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Seeking a Money Magician? 5 Don’t’s When Selecting a Financial Advisor (and 5 Do’s)Cristina Nolan  •  11/17/2017
Many would-be investors don’t understand the basics of Investments 101. In a way, the process of spending a little money[...]
Balancing Finances and Family- Sisterly Love Doesn’t Pay the RentMichelle Gershfeld  •  11/15/2017
Balancing Finances and Family: Good Intentions, Bad Behaviors After another 12-hour day at work, Julie was disgusted and dismayed when[...]
Puff, the Magic Defense: Is Puffery a Trump Card? A Look at Puffery as a Legal DefenseAdam Hirsch  •  11/13/2017
Puffery as a Legal Defense- a Family Affair On Oct. 4, 2017, the New Yorker, in collaboration with ProPublica and[...]
Kenny G Investing in Stuff is Good Entertainment- and Good BusinessSylvia Masuda  •  11/10/2017
Best-selling smooth jazz musician Kenneth Gorelick, affectionately known by his stage name, Kenny G, doesn’t drink coffee, but he does[...]
Ramp Up Your Client Base in 3 Simple Steps with Lead Generation StrategyTina Powell  •  11/08/2017
Fresh Leads = New Client Potential According to a report published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), using a lead[...]
Beyond the Fringe: The Evolution of Mainstream Alternative InvestmentsJohn Drachman  •  11/06/2017
Mainstream Alternative Investments Defy Tradition It wasn’t too long ago that investments in commodities, real estate or hedge funds were[...]
Thought Leadership Opportunities: Don’t Pay to Give Yourself AwayJonathan Friedland  •  11/03/2017
I Am Special. Are you? I know this to be true... Because a stranger who wants my money told me so[...]
Timeshare Ownership is the Fabulous Getaway You’ll Never EscapeAlicia Purdy  •  11/01/2017
Timeshares are one of those things people love to hate. Sort of like network marketing or President Trump. Lots of[...]
Exploring Risk-Reward Tradeoffs in Venture Capital Investment OpportunitiesKenneth Freeman  •  10/30/2017
Venture capital investment opportunities have enabled many exciting endeavors for investors. Huge winners like Facebook, Amazon and Apple are great[...]
Survey Says: Investing in Real Estate is the Popular Choice Among AmericansSylvia Masuda  •  10/27/2017
The U.S. real estate market continues to improve thanks to greater confidence in the housing market, and with the upward[...]
The Importance of Feeling Important: Is Humility Thwarting Your Happiness?Carrie Weiner Rosenbloom  •  10/25/2017
Personal value is the key to personal success. If we aren't feeling important or valued, or if we don’t value[...]
7 Must-Haves for your Company Employee Handbook- for their Benefit and YoursZascha Blanco Abbott  •  10/23/2017
All employers, no matter the company size, should have an employee handbook to communicate essential policies of the company to[...]
Swimming in the “Shark Tank”: Is Reality TV Investing the Real Deal?Sylvia Masuda  •  10/20/2017
If you’re an entrepreneur looking for outside capital, chances are you’ve already shed a little bit of metaphorical blood to[...]
Real Estate Investment Portfolio Diversity is Sound StrategyTracy Treger  •  10/18/2017
Experienced financial advisors point out to clients that real estate investment portfolio diversity will help reduce risk in their overall[...]
Business Leadership Basics: Actions Speak Louder Than IntentionsLee Eisenstaedt  •  10/16/2017
It’s true: Actions speak louder than words (or intentions) It really doesn’t matter how high up in an organization you’ve[...]
Leonardo DiCaprio Investments Stay Afloat in Spite of Choppy WatersAlicia Purdy  •  10/13/2017
Success Doesn't Mean Smooth Sailing Besides finally picking up an Oscar for his performance in “The Revenant”and being an avid[...]
A Venture Investor’s Perspective: 3 Ways Startup CEOs can Manage Venture InvestorsGreg Beaufait  •  10/11/2017
[Note from the Financial Poise Editors: Although this article speaks to startup CEOs, we at Financial Poise recommend this read[...]
Does the Law Allow Fraud Defendants to Blame the Victim?Adam Hirsch  •  10/10/2017
The Blame the Victim Defense: Should contributory negligence be a defense to fraud? In almost every negligence case the jury[...]
Home Run Hobby? Baseball Card Investments May Mean Cash for CollectorsSylvia Masuda  •  10/09/2017
Baseball Card Investments Craze We reported in 2014 on the death of Sy Berger as a tribute to the man[...]
Gold Investments Remain a Stable Choice Despite Economic UncertaintyJohn Drachman  •  10/06/2017
The Gold Standard Skittish Baby Boomers and their financial advisors seeking retirement investments that might act as a shock absorber[...]
Sibling Squabbles over Mom’s Money: Divvying Assets Between Multiple HeirsRhonda Ducote  •  10/04/2017
Financial Transitions when Mom Has Money For many, it is a common dream: a peaceful retirement after years of hard[...]
10,000 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Twitter Right NowTyler Mayoras  •  10/02/2017
I am taking a short-term diversion from the Food Revolution to discuss the best career tool and knowledge-sharing app available.[...]
Justin Timberlake Investments Go Bai, Bai, Bai and Stay N’SyncAlicia Purdy  •  09/29/2017
Bai, Bai, Bai Former N’Sync front man and Mickey Mouse Club kid, pop superstar Justin Timberlake is now making a[...]
Leading with Courage May Begin with Following FeedbackLee Eisenstaedt  •  09/27/2017
Leading with Courage takes Courageous Actions There’s a story we tell during our Leading With Courage Academy workshops of the[...]
Evaluating Real Estate Investments by Asset TypeTracy Treger  •  09/25/2017
And the Best Real Estate Investment is... One question I am often asked about with regards to real estate is:[...]

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