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Straight Outta Business School? An Urban Dictionary EducationBy Peter Eickelberg • 04/19/2018
An Urban Dictionary Education in Terms Anyone with the Internet has probably heard of, the crowdsourced, online dictionary for slang words and phrases that contains plenty “NSFW” content. (To spare you the trouble/consequence of going there, NSFW means “Not[...]
Losing Power at Home- A Personal StruggleBy Jonathan Friedland • 04/17/2018
The Loss of Losing Power at Home We recently experienced losing power at home, specifically our gas-powered heat,  for a few days while away on vacation. In the aftermath, I got to thinking about how I could have been better[...]
Could Owning Operational Real Estate be Your Ideal Investment?By Tracy Treger • 04/12/2018
Exploring Owning Operation Real Estate Owning operational real estate can take a little or a lot of work, depending on the type of asset you purchase. Passive investments in real estate offerings managed by professional sponsors require little-to-no work on[...]
Can Seeking Help from the Lender Fix Money Troubles?By Bruce Werner • 04/10/2018
Recently, bad practices caused a client’s accounts receivable to get extended well past 90 days. In fact, the client had 20% of its receivables dated further back than 120 days. Company staff knew that much of that would prove to[...]
Can You Avoid Having Your Identity Stolen by Family?By Michelle Gershfeld • 04/05/2018
Having Your Identity Stolen by Family Hurts Worse Raphael’s Story Raphael was distraught and confused to learn that his son, Raphael Jr., had unknowingly and quite fraudulently signed his dad’s name to his own student loans several years back. Dad[...]
Four Questions that Drive Business Growth and TransformationBy David Spitulnik • 04/03/2018
You Can Drive Business Growth Forward- or Backward Many businesses on the precipice of growth or those preparing to enter a new chapter are searching for ways to drive business growth, but can find themselves struggling to move into that[...]
The Benefits of Vacation are Many- But You Have to Actually Take OneBy Mercedes Holmen • 03/29/2018
Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Vacation Are you “too busy” to take a vacation? What if I told you that some of the benefits of vacation include better health and an improved bottom line? Would you take one then? Reducing[...]
Sensitive Family Business May Bring Up Fur BallsBy Stephanie Olexa • 03/27/2018
Choking on the Words During Sensitive Family Business Every cat owner knows the sounds. The deep retching and heaving. The cough that sounds like your cat just may turn himself inside out to eliminate a fur ball. Next may come[...]
What Should Employers Do to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims?By Zascha Blanco Abbott • 03/22/2018
Are Wage Discrimination Claims Avoidable? An employer can be sued by an employee for all sorts of things. Specifically, wage discrimination claims is an area that every employer should understand because they are so easy to avoid. One example would[...]
Keep Calm: Don’t (Over)React to Stock Market VolatilityBy Rhonda Ducote • 03/20/2018
Stock Market Volatility Circles Back Around Stock market volatility isn’t a new concept, especially for baby boomer women who have lived through some of the market’s most tumultuous times. However, with headlines proclaiming catastrophic losses and record point drops for[...]
Picking up the Tab Can Stress Your Budget- and Your RelationshipsBy Michelle Gershfeld • 03/15/2018
How much is dinner out costing you? As we were heading out from a restaurant dinner party last week, my friend, Ann, leaned over and griped to me about the group decision to split the check evenly. While grumbling about how[...]
Designing Board Evaluations for Private Companies to SucceedBy Bruce Werner • 03/13/2018
Someone once told me that, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We have all seen how constructive feedback improves performance and helps employees to avoid mistakes. The challenge is getting actionable feedback to people early enough for them to use[...]
Does Balancing Your Health and Finances = Wellness?By Mercedes Holmen • 03/08/2018
Wellness is a Daily Journey Your physical and financial well-being add up when you have good nutrition, proper rest and adequate exercise. In fact, study results conducted by researchers at Duke found that low credit scores could be used to[...]
How to Identify a Scam Email or Phone Call (& How to Have Fun With It)By Sophie Friedland • 03/06/2018
How to Identify a Scam Email: Exhibit A My dad got an email a few days ago. It looked like this: From: John Maryline [] Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 1:21 PM Subject: Your ATM Cards Released.. Attention: This is[...]
The Most Expensive Refrigerator Does a Lot- to Your WALLETBy Michelle Gershfeld • 03/01/2018
The Needs vs. The WANTS I try very hard to be a minimalist. First, because I like to practice what I preach; and second, because leaving a colossal carbon footprint negates the simplicity I try to reflect in my lifestyle.[...]
PLUP Fiction: Not All Fraud is Sales FraudBy Adam Hirsch • 02/26/2018
So far in this column, we have talked primarily about fraud committed at arms’ length by salespersons or investment advisors. These sorts of sales fraud are but two of the many flavors in the Cold Stone display of frozen, delicious[...]
Real Estate Investment Trusts 101: REITs Let Passive Investors in on the ActionBy Tracy Treger • 02/21/2018
What do Real Estate Investments Cost- in Sheer Effort? Savvy investors make real estate part of a diversified portfolio to grow and preserve their wealth. The challenge with many real estate investments, however, is that they can require considerable work[...]
Effective Private Company Board Strategies Drive Goals to CompletionBy Bruce Werner • 02/19/2018
Private Company Board Strategies Create Advantage Strategy has been defined as the art of finding an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is implemented through defined objectives, strategies and tactics. Whether public or private, driving strategy is how boards[...]
Could Overconfidence Hold You Back As a Leader?By Lee Eisenstaedt • 02/15/2018
Assessing Confidence Being someone who provides leadership assessments and 360° evaluations, I’m often fascinated by the results I see. A recent Confidence Assessment survey I came across speaks to the overconfidence certain people seem to possess more than others. This[...]
Communications (In)decency Acts? Section 230 Governs the Online WorldBy Meghan Nugent • 02/14/2018
Who’s in Charge of What We’re Doing Online? Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is a little-known statutory provision that is far more powerful and important than most casual internet users realize. Section 230, as its commonly known, is[...]

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