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About The Company


The mission of DailyDAC, LLC d/b/a Financial Poise™ is to provide high quality continuing education, news, and intelligence to: (1) owners and executives of private businesses; (2) investors; and (3) their respective trusted advisors.

The Internet makes it very easy for anyone to disseminate information. This can be good and simultaneously present significant problems. First, information can be biased or inaccurate. Second, when one seeks information about something, the sheer volume of available information can easily cause information overload.

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How Can Financial Poise Help You?

Financial Poise™ helps investors and business owners/executives by providing trustworthy, easily digestible information in plain English. While our resources will not replace the need to hire professional advisors, they will make you smarter so you can:

  • minimize your need to do so;
  • anticipate the need to do so;
  • better decide whom to hire;
  • communicate better with whom you hire; and
  • better manage whom you hire.

Financial Poise helps trusted advisors (accountants, attorneys, business brokers, consultants, financial advisors, investment bankers, etc.) by providing a meritocracy-based platform on which to demonstrate their thought leadership.

How Does Financial Poise Create Content?

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Financial Poise™ works with leading attorneys, accountants, business brokers, financial advisors, investment bankers, and other trusted professional advisors to create original, plain English articles on its suite of content websites and to create webinars. All content across our suite of websites, with the exception of webinars, is free. Webinars cost $59.99 per one-hour webinar.

Financial Poise™ also employs in-house and freelance journalists to report on news aimed at helping you stay up to date about issues likely to affect your investments, your business, and your life. We do not report on human interest stories, sports, art, or other topics that- while may be interesting- do not have the potential to make you more healthy, more wealthy, or more wise.

Importantly, none of our content is generated though “pay to play” methods. Much of the information available on the Internet and in print about the subjects Financial Poise covers is there because some professional paid the publisher. This is called “pay to play” and publishers typically do not disclose that the articles or webinars they present to you exist because some professional service providers paid the publisher to present them. One cannot buy her or his way into a Financial Poise-branded webinar, website, or newsletter.

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Our Properties

  1. Financial Poise™ is our flagship website. It is a portal to all other properties and its home page serves as a central place for you to bookmark to see the most recent content across the Financial Poise universe
  2. Financial Poise Webinars™ houses our webinars. We produce more than 100 high quality webinars each year, in conjunction with leading industry associations featuring professionals from the best service firms in the world. Each webinar is one hour long and each has a moderator and three panelists explaining a subject of interest to owners and executives of private businesses and/or investors.
  3. ChamberWise™ sponsors the ChamberWise Education Consortium, an association of chambers of commerce from across the United States that have come together to offer Financial Poise-produced webinars to their members at deep discounts, while earning a revenue share for their respective organizations.
  4. Accredited Investor Markets™ is the leading source of education and information for accredited and other intelligent investors. AIMkts focuses on the topic of alternative investments, including angel and venture capital investing, private equity funds, hedge funds, private (pre-IPO) shares, and crowdfunding.
  5. Financial Poise Radio™, a creation of Financial Poise Radio Productions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Financial Poise, is the spoken word sister of Accredited Investor Markets. It is available at FinancialPoise.com, YouTube, Tune In Radio, Sitcher, and iTunes. Unbiased and beholden to no one, Financial Poise Radio does not accept advertising from any investment firm or financial advisor. Listen to learn about investment-related subjects.
  6. Business Transition & Exit Planning is devoted to educating business owners and senior executives who, while smart and sophisticated in many things, may have very limited experience in selling or otherwise readying a business for transition to a new owner.
  7. Commercial Bankruptcy Suite™: Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives™; Commercial Bankruptcy Investor™; and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation™. You may be an owner or C-level executive of a business that is struggling. You may be a hedge fund manager looking for information about a large chapter 11. You may be a private equity fund manager facing your first struggling portfolio company. You may be a credit manager at a company whose largest customer is rumored to be considering a bankruptcy. Whatever the issue, check out Financial Poise’s Commercial Bankruptcy Suite for articles from the leading restructuring professionals in the world, written for the non-expert.
  8. DailyDAC™ hosts a subscription-based database which provides business intelligence about specific investment opportunities.
    • DailyDAC’s Opportunistic Deal Database™ aggregates information about financially distressed companies and others that have some urgent need to sell themselves or significant assets. Company staff aggregates information from a variety of sources about bankruptcies, receiverships, Article 9 sales, plant closings, and private sales for reasons related to death, disability and other business owner personal issues. Subscribers include private equity funds, family offices, auction houses, professional service providers, and other opportunistic buyers.
  9. Crowdfunding Investor provides timely information and resources covering all facets of securities crowdfunding, such as “What is” equity crowdfunding, deal flow, and the 7-step crowdfunding investment plan.

Financial Poise Weekly™

Our free weekly newsletter, Financial Poise Weekly™, can be delivered each week to your inbox. The newsletter briefly summarizes a sampling of the newest articles from our suite of content websites. We also use it to feature webinars that we hope you will consider paying to watch. Sign up today. We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone.

Reprint Rights

All content appearing on the Financial Poise™ family of websites is copyrighted. Reprinting or sharing any content on our sites is subject to these guidelines. If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly.

For more information or general inquiries:

Call 312-469-0135, or email us at info@financialpoise.com.

1954 First Street, Suite #178
Highland Park, IL 60035

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