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Accredited Investor Installment 11: Investment in Hedge Funds

By Jonathan Friedland • December 5, 2019

Investment in hedge funds has become available to a wider audience in recent years. Learn how a hedge fund investment works.

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Assets in the Red (and White): Can Investing in Wine and Wine Funds Add Stability to Your Portfolio?

By Andrew Rosenbaum • December 3, 2019

Investing in wine has historically offered greater annual returns than both stocks and bonds. Learn about wine funds or how to make a DIY wine investment. 

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The Term Sheet: An Overview of Investor Rights and Controls in VC Investments

By J. Robert Tyler III • December 2, 2019

The provisions of a venture capital deal, known as a term sheet, include liquidation rights, management participation and exit rights.

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Recent Articles

silhouettes cavorting against a sunrise, representing management team positions

5 Management Responsibilities that Aid the Sales Process

By Thomas Apperson • November 26, 2019
Maintaining an honest dialogue with members of all management team positions during the negotiations can help lead to a successful outcome.

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Statue of Liberty, representing famous supreme court cases

McCulloch v. Maryland and the Famous Supreme Court Cases that Changed Our Economy

By David M. Freedman • November 25, 2019
You may not have heard of McCulloch v. Maryland, but this famous supreme court case is one of three that fundamentally changed our nation’s economy.

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pushpins on a map, symbolizing investment strategy

5 Investment Strategies PE Firms Use to Choose Portfolio Companies

By Kaja Kwasniewska • November 22, 2019
Private equity firms choose their portfolio companies by focusing their investment strategies on factors such as lifecycle, geography and industry.

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mansion celebrating wealth management and the principles of family offices

What is a Family Office?

By Gay Jervey • November 21, 2019
Private Wealth Management for Well-To-Do Families Family offices date back to the 19th century, when the likes of John D. Rockefeller and other tycoons spearheaded them as effective tools to…

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farmland, representing the investment value of physical, tangible assets

An Investor’s Guide to Productive Assets, Physical Assets and other Tangible Asset Types

By Alan G. Orlowsky • November 20, 2019
Why Buy Farmland if You’re Not a Farmer? Tangible Assets Explained Individuals invest in tangible assets (called physical assets, hard assets, fixed assets and more, depending on the asset itself)…

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movie clapboard, representing risky investments in Hollywood and elsewhere

Film, Fine Dining and West Side Story: a Warning on Risky Investments

By Kristina Parren • November 19, 2019
Vanity Investments are All for Show "Hamilton" drove the masses to Broadway in 2016, making it seem as though Broadway shows were the next exciting investment. Through 2018, shows like…

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mismatched shoes, symbolizing the differences between private equity and venture capital

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital 101

By David M. Freedman • November 18, 2019
Venture capital is often tucked under the umbrella of private equity, but investors should know the key differences in private equity vs venture capital.

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barbershop representing small business investing

Taking Stock in Main Street: The Importance of Small Business

By John Arensmeyer • November 15, 2019
Small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses and employ millions of Americans. Learn more about the importance of small business investing.

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Pie piece, representing hedge fund fees taking a slice of profits

Do Managers Take Too Much of the Pie in Hedge Fund Fees?

By Joe Burns • November 14, 2019
Hedge funds have trailed the S&P 500 for years, so why are hedge fund fees so high? Hedge fund managers may be changing their tune, according to reports.

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Business District representing financial statements

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #3: Types of Financial Statements

By Jonathan Friedland • November 13, 2019
From the statement of income to the statement of cash flows, here's how various types of financial statements present a bigger picture of company health.

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