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How to Get Venture Capital Funding
Raising a venture capital fund for your business relies on the right fundraising model. Learn how to plan, identify and execute your VC route to success.
Understanding Venture Capital Investment and Returns
Venture capital, though it can be risky, can generate outstanding returns. Follow our expert VC advice to discover how venture capital works and when to seek it.
Inheriting the Family’s Finances: Helping Boomer Women Survive Financial Transitions
As the baby boomer generation ages, women outlive their husbands more often than not. Too often, the couple’s financial advisors sit across from aggrieved widows who were not involved in money decisions. In this situation, what can boomer women (and their advisors) do to ease the pain and burden?
Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management for Your Client
Fiduciaries must also offer a careful review of the probable tax impact of any investment strategy — without a tax-efficient focus, their work remains incomplete.
Committed Leadership: Are You the Chicken or the Pig?
There's an old fable in business about The Chicken and The Pig. Long story short: the Chicken is involved; the Pig is committed. Real, committed leadership is about being the Pig, not the Chicken.
When Is it Appropriate to Take on High Interest Rate Debt?
Business owners should educate themselves on non-bank capital alternatives, such as high interest rate debt. Most businesses face adversity at some point. Understanding what options are available can be the difference between success and failure.
Cybersecurity Challenges for Boards of Directors
Directors must protect their shareholders’ tangible and intangible assets, regardless of the form of the threat. Directors need to initiate protective actions and provide on-going oversight for cybersecurity.
Joining the Conversation: What a Wife Needs to Know About Her Family’s Finances
For many boomer women, the subject of family finances is not an easy one to tackle. Men may feel it is their responsibility or duty to handle this (stereotypically masculine) topic without burdening their spouses.
Real Leadership: Don’t Rely on the Fix-It Mentality
When people seek out support for concerns, problems or even crises, we often feel inclined to offer advice. We want to alleviate the stress and solve the problem. We offer solutions that, most likely, the person we are addressing has already considered. As intelligent human beings, we dive into fixing mode — regardless of the futility.
Auto Investment Analysis 2017: Some Experts are Dead Wrong
My take: This may be right in the short-term, but it's dead wrong in the medium-term and beyond. Let me[...]
Multi-Generational Tax Strategy for High Net Worth Families
Tax and estate planners familiarize themselves with the tax advantages of insurance contracts, but unfortunately, limit themselves and their clients to fully commissionable insurance contracts that suffer from a lack of investment flexibility. For high net worth families looking for a robust multi-generational tax strategy, private placement insurance contracts are more than a viable solution to the problem.
“Free From” Foods: Invest in the Revolution
Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s was very different from today. My favorite sandwich was the classic PB&J. Today, I would be out of luck — most schools in the U.S. don’t allow peanut butter due to the prevalence of life-threatening peanut allergies. I don’t remember any kids with a food allergy while growing up, let alone a life-threatening one. Fast forward to today, and of course we all know food allergies pervade in our schools and society.

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