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Dress Professionally with Style (Without Breaking the Bank)

By Mercedes Holmen • May 6, 2021

When you dress professionally, it sends a message to your employees, peers and managers. You can do it with in-person and online stylists.

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The 15 Best Books for Beginner Investors

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 5, 2021

Intimidated by the world of investing? Don’t be. Read our picks for the best investing books for beginners—or relearn the fundamentals.

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The Oracle v Google Saga: Copyrightability and Fair Use in Computer Programming

By Sanjay Prasad • May 4, 2021

In 2021, the Supreme Court permitted Google’s use of 11,500 lines of Oracle-owned code as fair use and ended a saga in copyright law.

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Recent Articles

Multigenerational family leadership

Surviving the Second Generation: Discussions You Need to Have Before Family Business Transitions

By David Spitulnik • April 30, 2021
Many family businesses don’t survive into a third generation. Strong quarterly communication can aid family business transitions.

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Parents Return to Work Office

The “Return to Work” After COVID: Why Working Parents Are Anxious & How Employers Can Support Them

By Meredith J Kahan • April 28, 2021
In 2021, parents are nervous for the return to office. Here’s how employers can meet their needs as they transition away from home.

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Blockchain for Cannabis Industry

2 Major Blockchain Use Cases for Small Business

By Jordan M. Fishfeld • April 27, 2021
There are hundreds of blockchain use cases for small businesses. Learn about two: cannabis supply chain and digitized assets.

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Business-Customer Relationship

The Best Strategy to Utilize CRM Software and Retain Your Customers

By Scott Steer • April 23, 2021
Go beyond simple data. Choose the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool and build stronger relationships with your clients.

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Family Wealth Preservation

2 Crucial Tips for Preserving Multigenerational Wealth

By Robert Legan • April 22, 2021
Better multigenerational wealth management requires families to recognize potentially fatal events and treat their wealth as an enterprise.

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Experience Executive

C-Suite to Boardroom: The Traits an Experienced Executive Needs to Be an Effective Director

By Bruce Werner • April 21, 2021
An executive can make an effective board director, but he or she must be aware of how the boardroom style differs from c-suite leadership.

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Food Scarcity and Agriculture

Food Scarcity Despair Creates a Need for Investment

By Jason Stevens • April 16, 2021
Food scarcity, biofuels and a water crisis affect the agricultural economy, but there is a way out. Can investors make a difference?

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Researching Overseas Markets

Research These 5 Areas Before Making a Foreign Direct Investment

By The Financial Poise Editors • April 15, 2021
Investors are still cautious about foreign equities and foreign direct investments. Use these tips when researching overseas markets.

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Non-Recourse Loans

Good Boys and ‘Bad Boys’ — Borrower Promises and Lender Rights in Carveout Guaranties

By Tracy Treger • April 13, 2021
A carveout guaranty is a limited recourse loan that protects a borrower’s personal assets in a default, but conditions must still be met.

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Trusted Advisors

Is It Worth It to Hire an Advisor?—Why Only a Trusted Advisor Will Do

By Henry Krasnow • April 9, 2021
Hiring a trusted advisor is worth the time and money you’ll save doing something you cannot or should not do by yourself.

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