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Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions: Designing Fruitful Board Evaluations

By Bruce Werner • October 26, 2020

Private company board evaluations need focus, consistency and discipline. Consistent and honest feedback can facilitate business growth.

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The Financial Urban Dictionary: A Financial Planning Glossary to Help You Speak with Your Advisor

By Peter Eickelberg • October 20, 2020

Don’t let fancy financial advisor language intimidate you. This financial planning glossary explains the jargon with flare.

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5 Steps to Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA

By Rick Pendykoski • October 15, 2020

Want to grow your wealth, diversify your assets and get tax benefits? Using a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate may be for you.

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Recent Articles

Learning Multiple Roles in the Workplace

Flex: Reading for Employees to Increase Knowledge and Flexibility in the Workplace

By Jonathan Friedland • October 14, 2020
Flex is required reading for those who want to create more options and flexibility in the workplace by learning a business beyond their role.

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Finding health and financial balance

Waistlines and Wallets: How Your Health Affects Your Financial Wellness

By Mercedes Holmen • October 14, 2020
Your financial wellness is linked to your everyday health habits. Better nutrition, exercise and sleep can reduce debt and financial stress.

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Lessons for Angel Investors

4 Angel Investing Lessons from an Angel Group Veteran

By Stephanie Strait • October 9, 2020
Want to be an angel? These angel investing lessons will help you make the right (and polite) approach with entrepreneurs.

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Millennials in the workforce

Millennials in the Workplace Want These 4 Qualities in a Company

By Lee Eisenstaedt • October 2, 2020
Millennials in the workplace just want the same as earlier generations. Strong purpose and transparent management can help retain your talent.

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Cash is king

Cash is King: Prepare Your Balance Sheet for a Business Sale

By Michele Schechter • October 1, 2020
Buyers look for signs of healthy cash flow. Find ways to clean up your earnings and expenses as you prepare your balance sheet.

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Defeating Patent Trolls

Fighting Back Against Patent Troll Companies After TC Heartland

By Meghan Nugent • September 28, 2020
Patent troll companies were curbed in 2017 by the Supreme Court’s decision in the TC Heartland case, but companies are still at risk.

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Artificial Intelligence

An AI Future is Coming: How Businesses and Investors are Capitalizing

By Brian Dixon • September 25, 2020
Robots? Automation? Don't be afraid! Here's how an AI future offers opportunities to see returns for both businesses and investors.

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FRCP 9(b) in Fraud Cases

It’s All in the Details: The Importance of FRCP Rule 9 in Fraud Cases

By Adam Hirsch • September 24, 2020
When it comes to fraud cases, FRCP Rule 9 may scare plaintiffs and comfort defendants. But should Rule 9 be feared or relied on too heavily?

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Frugal living tips to grow wealth

The Psychology of Spending: Overcome Bad Habits, Save Your Money and Grow Your Wealth

By Alicia Purdy • September 18, 2020
Don’t let the current psychology of spending empty your wallet. Learn how to save your money with these frugal living tips.

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Preventing Wage Discrimination

Employment Law and 4 Methods to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims

By Zascha Blanco Abbott • September 17, 2020
The Equal Pay Act is one of 4 laws governing compensation. Know the legal framework to prevent wage discrimination and correct poor policies.

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Rich Man, Poor Man . . . Hurry Up, Man: Wash Away Personal Guarantees Quickly

Published on October 27, 2020 • By Jonathan Friedland

90 Second Lesson: Carve-Outs for Unsecured Creditors

Published on October 23, 2020 • By The DailyDAC Editors

Lender vs Debtor on the Payment of Post-Petition Interest

Published on October 16, 2020 • By Christopher M. Cahill

Fraudulent Transfer Remedies: How Much is Enough?

Published on October 9, 2020 • By Laura Davis Jones

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