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3 Online Securities Intermediaries for Accredited Investors

By Andrew Stephenson • February 25, 2021

Online securities intermediaries range in their obligation to find suitable deals, with some requiring greater due diligence from investors.

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Why Managers Must Seize, Retain and Share Tribal Knowledge in the Workplace

By David Spitulnik • February 24, 2021

Your employees’ undocumented knowledge and experience leaves with them. What is the cost of not keeping tribal knowledge in the workplace?

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How the GDPR Set a New Standard for Data Privacy and Protection in the EU and America

By Meghan Nugent • February 23, 2021

The EU takes data privacy and protection seriously, meaning GDPR compliance impacts U.S. companies with customers abroad. Are you compliant?

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Recent Articles

Customer-Centric Business

How to Grow Your Sales By Being More Customer-Centric

By Scott Steer • February 19, 2021
Companies with a customer-centric approach are 60% more profitable. Implement these strategies to retain customers and grow sales.

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Tesla is Not a Car Company: Evaluating a Market Pioneer

By Jonathan Friedland • February 18, 2021
Tesla isn’t just electric cars. It’s also a market pioneer in sustainable energy. But does that mean investing in it is a guaranteed win?

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Family Offices and Managing Private Wealth

5 Rules for Building a Solid Family Office Structure

By Michael Katz • February 16, 2021
A solid family office structure requires a quality management team that can protect and sustain a family’s wealth over generations.

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OODA Loop Decision-Making

This Air Force Strategy Can Help You Make Better, Faster Business Decisions

By David Spitulnik • February 12, 2021
The OODA loop is a decision-making tool used often by the military, but did you know it’s also useful for making business decisions quickly?

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Three Circle Model

Revisiting the Three Circle Model of Family Business to Strengthen Governance Structures

By Bruce Werner • February 10, 2021
It’s been 40 years since Gersick introduced the Three Circle Model for Family Business. How can you assess governance maturity in each circle?

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Peer-to-Peer Lending

Is Investing In Peer-to-Peer Lending the Right Move for Your Portfolio?

By Jeff Ball • February 9, 2021
Heard of peer-to-peer lending? Accessible to retail investors, it can provide high returns and allow you to give back to small business.

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Family Business GPS

Families in Business: Mapping Out Your Family Vision with a Business GPS System

By Stephanie Olexa • February 5, 2021
Bypass U-turns with this “GPS system” that aligns family vision and helps find the fastest path to meeting your family’s business objectives.

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Tech Industry Under Biden Administration

Top 5 Areas in Tech Impacted By the Biden Administration and What It Means for Investors

By Ilya Lipovich • February 4, 2021
As the Biden administration decides whether to continue or repeal Trump-era policies, investors must prepare for the effects on Big Tech.

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Small Business for Military Spouses

What is a Vetrepreneur? How Small Businesses Can Change the Game for Vets and Military Spouses

By Mercedes Holmen • February 3, 2021
Veteran-owned businesses can improve the lives of military families and boost an economy in recession. Here’s how to start (or support) one.

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Family Business Board of Directors

Psychology of a Private Company Board Part 2: Family-Owned Businesses

By Jeremy Waitzman • January 28, 2021
The board of directors for a family-owned business has a duty to the company's owners, but family dynamics often complicate its direction.

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