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Identifying Different Types of Medical Identity Theft: It Can Happen to YouBy Michelle Gershfeld • 07/17/2018
Medical Identity Theft is a High Cost Crime Norah said she thought it was odd when she received a letter from her insurance company denying a $7,000 insulin pump. She wasn’t a diabetic. That letter should have been an alert[...]
How Blockchain Technology Will Change Finance ForeverBy Richard Swart • 07/11/2018
The Financial Market is Reaping the Benefits of New Blockchain Technology Technological advancement is accelerating at an extraordinary rate. Yet, finance and capital markets, which operate within a restrictive regulatory environment, have been resistant to adapt to this phenomenon. The[...]
Best Practices in Family Office Structures: Mistakes Can Cost MillionsBy Gary Levenstein • 07/09/2018
Lessons in Structuring Family Office Structures The number and sophistication of family offices has grown substantially over the past several decades. In fact, some estimates suggest that there are more than 3,000 family offices managing trillions in private wealth. This[...]
Five Reasons Why Hiring a Corporate Trustee is the Right MoveBy Reed Murphy • 07/05/2018
Hiring a Corporate Trustee to Lighten Your Load What kind of financial poise can hiring a corporate trustee provide? For the average individual, even one with significant means, this concept can be rather obtuse. When a family employs a qualified[...]
Always Balance Family and Business in a Family Owned BusinessBy Bruce Werner • 07/02/2018
Family Owned Business: The Other Side of the Coin This article was guest authored by Barry S. Cain, experienced corporate director of both private and public companies targeting improved organizational growth and performance. Barry is a valued contributor to several[...]
Evaluating Future Hedge Fund Returns: Beyond the NumbersBy Joe Burns • 06/29/2018
Driving Future Hedge Fund Returns, Performance With so many articles about “hedge fund performance” popping up recently, investors are right to wonder what is driving this increase in returns and renewed investor interest. With thousands of funds spread across multiple[...]
Families in Business: Mapping Out the Future with Family Business GPS SystemsBy Stephanie Olexa • 06/27/2018
Many Paths, Much Resistance for Families in Business I’m old enough to remember maps. Yes, physical, paper maps that you bought at gas stations or got for free from the AAA office. Once unfolded, they never went back to the[...]
The “GD” GDPR: European Union Data Privacy and Protection RegimeBy Meghan Nugent • 06/26/2018
The New Rules of Data Privacy and Protection You’ve probably heard the letters GDPR everywhere lately. “What do they mean and why do I have to care?” is probably your common response. This article seeks to provide you with an[...]
Don’t Go It Alone: The Best Advisor You Can Hire Is Worth Every PennyBy Henry Krasnow • 06/25/2018
The Best Advisor You Can Hire Would Hire Herself, Too The best advisor you can hire will be a clever and a creative problem solver who interacts with you with total integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct. The worst? Someone’s goal[...]
Ten Reasons Why the Blockchain Won’t Be Stopped (And Shouldn’t)By Robin Bloor • 06/20/2018
Blockchain technology is here to stay. Here are 10 reasons why the blockchain won’t be stopped: 1. The Blockchain Won’t Be Stopped: It’s a Technology Wave We’ve seen technology waves before. The PC wave distributed computer power to everyone. The[...]
The Risks, Rewards and Challenges of Investing in Real EstateBy Tracy Treger • 06/19/2018
Get Started Investing in Real Estate If you want to invest your savings prudently, there are plenty of alternatives available. Investing in real estate, savings accounts, stocks and mutual funds, hedge funds, precious metals, oil and gas and cryptocurrencies all[...]
Increase Sales and Profits by Becoming Customer CentricBy Scott Steer • 06/18/2018
Customer Centric Means It’s Not All About You Customer centric: a fancy phrase for a very basic concept. It means focusing on what your customers want and need. Yet for such a basic concept, it amazes me how many companies[...]
What You Need to Know About ‘Trade Tariff Talk Tantrums’By Reed Murphy • 06/17/2018
What is Given Can be Taken Away Policies from government have driven the markets in the recent past. The domestic equity stock market (i.e., S&P 500) increased 7.3% after Congress passed tax reform. However, steel and aluminum tariff news pulled[...]
How Small Business Owners Can Save on College CostsBy Jim Slowik • 06/12/2018
10 Strategies to Help You Save on College Costs For small business owners, understanding three little words—expected family contribution, or EFC—can save on college costs (we’re talking thousands of dollars). How you structure your business, where you hold assets and[...]
Addressing the Various Needs of Special Needs ParentsBy Michelle Gershfeld • 06/11/2018
The Unique Financial and Personal Needs of Special Needs Parents I remember being in the crowded elementary school gym one time, when people literally just stepped over my daughter while she was having a seizure, as though she were a[...]
How to Anticipate Contract Issues Before You Sign (And Why You’ll Be Glad You Did)By David Teten • 06/07/2018
Anticipate Contract Issues to Save Yourself a Headache When we negotiate a deal, the paperwork is intended to document the deal. If necessary, the paperwork is supposed to ensure that all parties keep their commitments. But I’ll admit it: I’m[...]
Studies Prove Having Both Brains and Money Are ConnectedBy Mercedes Holmen • 06/06/2018
This is Your Brain on...Money. Any Questions? Economists have considered money from every angle for ages, but research in the field of neuroeconomics is relatively new. Neuroeconomics is the study of how humans make decisions using brain activity (neuroscience), economics,[...]
Measuring a Company’s Value: Cash Flow vs. EBITDA for Investment PerformanceBy Gary Frantzen • 06/04/2018
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a similar article published in March of 2015. To view the original, click here. Using Cash Flow vs. EBITDA to Determine Value How do you monitor your investments’ performance? If the company is[...]
Attorney Immunity? The Allen Stanford Ponzi Case Sparks DebateBy Adam Hirsch • 05/31/2018
The Fraud at Night, It Shines So Bright… In 2012, Allen Stanford was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme and sentenced to 110 years in prison. As the New York Times reported, Stanford, “is now a shadow of the swaggering[...]
Three Ways to Drastically Improve Portfolio Performance with Hedge Funds Based on Your Financial GoalsBy Joe Burns • 05/29/2018
A Primer on Hedge Fund and Portfolio Performance Evaluating hedge fund performance is challenging because it involves many different investment strategies employed by thousands of funds across a global $3.2 trillion industry. While many investors will analyze a previous track[...]

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