, from tax advantages to increased diversification. Learn more about this IRA investment option.

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a water droplet splashes down, symbolizing liquid assets and alluding to illiquid assets

Accredited Investor Installment #13: Closing Thoughts

By Jonathan Friedland • May 18, 2020
Liquid assets like stocks are not safer than alternative assets, like private equity, just because they are publicly traded. Liquidity and risk are not the same.

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businessman shouting through a megaphone, representing bad leadership

Correcting Bad Leadership: Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions

By Lee Eisenstaedt • May 15, 2020
Leadership action is more important than words or intentions. Avoid bad leadership qualities by demonstrating kindness and keeping promises.

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SBA Grants Safe Harbor for PPP Loans Under $2M

By Jeremy Waitzman • May 14, 2020
The SBA extended its safe harbor for PPP loans from May 7 to May 18, claiming all borrowers receiving $2 million or less now meet good-faith certification.

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Two men consider a problem, representing the dynamics of the investor relationship and communicating with investors

3 Ways Startup CEOs Can Develop a Better Investor Relationship

By Greg Beaufait • May 13, 2020
Investors play a large role in company success. Develop your investor relationship with more transparent and proactive communication using these 3 tips.

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young woman shows her grandmother financial tips for widows on her iPhone

6 Financial Tips for Widows in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Robin Young • May 12, 2020
An aging population and global pandemic bring need for emotional and financial help for widows. Here are 6 financial tips for widows and widowers.

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a tulip emerges, representing startup growth potential

3 Categories of Startup Growth Potential

By David M. Freedman • May 11, 2020
There are three categories of startup growth: lifestyle, middle market and high-growth. Growth potential is the key for investors seeking high ROI.

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blue building under construction, representing a syndicated loan for real estate debt

Crowdfunding Syndicated Loans: An Alternative for Real Estate Debt Investors

By Charles Clinton • May 8, 2020
Investing in real estate debt requires market expertise. Investing in a syndicated loan through a crowdfunding platform offers diverse lender expertise.

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