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Libel, Slander, Cyber Smear, & Defamation – A Nuts & Bolts Primer

By Jonathan Friedland • January 23, 2023

Libel - written or published false statement that harms someone's reputation. Slander is spoken. A guide to nuts and bolts of defamation.

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How a Personal Budget Shapes Your Financial Future

By Cathy Cagle • January 20, 2023

How and Why to Use a Personal Budget Would you like to have more control over your life? A personal budget can do that. Trying to get ahead of bills? You’ll benefit immensely from a personal budget. A personal budget…

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Will You Retire Broke? Reasons Why Your Retirement May Be in Jeopardy

By The Financial Poise Editors • January 18, 2023

More than 42% of Americans will retire broke, according to a survey taken by GOBanking Rates. For the third year in a row, thousands of individuals were polled to ascertain how much the average American has set aside for retirement,…

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Recent Articles

mismatched shoes, symbolizing the differences between private equity and venture capital

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital 101

By David M. Freedman • January 16, 2023
Venture capital is often tucked under the umbrella of private equity, but investors should know the key differences in private equity vs venture capital.

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Risk Management

Developing A Risk Management System

By Bruce Werner • January 15, 2023
Business owners have little time to ponder unlikely events. It’s up to the board and management team to manage business risks continuously.

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Angel Investor Rankings

Today’s Top Seed Stage Venture Investors 

By Brian Thopsey • January 13, 2023
The potential of investing in the first round of a startup is raising capital can be a life-changing investment strategy.

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Green Investing Language

Green Investing Language and Philosophy

By The Financial Poise Editors • January 11, 2023
To fully understand what goes into sustainable investing, you have to understand the green investing language and its terminology. 

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image of the Supreme Court building in context with discussion of free exercise of religion

The Supreme Court: Free Exercise of Religion

By Henry Krasnow • January 9, 2023
Free exercise of religion- founding fathers never imagined issues this Constitutional language would create for the Supreme Court. Two cases.

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Business for sale

Business Transition and Exit Planning: Welcome to the Jungle!

By Jonathan Friedland • January 6, 2023
You want to sell your business but you have questions. Sure, you are smart but you have never sold a business before.

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Planning your exit strategy

Reaching Graduate Level: Eliminating Business Owner Dependence

By Ronen Shefer • January 3, 2023
All owners hope that their business can run efficiently while they are away. Eliminate owner dependence with strategies to build skilled management.

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Crowdfunding Fundamentals

How Wise Is the Reg CF Crowd? 

By David M. Freedman • December 29, 2022
Knowing your crowdfunding fundamentals can help you decipher which crowds you want to "follow" with an investment and which are better left alone.

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losing power at home

Losing Power at Home: A Personal Struggle

By Jonathan Friedland • December 20, 2022
We experienced losing power at home, specifically our gas-powered heat, for a few days while away on vacation. In the aftermath, I got to thinking about how I could have…

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employee v. contractor

Contractor v. Employee: Dept. of Labor Proposed Employee Classification Rule

By Charles A. Krugel • December 19, 2022
Contractor v. employee violations occur in every industry. This is in part due to the regulatory processes in wage rates, labor agreements, and exemptions defining who is and who isn’t…

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