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The Communications Decency Act and the Rise of the Trolls By Meghan Nugent • 09/20/2019
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects internet companies from litigation of content posted by third parties. Should they have immunity?
Rep & Warranty Insurance: How Does it Protect the Sale Process?By Michael F. X. Murdoch • 09/19/2019
Representations and warranty insurance can speed things along when selling your business, avoiding getting backed up in an escrow nightmare.
Reaching Graduate Level: Eliminating Owner DependenceBy Ronen Shefer • 09/18/2019
All owners hope that their business can run efficiently while they are away. Eliminate owner dependence with strategies to build skilled management.
Without Good Governance, Family Businesses Go Nuclear By Bruce Werner • 09/17/2019
3 Case Studies on the Importance of Good Governance To put it bluntly, proper governance does not come naturally for most private and family businesses. It requires leadership to understand that good governance protects the business, and is worth the[...]
The Ups and Downs of Residential Real Estate InvestmentsBy Tracy Treger • 09/16/2019
Residential real estate is abundant and leasing terms are straight forward, but heavy maintenance may fall on the investor. Is residential property for you?
How Reliable Are Private Equity Valuations?By David M. Freedman • 09/13/2019
Public information can be scarce due to SEC reporting exemptions, making private equity valuations seem unreliable. Can upgraded guidelines fix it?
Asset Sale vs Share Sale: Which Seller Approach Should You Choose?By Leib Orlanski • 09/12/2019
An asset sale and a share sale have different implications for buyer and seller regarding taxes, liabilities and more. Learn the pros and cons of each.
3 Approaches to Business Valuation MethodsBy Erin D. Hollis • 09/11/2019
Are you valuing your business for a transition, taxes or even litigation? The reason for your valuation will determine the business valuation methods you use. 
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Financial Planning Process Will Tell If You’re Ready to ExitBy Edward W. "Tad" Gray III • 09/10/2019
George and Gracie want to retire, but selling Gracie’s business may not provide enough income. Here’s what they learn during the financial planning process. 
Don’t Get Emotional: The Reason for a Sluggish Average Investor ReturnBy Jason Lampa • 09/09/2019
Why does the average investor return lag the S&P 500? Overconfident investor behavior and poor financial advising have led mutual fund investors down a bad path.
Lessons on Family Governance in BusinessBy Bruce Werner • 09/06/2019
The Cornell/Loyola Family Business Roundtable brought together thought leaders to discuss business and family governance. Here are the key takeaways.
Fraud Prevention for SuckersBy Sophie Friedland • 09/05/2019
Is there an urgent update on your bank account? Don’t click that link! Learn to spot phishing and better educate your family about fraud prevention. 
P is for Planning, Not Palimony: Estate Planning for Unmarried CouplesBy Michelle Huhnke • 09/04/2019
Breaking up is messy in states that don’t grant property rights for unmarried couples. A cohabitation agreement is the key to equitable estate planning.
Finances in Marriage: 3 C’s to Address DiscontentBy John F. Sweeney • 08/28/2019
Even with your life's partner, money conversations are hard. Communication, collaboration and control are your keys to a harmonious shared future.
Accredited Investor Installment 10: Private Equity, aka PE InvestmentsBy Jonathan Friedland • 08/27/2019
Private equity investments, aka PE investments sound like an exclusive club. But many people are elibigle for this potentially lucrative investment vehicle.
How Small Businesses Benefit from the SECURE ActBy Allison Brecher • 08/26/2019
Congress may soon pass the SECURE Act, which would increase retirement plan flexibility and award tax credits to small businesses.
Worried About Stock Market Volatility? Don’t Panic, Say ExpertsBy Rhonda Ducote • 08/23/2019
Stock market volatility and talk of a payroll tax cut have sparked fear of recession. Should you shed shares or keep playing the long game?
Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Expectations Met and UnrealizedBy Michael Silvio • 08/22/2019
Expectations were high for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act in 2017. Were those expectations met? How the tax reform actually affects you and your business in 2019.
The REIT Income for Retirement: 6 Reasons to Invest in REITsBy John Drachman • 08/21/2019
Retirees seek diversified retirement income sources as they continue to age. REIT income may provide the risk-adjusted returns they need.
Let Crowdfunding Fundamentals Be Your GuideBy David M. Freedman • 08/20/2019
Knowing your crowdfunding fundamentals can help you decipher which crowds you want to "follow" with an investment and which are better left alone.

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