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Film, Fine Dining and West Side Story: a Warning on Risky Investments

By Kristina Parren • November 19, 2019

Vanity Investments are All for Show "Hamilton" drove the masses to Broadway in 2016, making it seem as though Broadway shows were the next exciting investment. Through 2018, shows like "Harry Potter," "Hello! Dolly" and "Frozen" were still bringing in…

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Private Equity vs. Venture Capital 101

By David M. Freedman • November 18, 2019

Venture capital is often tucked under the umbrella of private equity, but investors should know the key differences in private equity vs venture capital.

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Taking Stock in Main Street: The Importance of Small Business

By John Arensmeyer • November 15, 2019

Small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses and employ millions of Americans. Learn more about the importance of small business investing.

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Recent Articles

Pie piece, representing hedge fund fees taking a slice of profits

Do Managers Take Too Much of the Pie? Rethinking Hedge Fund Fees and Performance

By Caroline Rasmussen • November 14, 2019
Hedge funds have trailed the S&P 500 for years, so why are hedge fund fees so high? Hedge fund managers may be changing their tune, according to reports.

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Business District representing financial statements

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #3: Types of Financial Statements

By Jonathan Friedland • November 13, 2019
From the statement of income to the statement of cash flows, here's how various types of financial statements present a bigger picture of company health.

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glasses resting on a textbook of accounting principles

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #2 – Accounting Principles in a Nutshell

By Jonathan Friedland • November 12, 2019
GAAP rules are accounting principles and concepts that shape how we present financial information. These are the 12 “Commandments” of GAAP accounting.

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a calculator which says Don’t leave numbers to the accountant. If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. 

‘Know Thy Numbers’ Installment #1 – Welcome to the Jungle, an Introduction to the Series

By Jonathan Friedland • November 11, 2019
Don’t leave numbers to the accountant. An introduction to accounting and its basic concepts can equip you to make better business decisions. 

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blue skies, representing putting off the tax man with 1031 exchanges

Putting off the Tax Collector – The Basics of 1031 Exchange Rules

By Tracy Treger • November 8, 2019
Hold off the tax man by following these 1031 exchange rules when selling and reinvesting in new properties.

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Thanksgiving buffets taste better with budget-friendly meals

Budget-Friendly Meals for the Holidays: Take the $100 Challenge

By Michelle Gershfeld • November 7, 2019
Your holiday meal is costing too much, but it is possible to create budget-friendly meals at just $100… if you can accept the challenge.

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unshackled investor, representing Jobs Act 2019

What is the JOBS Act: 2019 Primer for the Private Company C-Suite Executive

By Vanessa J. Schoenthaler • November 6, 2019
A concise guide to each section of the JOBS Act and its effects on investors of various sizes interested in the private capital markets.

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Band and audience, representing reasonable reliance

What ‘Animal House’ Can Teach Us About Reasonable Reliance in Fraud Cases

By Adam Hirsch • November 5, 2019
The boys of Delta Tau Chi unknowingly teach us about an important legal defence in fraud cases. What is reasonable reliance, and when is it effective?

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gauzy beach scene symbolizing IRA beneficiaries

Will an Unapologetic Tax Hike Affect Your 401(k) or IRA Beneficiaries?

By Richard A. Sugar • November 4, 2019
You worked a lifetime to grow your retirement fund. Now, pending bills in DC may speed taxes on retirement benefits and impact 401k and IRA beneficiaries.

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A Visual Guide to the 5 Legal M&A Deal Structures 

By Craig M. Carpenter • November 1, 2019
There are five basic M&A deal structures, including four share acquisition methods and one asset acquisition method. What are the benefits of each structure?

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