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5 Frugal Living Tips for Tightening Your Budget

By Michelle Gershfeld • May 31, 2023

These 5 costly mistakes may be keeping you from frugal living. Get budgeting tips from the house to the gas station that will help you save.

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3 Ways Startup CEOs Can Develop a Better Investor Relationship

By Greg Beaufait • May 30, 2023

Investors play a large role in company success. Develop your investor relationship with more transparent and proactive communication using these 3 tips.

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Employee Development: How to Invest in People and Boost Your ROI

By Michele Schechter • May 29, 2023

Employee development and training is crucial to avoid turnover and the costs of onboarding new employees. Learn how to retain your talent.

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Recent Articles

group of people sit with laptops at a conference table, representing a better marketing team in action

6 Tips for Building a Better Marketing Team

By Scott Steer • May 29, 2023
To get the most from your marketing team or consultants, you must act as a leader. Follow these tips to get a better marketing team & reach your objectives.

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man talks on telephone, symbolizing behavioral finance biases

Understanding Behavioral Finance and Your Financial Advisor’s Biases

By Peter Eickelberg • May 27, 2023
Your advisor is not immune to behavioral finance biases, such as overconfidence or loss aversion. How does behavioral finance affect your investments?

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Business School

I Went for an MBA at 43. You Might Want to Think Twice.`

By Josh M. Beach • May 26, 2023
After years of teaching higher education, a lecturer works to get his MBA. What he learns may change your mind about getting the degree.

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A black swan on a blue lake.

Bracing for Black Swans

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 24, 2023
The only predictable thing about Black Swans is that one will probably catch you off guard at some point in your life.

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Failure to the Max: Lessons from HBO’s Big Rebrand

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 24, 2023
Companies go through a rebrand for many different reasons. HBO's pivot to Max is a great example of how not to do it.

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The hands of multiple generations hold a piggy bank, speaking to the importance of family legacy preservation.

6 Ways to Make Your Family Legacy (and Wealth) Bulletproof

By Robert Legan • May 24, 2023
Your family legacy depends on managing family wealth and relationships in a way that fulfills a common mission. Six tips on creating your family's purpose.

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Scrabble tiles spell out ROI on top of a calculator.

Crash Course: The Rundown on ROI

By The Financial Poise Editors • May 23, 2023
What is ROI? How do you calculate it? How should it get used? This quick lesson lays it all out for investors and entrepreneurs.

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Timeshare vacation rental

4 Reasons Timeshares Are a Scam

By Alicia Purdy • May 22, 2023
Timeshare ownership is a popular way to vacation each year, but beware: purchasers don't get the benefits of a true real estate investment.

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A couple bonds over the piggy bank representing joint finances.

Money Basics Series #5: Joint Finances

By Michelle Gershfeld • May 16, 2023
Love is great and all, but frank conversations about joint finances pay dividends in terms of both relationship stability and money.

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Rent-seeking behavior

Shakedown Street: A Tale of Unethical Business Practices

By Peter Eickelberg • May 15, 2023
A parking ticket can teach you a lot about unethical business practices. Find out how rent-seeking behavior affects consumers and society. 

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