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Strategic vs. Financial Buyers: Distinctive Ways of Acquiring BusinessesBy Alexis Andrews Cooper • 04/22/2019
Buyers' End Game Affects Suitability As an owner considers a sale of a business, it is critical to identify the goals of the transaction, and match those objectives with the most suitable prospective buyer. There are many different kinds of[...]
How Threat-Savvy Companies Can Defend Against Data BreachesBy Adam Sarote • 04/19/2019
Incidents are Perpetually, Dramatically On the Rise Data breaches are happening at an alarming pace and, just as disturbing for those trying to head them off, there is no common denominator cause. Fortunately, adopting a best-practices approach can help your[...]
Installment 4: Alternative Assets and the “Average” Accredited InvestorBy Jonathan Friedland • 04/18/2019
Overview of the Alternative Assets Landscape [Editor’s Note:  This is the fourth installment in a series of articles dedicated to the 95% of people in the U.S. who have never invested in a startup, a venture capital fund, a private[...]
The Top 5 Best States to Retire To (and How to Retire There Soon)By The Financial Poise Editors • 04/17/2019
What to Consider Before Making Your Retirement Move The best advice for retirement is simple: plan early. You may have enrolled in a 401k and saved money, but knowing how to retire is more than that. Whether you want to[...]
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs): Meeting Business Succession ObjectivesBy David B. Solomon • 04/16/2019
Does Legacy Rate Higher with You, or Pure Profit? Thinking about selling your business? Is maintaining its integrity and mission more important to you than pure profit? Then an Employee Stock Ownership Plan may be something to consider. Some business[...]
Catching Up With: DarcMatter CEO Sang H. LeeBy Carrie Miller • 04/15/2019
We recently got to know DarcMatter - a fully transactional platform that offers transparent, institutional-level access to alternative investment opportunities, and the company's CEO, Sang Lee. Investors can source private investment opportunities in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and structured debt opportunities. By using technology and designed feeder funds, DarcMatter can provide a frictionless process for both investors and private issuers while remaining fully compliant with all financial regulations.
Something Wicked This Way Comes: Your Relationship with Your Firm’s Bank ManagerBy Michael Fixler • 04/12/2019
Something Wicked This Way Comes: Your Relationship with Your Firm’s Bank Manager You are a small business owner and you’ve had a great relationship with your lender. In fact, your relationship manager is also a member at your country club.[...]
Catching up with Jim Dowd, Founder of the North Capital CompaniesBy Carrie Miller • 04/11/2019
The North Capital companies consist of a registered investment advisor (RIA), a registered broker-dealer, and a financial technology company that has developed innovative, proprietary platforms focused on transforming the accessibility, transparency, and cost structure of advisory services and private markets through the use of technology. Jim Dowd, Founder and Managing Director of the North Capital companies, has 30 years of industry experience in global financial services. Jim is leading the charge in pioneering the democratization of venture capital through offerings such as what it describes as the first online crowdfunding marketplace syndicating broker-vetted private offerings.
The Top Angel Investors and Venture Capital Fund Managers 2019By Brian Thopsey • 04/10/2019
A Rankings Review Thanks to CB Insights, Mattermark and Preqin, it’s now easier to find top venture capital fund managers based on performance, fees and follow-on investments. The institutional alternative asset classes, such as Venture Capital and Private Equity, can[...]
Calling the Shots: Self-Directed IRAs Span Every Asset ClassBy Alicia Purdy • 04/09/2019
IRAs Defined An Individual retirement account (IRA) is just that – an account where an individual, without the assistance of an employer (like a 401k requires), invests money that will grow over time. The purpose of this exercise is to[...]
Global Wealth 2019By The Financial Poise Editors • 04/08/2019
Essential (& Some Surprising) Facts Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report is one of the most comprehensive analyses of the world’s wealth, and provides keen insights into the health of the global economy. We took a fresh look at the most[...]
The ABCs of FIAsBy Jim Poolman • 04/05/2019
A Conversation with Jim Poolman [Editor’s Note: Jim Poolman is Executive Director of the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, a coalition of life insurance companies that offer fixed indexed annuities (FIAs). He outlined the benefits of this stable retirement savings vehicle[...]
Protect Your Family Business with Smart Succession PlanningBy Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom • 04/04/2019
Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities for Smooth Transitions In family business, a succession plan guarantees continuity. It ensures a smooth transition of leadership so that the business can carry on. Where no succession plan exists, the risk of turbulence and conflict[...]
Your Family Office Wants to Invest in Opportunity Zones?: Think LIHTCBy Kathie Soroka • 04/03/2019
Qualified Opportunity Investing with LIHTC Transactions There’s a lot of buzz on the subject of investment in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds. Congressional sponsors were hopeful that this new tax benefit regime, created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of[...]
When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 2)By John Drachman • 04/02/2019
Diversification is Almost Always a Winning Strategy As noted in “When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1),” the impact of asset allocation on volatility and returns has been widely debated, but a landmark study from the CFA Institute[...]
When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1)By John Drachman • 04/01/2019
With Bear Market Approaching, Diversification an Attractive Option Someday you may be asked: “Where were you on March 9, 2009?” For market historians, that day marked the bottom of the Great Recession: the S&P 500 had just sunk below 700[...]
Co-Investment SPVs: Access or Excess?By John Backus • 03/27/2019
Avoid These Common Mistakes in Venture Capital The modern venture capital fund structure dates back to the 1960’s – but change is coming fast and furious! This article can help you make money in venture by conveying an insider’s tips[...]
Long-Term Care Insurance: What People of All Ages Need to KnowBy Gay Jervey • 03/27/2019
Long-Term Care Insurance Protects You and Your Assets The biggest threat to one’s nest egg or the assets that he wishes to leave his loved ones is not necessarily a recession or tumbling stock market, but rather the debilitating march[...]
3 Advisory Board Styles to Fit Every BusinessBy Bruce Werner • 03/26/2019
Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities for Any Stage of Business The boards of directors of for-profit and non-profit organizations have the same fiduciary responsibilities: duty of care, duty of loyalty and duty of good faith.  While similar to fiduciary boards,[...]
‘Housekeeping’ Tips to Maximize Business ValueBy Terence Shepherd • 03/25/2019
Making Improvements that Will Benefit the Seller and the Buyer As you start thinking about selling your business you should also think about how you might make some improvements to the business to maximize business value to a buyer. Identify[...]

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