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PLUP Fiction: Bad Faith Insurance

By Adam N. Hirsch • September 20, 2023

Can you rely on your insurance company’s description of your insurance policy? Learn about insurance bad faith and your rights as the insured. 

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Beginner’s Guide to Venture Capital Investment and Returns

By Kenneth Freeman • September 19, 2023

Non-investors often confuse venture capital investment with private equity, but there is a difference. Learn about VC, from access to returns.

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Evaluating Online Hedge Fund Platforms: Not All Are Created Equal

By Alon Goren • September 13, 2023

Since the SEC lifted a ban on general solicitation, hedge fund investors can now find deals online. But caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware.

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Recent Articles

a young woman leads an office meeting, representing leadership communication skills

Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills and Make a Bigger Impact

By Lee Eisenstaedt • September 12, 2023
Develop better leadership communication skills by understanding the importance of feedback and showing your team members greater humility.

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a man and a woman sit on a park bench, in an obvious fight, representing splitting assets in divorce

Protecting Assets and Financial Empowerment in Divorce

By Megan Schwab and Rhonda Ducote • September 7, 2023
Divorce affects nearly 50% of the population. Learn more about protecting and splitting assets in divorce and in subsequent marriages.

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beads of water on a leaf, symbolizing liquid alternative investments

Liquid Alternatives Feel More Fluid to New Investors

By Brigitte Yuille • September 6, 2023
Over the last decade, investors have pursued alternative investments that rival hedge funds without the same risks. The result: liquid alternative funds.

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a ceramic angel representing angel investing, angel investors, and how it differs from venture capital

An Introduction to the World of Angel Investing

By Stephen A. Bornstein • August 30, 2023
Angel investors are wealthy individuals who invest in promising startups, but more than money, angel investing requires business savvy and good judgment.

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A red crosswalk light, representing a warning against equity crowdfunding risks

Crowdfunding Risks: An Argument Against Investing Through Equity Crowdfunding

By Charles Smith • August 29, 2023
The JOBS Act does not require startups to have an independent board. Coupled with poor investor education, crowdfunding risks often outweigh benefits.

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An axehead chops a stump, symbolizing the 2017 tax cut and jobs act

Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Expectations Met and Unrealized

By Michael Silvio • August 23, 2023
Expectations were high for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act in 2017. Were those expectations met? How the tax reform actually affects you and your business in 2023.

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movie clapboard, representing risky investments in Hollywood and elsewhere

Film, Fine Dining, and West Side Story: A Warning on Risky Investments

By Kristina Parren • August 22, 2023
Vanity investments in Hollywood or trendy restaurants are not just risky investments, they’re some of the riskiest. Should you invest, and if so, when?

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investing basics for beginners 6

Investing Basics For Beginners Installment #6: “Regression Toward The Mean”– A Hoity Toity Term Every Investor Should Understand

By Jonathan Friedland • August 16, 2023
Understand the hoity toity phrase "regression toward the mean" and how its meaning applies to your investment portfolio.

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A prospective businessman inspects a building with purchase agreement essentials in mind.

Purchase Agreement Essentials: Boilerplate Provisions Terminology

By Robert Connolly • August 15, 2023
In a purchase agreement, boilerplate provisions clarify the terms of the contract, who has contractual rights and how disputes are handled.

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Blue Sky Laws A Primer for Accredited Investors

Blue Sky Laws: A Primer for Accredited Investors

By Robert Rapp • August 9, 2023
Blue Sky Laws help protect investors from fraudulent offerings, but further revisions to the accredited investor definition may be needed.

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