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The B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Succeed In a Digital Age

By Scott Steer • December 2, 2020

Business to business (B2B) marketing and sales must be specialized, but these B2B marketing strategies will help keep you ahead of the curve.

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As Leaders Age and the Unexpected Strikes, Developing a Succession Plan is Mission Critical

By Michele Schechter • November 25, 2020

The average S&P CEO is 58. Are businesses ready for transition? Developing a succession plan should be on every company's agenda early on.

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Reasonable Measures in Cybersecurity: Guidelines for Breach Prevention and Response

By Adam Brouillet • November 24, 2020

If your business collects personal data, then implementing cybersecurity best practices can save you from a data breach and lawsuit.

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Recent Articles

Risk-reward trade-off in venture capital

Risk-Reward Trade-Off: What 3 Venture Capital Investment Opportunities Teach Us

By Kenneth Freeman • November 23, 2020
Three venture capital investment opportunities prove that VC offers a wide range of risks alongside potential rewards.

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Twitter for Business

6 Twitter Best Practices to Grow Your Engagement

By Tyler Mayoras • November 20, 2020
Position yourself as an industry expert by following these six Twitter best practices to boost engagement.

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How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

Learn How to Delegate Using 2 Simple Questions

By Lee Eisenstaedt • November 19, 2020
Effective delegation frees up time for leaders to work on bigger projects. But in order to delegate successfully, ask yourself two questions.

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Calculating Cash Gap

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #4- Cash is King: Cash Gap and Working Capital

By Jonathan Friedland • November 17, 2020
The time between cash outflow and cash inflow, when cash is low, is called cash gap. Learn how to calculate and improve your cash gap.

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Fraud victim blame

Suing for Fraud? Here’s How the Defendant Could Blame You

By Adam Hirsch • November 12, 2020
While a comparative fault defense isn’t always an option in fraud cases, the defendant could still argue that the victim is to blame.

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Timeshare vacation rental

Timeshare Ownership is the Fabulous Getaway You’ll Never Escape

By Alicia Purdy • November 8, 2020
Timeshare ownership is a popular way to vacation each year, but beware: purchasers don't get the benefits of a true real estate investment.

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Real estate syndication for commercial properties

Investing in a Real Estate Syndication: A Simple Guide

By Tracy Treger • November 4, 2020
Investing in a real estate syndication allows investors with less capital, time and managerial experience to invest in a pooled fund.

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Developing a plan for business growth

Five Questions to Help You Drive Business Growth

By David Spitulnik • November 3, 2020
Drive business growth by asking these questions that produce specific, measurable and realistic goals for your company's future.

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Choosing a Company Legal Structure

How Choosing Your Company Legal Structure Affects Business Down the Line

By Michele Schechter • October 30, 2020
LLC? S corp? Pick your company legal structure wisely. The type of business entity you choose affects all facets of your business.

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Feedback is breakfast of champions

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions: Designing Fruitful Board Evaluations

By Bruce Werner • October 26, 2020
Private company board evaluations need focus, consistency and discipline. Consistent and honest feedback can facilitate business growth.

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