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Informal Estate Planning: Non-Probate Property

By Michelle Huhnke • February 17, 2020

Did you include planning for non-probate property in your informal estate planning? Learn why this is an essential step in setting your affairs in order.

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The Purchase Agreement Essentials – Business Deal ‘Terms of Sale’

By Robert E. Connolly • February 14, 2020

The terms of sale are the heart of the purchase and sale agreement. They define what is being purchased, how much it costs and how payment will be made.

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Cannabis Companies and the Marijuana Tax: It’s Not Easy Being Green

By Simon Dufour • February 13, 2020

Cannabis companies are overwhelmed by taxation and restrictions on their expense deductions via Section 208E, but new legislature may ease the pressure.

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Recent Articles

Mickey Mouse founder Walt Disney has pushed the limits of copyright law time and again to protect his characters.

Mickey Mouse, the Founding Fathers and Copyright Law

By Meghan Nugent • February 12, 2020
What is the Copyright Clause? On January 1, 2024, the world’s favorite mouse will enter the public domain. The Walt Disney Company, one of the greatest challengers to copyright law,…

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These vegetable salad bowls represent ESG investors in plant-based eating

The ESG Investor and the Food Revolution: Embracing a Plant-Based Diet

By Tyler Mayoras • February 11, 2020
How a Plant-Based Diet Promotes Good Health and Socially Responsible Investing I went vegan about three years ago, based on the research that I was doing on food, nutrition and…

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A buyer and seller communicate, highlighting the need for representations and warranties in purchase agreements

The Purchase Agreement Essentials: Representations and Warranties

By Robert E. Connolly • February 10, 2020
Protect Yourself During the Buying and Selling Process The representations and warranties section of the Purchase Agreement is one of the most negotiated sections of any agreement between a buyer…

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a hand reache into the sea, as if optimistic about the future of a private equity investor

Are Investors Still Happy with Private Equity Performance?

By Kristina Parren • February 7, 2020
Private equity investors say expectations were met throughout the last decade. Going into 2020, is private equity performance still meeting forecasts?

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woman writes in notebook, inventing a new system of budgeting for her personal finances

Money Basics Series – Part 2: A Painless System of Budgeting

By Michelle Gershfeld • February 6, 2020
Personal Finance Fundamentals Every Adult Should Know Now that you’ve checked your credit score and chosen your bank, you can better identify areas where you need to improve your finances,…

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A young girl walking along a road, symbolizing first steps to financial responsibility, like how to read a credit report

Money Basics Series – Part 1: How to Read Your Credit Report and Choose Bank Services

By Michelle Gershfeld • February 5, 2020
The first step to financial planning is knowing where you stand with money. Get tips on choosing bank services, and learn how to read your credit report.

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Crossing the finish line of a deal, in purchase agreement essentials, can be facilitated by restrictive covenants and positive covenants

Purchase Agreement Essentials – Positive Covenants and Restrictive Covenants in M&A Transactions

By Robert E. Connolly • February 4, 2020
Positive covenants and restrictive covenants in a Purchase Agreement protect the value of the Company for the Buyer but may be overlooked.

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A dog sleeps with the peace of mind that comes with reps and warranties insurance

Sleep Better with Reps & Warranties Insurance

By Bruce Werner • February 3, 2020
Understanding Representations, Warranties and Indemnities in M&A Transactions When boards are deliberating the purchase or sale of a business, they need to consider the long-term risks of the decision. Understanding…

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An open wooden door, representing opportunities for accredited investors in private equity

Heeding the Unicorn’s Call: How to Invest in Private Companies as Public Stocks Shrink

By John Bowens • January 31, 2020
How Does the Average Investor Invest in Private Equity? Historically, private market investments have typically outperformed investments in public stocks. In addition, while private equity has grown from a $30…

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people packing food pantry boxes, representing charitable donations

Making Charitable Donations: Seven Practical Considerations

By Andrew Katzenberg • January 29, 2020
Being Selfless While Also Watching Out For Your Wallet You may desire to be philanthropic, but handing over money may not be the most effective way to make charitable donations.…

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