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Being Fit and Healthy Starts with Weekly Meal PlanningBy Mercedes Holmen • 10/19/2018
Weekly Meal Planning for a Healthier You and a Happier Bank Account Being fit and healthy impacts more than just clothing size. Research has shown that employees with a healthy BMI earn more money over the course of their career[...]
Employers of Foreign National Workers Need to Know This About Employer Site VisitsBy Fiona McEntee • 10/18/2018
An introduction to Employer Site Visits It is nearly impossible to imagine the modern U.S. workplace without foreign nationals. Companies across the nation, in a wide variety of industries, rely on their specialized knowledge and invaluable professional experience to remain[...]
Musings and More About “Market” Terms in TransactionsBy Jeremy Waitzman • 10/12/2018
An Overreliance on Market Terms Business professionals commonly negotiate transactions by reference to what is “market.” This makes great sense for the people who are responsible for negotiating price. Valuation and pricing methods are relatively tried and true after all,[...]
The Importance of Succession Planning for a Thriving Family BusinessBy David Spitulnik • 10/10/2018
Succession Planning Means Looking Beyond the Second Generation Most family businesses don’t make it beyond the second generation. Even fewer reach the third generation of ownership. Why is that? As much as one generation would like to hand the business[...]
Organizational Pace of Change: Surviving and Thriving in Our Fast Paced WorldBy Lee Eisenstaedt • 10/05/2018
Change is Constant, the Pace of Change Increases Our world is constantly changing but the pace of change has increased exponentially. The way we adopt and adapt to new technology far outpaces 10, 20 or 50 years ago. People expect[...]
How to Dress Professionally with Style (Without Breaking the Bank)By Mercedes Holmen • 10/03/2018
Your Closet and Your Career Will Thank You You have finally decided that it is time to amp up your wardrobe! Boring black pants and a button-down shirt are not cutting it anymore. You want to get noticed by your[...]
Private Investment Fund Terms and Conditions: The Relationship Between GPs and LPsBy Gary Levenstein • 09/28/2018
Striking A Balance in the Relationship Between GPs and LPs The relationship between GPs and LPs- that is, between a “General Partner” and “Limited Partners” in the multi-trillion private equity industry is a complex symbiosis. General Partners (GPs) are the[...]
Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-Tenant v. Multitenant Investment PropertiesBy Tracy Treger • 09/26/2018
Is One a Better Investment Than the Other? Some of my investors have recently expressed concern about owning single-tenant properties.  They cite the all-or-nothing risks of occupancy and renewal as the primary objections to these types of investments.  These are[...]
Critical Considerations When Selecting a Private Equity ManagerBy Nick Veronis • 09/25/2018
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published on February 3, 2016. This article updates, amends and supersedes that earlier article. Nobody Said It Was Easy (Selecting a Private Equity Manager) Selecting a private equity manager[...]
This Lawsuit Goes to 11: Fraud and the Economic Loss RuleBy Adam Hirsch • 09/21/2018
The “This is Spinal Tap” Lawsuit If you’ve never seen This is Spinal Tap, close your browser immediately and watch. The 1984 “mockumentary” about a fictitious British rock band touring America belongs on the Mount Rushmore of movie comedies. It birthed[...]
The Advantages of a Buy-Sell Agreement for Business TransitionsBy Jeff Motske CFP® • 09/18/2018
How Do I Love Thee Advantages of a Buy-Sell Agreement? Let Me Count the Ways... Businesses with more than one owner face unique challenges in planning for the future. A buy-sell agreement is an arrangement between business partners to govern[...]
Understanding “Reasonable Cybersecurity Measures” to Safeguard DataBy Adam Brouillet • 09/14/2018
Reasonable Cybersecurity Measures for Protection After collecting personal information, businesses must take “reasonable measures” to safeguard it. Some states, such as Florida and Alabama, have this standard (or a similar one) in their cybersecurity statutes. On the federal level, the[...]
Your Wealth Is Entropic: Use It (Or Not), You Will Lose ItBy John Rompon • 09/13/2018
Like Life Itself, Your Wealth is Entropic The hard truth about life is that the moment we are born a process begins that leads to our death. While some days are better than others, our cells and our bodies are[...]
The NYC Bar Versus the Litigation Funding IndustryBy Jeremy Waitzman • 09/12/2018
Let's Talk Litigation Funding A July 30, 2018, legal ethics opinion from the New York City Bar Association (“NYCBA”) raises concerns about a common structure used for funding of litigation. In particular, the NYCBA Professional Ethics Committee concludes: “Under Rule[...]
Business Valuation Tax Act of 2017: Comparability and CalculationBy Adam Ortega • 09/07/2018
What is the Business Valuation Tax Act of 2017 Anyway? The Business Valuation Tax Act of 2017 (Tax Act) has introduced changes to the financial and regulatory landscape that specifically affect business valuation in the context of C-Corporations. This article[...]
Overcoming Common Business to Business Sales and Marketing ChallengesBy Scott Steer • 09/04/2018
Show Business to Business Sales and Marketing Who’s Boss Businesses that focus on selling products and services to other businesses are very similar to those that sell to consumers. The differences between the two lie in their sales and marketing[...]
Parenting Past Fear to Help Set Children Up for SuccessBy Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom • 08/29/2018
Parenting the Whole Child for Successful Living Raising children is a lot of things. It’s exhilarating, exhausting, loving, caring, difficult, rewarding, and can be really scary. The vulnerability of a parent can be overwhelming and truly a kind of vulnerability[...]
Understanding the Language of the American Federal Legal SystemBy Robert Mander • 08/27/2018
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published in November of 2015. To view the original, click here. Americans take great pride in saying that ours is a nation of laws, not people. But resting on[...]
The Real and Rising Threat of Cybercrime for Small and Mid-Sized BusinessesBy Gary Kirshenbaum • 08/22/2018
For the Threat of Cybercrime, Get a Cyber Liability Policy If cybercrime were a nation state, it would be the world’s 13th-largest by GDP, just ahead of Australia. The threat of cybercrime can take many forms – from hijacking sensitive[...]
Small Businesses Are Key to Driving Economic RecoveryBy John Arensmeyer • 08/20/2018
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published in March of 2015. To view the original, click here. Creative Capital is Driving Economic Recovery As small business owners get creative in raising capital, the economy is[...]

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