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Invest Tax-Advantaged Retirement Funds in Private Equity for GrowthBy Christopher Orr • 08/16/2019
Many people don't know they can invest tax-advantaged retirement funds into private equity for growth. The strategy isn't for everyone. Is it for you?
JOBS Act Title II Drives Private Equity Options for Small Business OwnersBy Sam Houghton • 08/15/2019
The JOBS Act Title II allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to conduct general solicitation and advertising of a private equity offering.
90 Second Lesson – Private Equity Sponsor v. Private Equity FundBy Kristina Parren • 08/14/2019
How is private equity structured? The PE industry includes private equity sponsors and financial sponsors who manage private equity funds. 
The Value of Your Company’s Intangible AssetsBy David Peress • 08/13/2019
In a business sale, tangible assets can be more desirable than physical assets, which may have strings attached (like mortages and union contracts).
Fundless Sponsors Appeal to Individual Investors with Fewer Fees, More Specificity on DealsBy Karl Stark • 08/12/2019
No up-front fees and more details about investments are two differences between fundless sponsors and more traditionally structured private equity funds.
The Economic Consequences of 1031 Exchanges: 5 Myths DebunkedBy Tracy Treger • 08/09/2019
1031 exchanges are not cop-outs for the wealthy. Like-kind exchanges actually stimulate the economy. Here are 4 myths about 1031 exchanges, debunked.
America’s Retirement Crisis: Problems and SolutionsBy Kristina Parren • 08/08/2019
America is facing a retirement crisis. Less than half of Americans are confident in their retirement security. What can you do to retire at 67?
Investment Abbreviations Can Spell out Big BucksBy Robert Mander • 08/06/2019
Investing abbreviations prove shorthand isn’t just for Millennials. Find out how this entrepreneur turned a love for acronyms into an investable website.
The Potential of Hedge Fund Returns: Evaluating Risk and RewardBy David M. Freedman • 08/05/2019
Hedge fund returns can be big even in a bad market, but they are often risky, alternative investments. Do the benefits of hedge funds justify the risk?
Surviving the Apocalypse with Alternative AssetsBy Jonathan Friedland • 08/01/2019
When the apocalypse hits, assets like gold won’t help you survive. Why should you invest in tangible assets such as farmland and water instead? 
5 Tips for Choosing the Best Crowdfunding PlatformBy Megan Zito • 07/31/2019
How do you choose the best crowdfunding platform? For accredited investors, an equity crowdfunding site the way to go. Get tips to find the right platform.
All Marketing Tactics Begin with Sales StrategyBy Scott Steer • 07/30/2019
Before you implement sales tactics, you need to have a sales strategy. Do you know your company’s strengths and weaknesses? Do you know your audience?
What is Private Equity? A Brief HistoryBy Judy Radler Cohen • 07/29/2019
Private equity firms buy or seek to control private companies through financial leverage. When did it start, and how does private equity look today?
The Advantages of Franchising (and Some Disadvantages)By The Financial Poise Editors • 07/26/2019
The advantages of franchising can make it an extremely attractive model, but it also has its challenges. How will you know if it’s right for you?
Embrace the Elephant in the Room: Advice on Company CultureBy David Spitulnik • 07/24/2019
As companies grow, culture can get lost. Learn to maintain company culture and embrace disagreements as more voices enter the room. 
Don’t Wait to Sell the CompanyBy Bruce Werner • 07/23/2019
A business owner refused to sell the company amidst a changing market and growing debt. Here’s why waiting too long to sell hurt his business exit. 
The Ins and Outs of a Venture Capital InvestmentBy Kenneth Freeman • 07/22/2019
Learn about the three most important aspects of a venture capital deal: liquidation rights, management participation and control, and exit rights.
Know When It’s Time to Switch Your Retirement Plan Service ProviderBy Allison Brecher • 07/18/2019
Evaluate Your 401(k) Service Provider with These Questions The new year is a great time to take stock of your company offerings, and for plan sponsors, that should include a thorough review of your retirement plan provider. With fiduciary duty[...]
Investing in People: Upgrade Your Company’s EngineBy Michele Schechter • 07/17/2019
Will investing in your employees increase productivity and drive growth? Or will training employees drain resources that will be lost when they leave?
The First Step to Purchase: The Letter of IntentBy Peter Feinberg • 07/16/2019
The letter of intent to purchase or acquire a business is the first step in the M&A process. As a seller, these are the terms to look for in an LOI.

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