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The New Normal and the Importance of Trade Credit

By Gary Mendell • January 15, 2021

The demand for trade credit insurance won’t go back to pre-COVID norms. Learn the importance of trade credit for your customers and business.

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Psychology of a Private Company Board in Fund-Owned Businesses

By Jeremy Waitzman • January 14, 2021

The board of directors has a fiduciary duty to the interests of the company and owners, so how does it handle fund-owned businesses?

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Smart Estate Planning: What a Corporate Trustee Provides That a Will Does Not

By Reed Murphy • January 13, 2021

Setting up a trust to protect your assets can be a smart move, but hiring a corporate trustee may be even smarter.

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Recent Articles

Organized philanthropy for families

Smart Giving Gives Back: The Surprising Benefits of Family Philanthropy

By Caren Yanis • January 7, 2021
Philanthropy is important to many wealthy families, but many don't have a structured plan. Learn how to give back with organized philanthropy.

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International Startups Attract VC Investors

Why International Startups are Attracting U.S. Venture Capitalists

By David Teten • January 6, 2021
International startups are attracting more venture capital each year, suggesting an opportunity for U.S. venture capitalists to invest abroad.

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Operational Real Estate

Could Owning Operational Real Estate be Your Ideal Investment?

By Tracy Treger • January 5, 2021
Though higher risk than traditional investment real estate, operational real estate could offer a higher return.

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Investing in weight loss

Investing in Weight Loss Companies May Bring Big Gains

By The Financial Poise Editors • January 4, 2021
New Year resolutions, an epidemic and emerging tech could mean it’s time to start investing in weight loss companies.

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Trademark Disparagement and the Washington Redskins

How the Matal v. Tam Case Changed Trademark Law As We Know It

By Meghan Nugent • December 30, 2020
For decades, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejected potentially offensive trademarks. Then Matal v. Tam changed everything.

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Role of the Board of Directors

The Basics of the Board of Directors – Roles, Structures and Duties

By Jeremy Waitzman • December 29, 2020
The role of the board of directors is to represent shareholders. Learn about board of director functions, from small to mature companies.

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Using Integrated Financial Systems

The Importance of an Integrated Financial System in Your Business Infrastructure

By Ilya Lipovich • December 23, 2020
An integrated financial system allows your business to automate financial processes, keep data current and make better financial decisions.

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Investing in Comic Books

Should You Invest in Comic Books? Top Tips From A Comic Book Investor

By Vincent Zurzolo • December 22, 2020
Investing in comic books is more than liking Superman or Thor. Learn how to identify the best comic books to buy for investment.

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency: Fad, Fraud or Fortune-Maker?

By The Financial Poise Editors • December 18, 2020
Thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? First, make sure you understand what it is, how it works and the blockchain technology behind it.

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Lawyer-Client Relationship

An Easy Way to Make More Money? Get More Value From Your Lawyer-Client Relationship

By Henry Krasnow • December 17, 2020
Building value in your lawyer-client relationship requires the right questions and expectations. Don’t just hire a lawyer. Hire a partner.

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