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About Financial Poise

The primary mission of Financial Poise™ is to provide reliable plain English business, financial, and legal education to individual investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives, and to help trusted advisors do the same. Financial Poise™ content is created by seasoned, respected experts who are invited to join our Faculty only after being recommended by current Faculty Members. Our editorial staff then works to make sure that all content is easily digestible. Financial Poise™ is a meritocracy; nobody can “buy” their way onto the Financial Poise Faculty.™ Download the fact sheet about our company.

Why We Exist

The internet makes it very easy for anyone to disseminate information. First, information can be biased or inaccurate; much information is produced with hidden agendas to sell you something or by freelance contributors who are paid pennies per word. Second, when one seeks information, the sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming. Third, even good information may be presented in ways that are confusing to non-experts.Financial Poise™ contributors cannot “buy” their way in. Our contributors are credentialed leaders in their fields who undergo vigorous screening.

What We Do

Financial Poise provides three main services to our visitors: Articles, Webinars and DailyDAC.


Financial Poise publishes high-quality articles, written by experts, intended for non-experts. Our content is focused on personal finance, investing, and owning or running a business (from sole-proprietor to executives).


The webinars produced by Financial Poise dive deeper into detail on the same topics as our articles. They are hour-long webinars, hosted by a moderator and three or more experts in the field being discussed. Our large library of on-demand webinars is available to everyone at any time.


Financial Poise’s sister website, DailyDAC, focuses strictly on the realm of bankruptcy. There you can find articles related to all-things bankruptcy, public notices for upcoming bankruptcy sales or auctions and a database of distressed businesses looking for investors.

About Financial Poise Webinars

Financial Poise Webinars offers online webinars for three core and overlapping audiences: (1) attorneys and other trusted advisors; (2) business owners and C-level executives; and (3) accredited investors (as that term is defined by U.S. securities laws). Webinars offer the opportunity to learn remotely, without the cost and burden of travel.

Our webinars are developed and executed exclusively by professionals who are top performers in their fields of expertise. Our Faculty Selection Team ensures that each panelist is selectively chosen on merit, based on his or her substantive knowledge and ability to teach effectively. Once selected, Financial Poise panelists work with our Content Development Team to create webinars with accurate, current information. After our panelists and Content Management Team creates a webinar’s content, our Execution Team works with each panel to assure that webinars are engaging and entertaining. To this end, all panels must follow certain Presentation Guidelines.

As with every Financial Poise Webinar, each episode is delivered in Plain English understandable to investors, business owners, and executives without much background in these areas, yet is also valuable to attorneys, accountants, and other seasoned professionals. And, as with every Financial Poise Webinar, each episode brings you into engaging, sometimes humorous, conversations designed to entertain as it teaches. Each episode in a series is designed to be viewed independently of the other episodes, so that participants will enhance their knowledge of this area whether they attend one, some, or all episodes within the series.

The majority of our webinars are one hour, deep-dive webinars that focus on a single topic, allowing the panelists to discuss that topic in greater detail. Periodically we host special event webinars that are performed live and available to  anyone who would like to attend. These webinars typically have a different format and last longer than sixty minutes.

The Financial Poise Webinars Advantage

Faculty Selection

Our Faculty Selection and Business Development Teams work together to identify (a) topics of interest to our customers; (b) industry organizations that can help assist us to procure top-flight panelists; and (c) panelists themselves. Unlike many competitors, panelists cannot “buy” their way in and are not solicited via mass email. Our panelists are carefully selected, based on recommendations from industry leaders.

Content Development

Financial Poise panelists are not left to their own devices in planning a webinar. Rather, our Content Development Team works hand in hand with each panel to develop material that is accurate and current and also very understandable. Financial Poise works hard to make sure that every webinar and all materials are in plain English and do not contain needless technical jargon.


Seminars, and particularly webinars, can easily bore their audiences. Financial Poise was born from this very frustration and its most important mission is to entertain as it educates. Panelists must follow the Financial Poise Method in presenting. Among other things, this means that you will never have to listen to one person speak too long without interruption, you will never have to listen to a monotone speaker whose voice will put you to sleep, and you will never end a Financial Poise webinar without laughing at least three times.

Quality Assurance

Webinars are available on demand for one year from the date of their Premier Date (the date of the live presentation). However, once a webinar is made available on demand, Financial Poise’s Quality Assurance Team monitors developments to make sure the information provided in on-demand webinars remains accurate and current.

Financial Poise was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Friedland, an attorney and financial literacy advocate.

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