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An AI Future is Coming, But There’s Nothing to Fear

By Brian Dixon • September 25, 2020

Robots? Automation? Don't be afraid! Here's how an AI future offers opportunities to see returns for both businesses and investors.

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It’s All in the Details: The Importance of FRCP Rule 9 in Fraud Cases

By Adam Hirsch • September 24, 2020

When it comes to fraud cases, FRCP Rule 9 may scare plaintiffs and comfort defendants. But should Rule 9 be feared or relied on too heavily?

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The Psychology of Spending: Overcome Bad Habits, Save Your Money and Grow Your Wealth

By Alicia Purdy • September 18, 2020

Don’t let the current psychology of spending empty your wallet. Learn how to save your money with these frugal living tips.

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Recent Articles

Preventing Wage Discrimination

Employment Law and 4 Methods to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims

By Zascha Blanco Abbott • September 17, 2020
The Equal Pay Act is one of 4 laws governing compensation. Know the legal framework to prevent wage discrimination and correct poor policies.

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Discussing Private Equity with Employees

Private Equity Exits: What Employees Should Know

By Bruce Werner • September 16, 2020
The complexities of a PE exit can be scary for employees who are evaluating their job security during a business sale. What should you know?

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Do early-stage startups like SAFE notes?

What is a SAFE Note and Does It Benefit Founders and Investors Alike?

By David M. Freedman • September 10, 2020
What is a SAFE note, and why do startups and investors prefer them over convertible debt and other offered securities today?

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Avoid taxation following these IRA rollover rules

Little-Known IRA Rollover Rule Has Big Consequences

By Jeffrey Kelley • September 9, 2020
Avoid making the Forbes Top Tax Cases list with a review of the IRA rollover rule, which limits the number of IRAs you can rollover per year.

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Comparing multiple offers in a business sale

How Do I Evaluate Multiple Offers in a Business Sale?

By Michele Schechter • September 3, 2020
Comparing multiple offers in a business sale is not always an apples to apples comparison. Consider buyer intent, complex provisions and, ultimately, your goals.

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Private company board of directors

Happy Owner, Happy Board: The Strategy of a Private Company Board of Directors

By Bruce Werner • September 2, 2020
A public company must focus on shareholder value, but a private company board of directors answers to one person only: the owner.

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Toxic workplace environment

How Toxic Workplace Culture Defines a Company…and How to Fix It

By Lee Eisenstaedt • September 1, 2020
You can change a toxic workplace culture, but it requires more than firing a problematic “rainmaker.” Ask the team: what’s not tolerated here?

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Financial planning for women and wives

Women: It’s Time to Take Charge of Family Finances

By Rhonda Ducote • August 28, 2020
Studies show a majority of wives are uninvolved in family finances. Here's how advisors and spouses can address financial planning for women.

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Conservative investor allocating assets

Laws of Attraction: Can a Conservative Investor Love Venture Capital too?

By Kenneth Freeman • August 27, 2020
You can be a conservative investor and dabble in venture capital, despite its risks—it’s all about diversification and doing your homework.

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Alternative assets go mainstream

Beyond the Fringe: Alternative Asset Classes Go Mainstream

By John Drachman • August 25, 2020
Alternative asset classes are going mainstream thanks to recent legislation and fewer publicly traded companies, but are retail investors ready?

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