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Picking up the Tab Can Stress Your Budget- and Your RelationshipsBy Michelle Gershfeld • 03/15/2018
How much is dinner out costing you? As we were heading out from a restaurant dinner party last week, my friend, Ann, leaned over and griped to me about the group decision to split the check evenly. While grumbling about how[...]
Designing Board Evaluations for Private Companies to SucceedBy Bruce Werner • 03/13/2018
Someone once told me that, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We have all seen how constructive feedback improves performance and helps employees to avoid mistakes. The challenge is getting actionable feedback to people early enough for them to use[...]
Does Balancing Your Health and Finances = Wellness?By Mercedes Holmen • 03/08/2018
Wellness is a Daily Journey Your physical and financial well-being add up when you have good nutrition, proper rest and adequate exercise. In fact, study results conducted by researchers at Duke found that low credit scores could be used to[...]
How to Identify a Scam Email or Phone Call (& How to Have Fun With It)By Sophie Friedland • 03/06/2018
How to Identify a Scam Email: Exhibit A My dad got an email a few days ago. It looked like this: From: John Maryline [] Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 1:21 PM Subject: Your ATM Cards Released.. Attention: This is[...]
The Most Expensive Refrigerator Does a Lot- to Your WALLETBy Michelle Gershfeld • 03/01/2018
The Needs vs. The WANTS I try very hard to be a minimalist. First, because I like to practice what I preach; and second, because leaving a colossal carbon footprint negates the simplicity I try to reflect in my lifestyle.[...]
PLUP Fiction: Not All Fraud is Sales FraudBy Adam Hirsch • 02/26/2018
So far in this column, we have talked primarily about fraud committed at arms’ length by salespersons or investment advisors. These sorts of sales fraud are but two of the many flavors in the Cold Stone display of frozen, delicious[...]
Real Estate Investment Trusts 101: REITs Let Passive Investors in on the ActionBy Tracy Treger • 02/21/2018
What do Real Estate Investments Cost- in Sheer Effort? Savvy investors make real estate part of a diversified portfolio to grow and preserve their wealth. The challenge with many real estate investments, however, is that they can require considerable work[...]
Effective Private Company Board Strategies Drive Goals to CompletionBy Bruce Werner • 02/19/2018
Private Company Board Strategies Create Advantage Strategy has been defined as the art of finding an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is implemented through defined objectives, strategies and tactics. Whether public or private, driving strategy is how boards[...]
Could Overconfidence Hold You Back As a Leader?By Lee Eisenstaedt • 02/15/2018
Assessing Confidence Being someone who provides leadership assessments and 360° evaluations, I’m often fascinated by the results I see. A recent Confidence Assessment survey I came across speaks to the overconfidence certain people seem to possess more than others. This[...]
Communications (In)decency Acts? Section 230 Governs the Online WorldBy Meghan Nugent • 02/14/2018
Who’s in Charge of What We’re Doing Online? Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is a little-known statutory provision that is far more powerful and important than most casual internet users realize. Section 230, as its commonly known, is[...]
Creating Healthy Soil: “Kiss the Ground” Reveals the Future of FoodBy Tyler Mayoras • 02/12/2018
Creating Healthy Soil Saves More than Plants When I first picked up Josh Tickell’s latest book, “Kiss the Ground,” last November, I thought it was going to be a book about regenerative agriculture. While it does cover this topic, the[...]
Maintaining Marital Satisfaction When Bringing Home BabyBy Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom • 02/07/2018
Marital Satisfaction + Baby You and your partner have likely been preparing for the arrival of your baby for months, if not years. You’ve rearranged the house, shifted your schedules, arranged for help and support, and you finally feel ready-and[...]
Make Outreach Effective Fast: Learn How to Use Facebook AdsBy Tina Powell • 02/05/2018
Learn How to Use Facebook Ads to Keep Up with the Pace Chances are if you’re reading this, you may be one of the 50 million businesses maintaining a Facebook page. Businesses in all shapes and sizes have a Facebook[...]
Can You Get Wealthy Buying Farmland as an Investment?By Sophie Friedland • 02/02/2018
America’s Rich Soil Has Growth Potential Between 2009-2014 America’s farmland values grew rapidly, according to the USDA. In 2009, the value of an acre of farmland was $2000, and by 2014, the value of increased upward of $3000 per acre.[...]
Driving Expenses Can Really Add Up, Do You Have a “Bumper-to-Bumper Reserve”?By Michelle Gershfeld • 01/31/2018
You know that sickening feeling you get when you are happily driving along and a light on your dashboard pops up, indicating the need for some immediate repair? Or worse yet, when the lights that pop up are those of[...]
Life is Short: Defining the Risks and Rewards of Chasing Your DreamsBy Tom Kirby • 01/29/2018
The Risks and Rewards of Chasing Your Dreams- Worth it? What is the risk of chasing your dream? There is a lot to unpack in this succinct question, so let’s take a moment to break it down: To answer the[...]
Hollywood Drama Heats up as Investing in Movies Cools Off: Should You Jump in?By Bryan Fumagalli • 01/26/2018
“Risky Business” is: A)  The title of a big Hollywood hit from the early 1980s that launched actor Tom Cruise to stardom and recorded a spectacular $63.5 million gross; B)  A description of what investing in movies may be faced[...]
And Down Goes Another Lanham Act Clause… The Trademark Act v. Good Taste?By Meghan Nugent • 01/22/2018
The Federal Circuit just ruled that the “scandalous” clause of the Lanham Act is unconstitutional in view of the Supreme Court decision in Matal v. Tam. The Lanham Act is also known as the Trademark Act. Recapping The Slants’ Fight[...]
Sacrificing for Service: Military Spouses Can Break Free from Unemployment and DepressionBy Mercedes Holmen • 01/19/2018
How Unemployment and Depression Affect Military Spouses Everyone knows that people get down in the dumps when they are out of work, but did you know the “out-of-work-blues” can become full-blown depression that often requires medication to resolve? Unemployment and[...]
2018 IRA Alerts Investors Will Want to KnowBy John Drachman • 01/18/2018
The tax prep season perennially stirs financial advisors to reach out to their retirement-minded clients to review asset allocation strategies. There are several 2018 IRA alerts and reminders that may make this tax season a little smoother for everyone. 2018[...]

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