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Digital Currency in Your PortfolioAdam Harding  •  07/21/2017
Is now the right time for digital currency investment? Here's what you should consider before allocating money towards Bitcoin.
Dealing With Divorce: Financial TransitionRhonda Ducote  •  07/21/2017
The financial transition is understandably overwhelming — especially during a time of personal transformation, such as dealing with divorce or remarriage.
Little-Known IRA Rollover Rule Has Big ConsequencesJeffrey Kelley  •  07/19/2017
Knowing your IRA rollover rules can minimize unexpected taxes and penalties. Find out why traditional IRA rollovers aren't as simple as they seem.
The New Reality of Federal LitigationHenry Krasnow, Richard Sugar and David Madden  •  07/18/2017
Federal courts in Chicago have adopted new rules that will profoundly change how civil lawsuits progress.
Digital Assets Estate PlanningMichelle Huhnke  •  07/12/2017
What happens to your digital assets at death? Recent law changes let you design and control a digital estate plan for your online property.
What Is the ROI for a Private Company Board of Directors?Bruce Werner  •  07/06/2017
The value of a high-performing board of directors is obvious when the process is well managed.
5 Questions Investors Should Ask Before a Private Equity InvestmentCaroline Rasmussen  •  06/29/2017
For investors with the right assets, time horizon, risk tolerance and access, private equity can add meaningful diversification and return enhancement potential to a traditional portfolio.
Equity Crowdfunding: New Options for Angel Investors (Part 2)David M. Freedman  •  06/22/2017
Thanks to equity crowdfunding, all Americans, not just the wealthy few, can invest in startups and small businesses via the internet.
Artificial Intelligence Is on its WayBrian Dixon  •  06/21/2017
It seems that every company attempts to implement AI in one way or another. It only works when actual value in the technology exists—and not just flashy verbiage.
How the U.S. Destroyed its Food System (and How Regenerative Agriculture Can Save It)Tyler Mayoras  •  06/12/2017
Find out how the U.S. government changed - and ruined - our food industry, and why entrepreneurs are using regenerative agriculture to save it.
Interested in Real Estate Investing? Start HereTracy Treger  •  06/09/2017
Familiarize yourself with the important financial terminology used in connection with real estate investment, property operations and lending.
Equity Crowdfunding: New Options for Angel InvestorsDavid M. Freedman  •  06/08/2017
The JOBS Act of 2012 opened the door for crowdfunding, which allows companies to collect small contributions to finance or capitalize a popular enterprise.
Theranos RevisitedAdam Hirsch  •  06/05/2017
Theranos made headlines for the alleged failure of its signature blood test - and for civil and criminal suits from its stockholders.
A Trademark Is a Terrible Thing to WasteMeghan Nugent  •  06/02/2017
Your business’ trademark is a valuable asset. Protecting that asset is a practice in which every business owner should invest—the security of your business, its intellectual property rights and its reputation are at stake.
Why Crowdfinance Is About Brand, Not ProductAdaPia d'Errico  •  05/31/2017
Want to start crowdfinancing? Creating a well-known, reliable and consistent brand is what makes investors want to give you their hard-earned money.
Outcome-Driven Development: Switching from Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Viable OutcomeTom Kirby  •  05/31/2017
By taking the minimum viable product (MVP) ethos and applying it an outcome-driven development process, your business can realize tangible and lasting improvements to its bottom line.
How to Get Venture Capital FundingScott Bernstein  •  05/26/2017
Raising a venture capital fund for your business relies on the right fundraising model. Learn how to plan, identify and execute your VC route to success.
Understanding Venture Capital Investment and ReturnsKenneth Freeman  •  05/25/2017
Venture capital, though it can be risky, can generate outstanding returns. Follow our expert VC advice to discover how venture capital works and when to seek it.
Inheriting the Family’s Finances: Helping Boomer Women Survive Financial TransitionsRhonda Ducote  •  05/17/2017
As the baby boomer generation ages, women outlive their husbands more often than not. Too often, the couple’s financial advisors sit across from aggrieved widows who were not involved in money decisions. In this situation, what can boomer women (and their advisors) do to ease the pain and burden?
Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management: Tips and Tricks for InvestorsPeter Eickelberg  •  05/16/2017
Fiduciaries must also offer a careful review of the probable tax impact of any investment strategy — without a tax-efficient focus, their work remains incomplete.
Committed Leadership: Are You the Chicken or the Pig?Lee Eisenstaedt  •  05/15/2017
There's an old fable in business about The Chicken and The Pig. Long story short: the Chicken is involved; the Pig is committed. Real, committed leadership is about being the Pig, not the Chicken.
When Is it Appropriate to Take on High Interest Rate Debt?Charlie Perer  •  05/09/2017
Business owners should educate themselves on non-bank capital alternatives, such as high interest rate debt. Most businesses face adversity at some point. Understanding what options are available can be the difference between success and failure.
Cybersecurity Challenges for Boards of DirectorsBruce Werner  •  05/09/2017
Directors must protect their shareholders’ tangible and intangible assets, regardless of the form of the threat. Directors need to initiate protective actions and provide on-going oversight for cybersecurity.
Family Finances – What a Wife Needs to KnowRhonda Ducote  •  05/05/2017
For many boomer women, the subject of family finances is not an easy one to tackle. Men may feel it is their responsibility or duty to handle this (stereotypically masculine) topic without burdening their spouses.

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