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Private Equity Fund of Funds: 2020 and Beyond

By David M. Freedman • January 23, 2020

A private equity fund of funds or FOF gives investors access to otherwise selective funds, but can it compete with the wider PE market in the future?

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An Introduction to the World of Angel Investing

By Stephen A. Bornstein • January 21, 2020

Angel investors are wealthy individuals who invest in promising startups, but more than money, angel investing requires business savvy and good judgment.

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Crowdfunding Risks: An Argument Against Investing Through Equity Crowdfunding

By Charles Smith • January 20, 2020

Crowdfunding Disadvantages Outweigh the Potential The private markets have been giving the public markets a run for their money due to fewer reporting regulations and an expanding definition of the very people who are allowed to invest in private securities.…

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Recent Articles

family walking, symbolizing family succession planning

How Family Business Succession Planning Becomes Succession Implementation

By David Spitulnik • January 16, 2020
Family business succession planning requires discussions about ownership, leadership, payment and other issues to smoothly transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2. 

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blue skies at the seashore, representing blue sky laws and blue sky regulations

Blue Sky Laws: A Primer for Accredited Investors

By Robert Rapp • January 14, 2020
An Introduction to “Blue Sky” Regulations Blue Sky Laws – state securities laws – have been a part of the American legal landscape since the early days of the Twentieth…

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A chess piece capture, symbolizing the concept of competitive bidding and pre-emptive bids

A Tale of Competitive Bidding and Pre-emptive Bids

By Bruce Werner • January 13, 2020
An owner selling his business gets 3 high pre-emptive bids. Should he take a deal or allow the competitive bidding process to continue?

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Fancy World Map symbolizing important business plans without mistakes

6 Important Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By Akira Hirai • January 9, 2020
A long or hyperbolic business plan can turn off investors quickly. Eliminate red flags with these six important business plan tips. 

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A dewy apple, representing the fruits of your labor as tangible investments, not intangible assets

Accredited Investor Installment 12: Tangible Investments

By Jonathan Friedland • January 7, 2020
Tangible investments, or investments in things that you can touch and physically experience, can delight both your inner child and investment portfolio.

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A fountain pen, symbolic of signing an LLC operating agreement

The LLC Operating Agreement Demystified

By Jeremy Waitzman • January 6, 2020
An LLC operating agreement is a set of rules and provisions that outlines company structure, management, compensation and other internal issues.

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Website collage, symbolizing investment strategy of website flipping

Is Website Flipping a Worthy Investment?

By Melissa Rudy • January 2, 2020
Website flipping is investing in an existing website, improving it to increase value and selling it for a profit. Should you invest in virtual real estate?

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a mixed pile of old coins, symbolizing investing in rare coins

Show Me the Money! A Closer Look at Investing in Coins

By Alicia Purdy • December 30, 2019
Investing in Rare Coins is More than a Hobby Having collectibles as an investment can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and cut down on risk. The general…

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auto auction, representing the investing concept of real tangible assets

Do Real Assets Outperform Stocks and Bonds?

By Thomas Hill • December 26, 2019
The Pros and Cons of Real Assets You know what they say about investing in land: “They’re not making any more of it.” And you may have heard people say…

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river running over rocks, representing deal flow, private investing, and crowdfunding

Finding Your Deal Flow in Private Investing

By Heather Schwarz-Lopes • December 23, 2019
Discover the three ways to increase your deal flow as a private investor: personal referrals, groups and associations, and online platforms. 

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