Financial Poise

About Financial Poise

Financial Poise™ has one mission: to provide reliable plain English business, financial and legal education to individual investors, entrepreneurs, and other private business owners. Financial Poise™ content is created by seasoned, respected experts who are invited to join our Faculty only after being recommended by current Faculty Members. Our editorial staff then works to make sure that all content is easily digestible. Financial Poise™ is a meritocracy; nobody can “buy” their way onto the Financial Poise Faculty.™

Why We Exist

The internet makes it very easy for anyone to disseminate information. First, information can be biased or inaccurate; much information is produced with hidden agendas to sell you something or by freelance contributors who are paid pennies per word. Second, when one seeks information, the sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming. Third, even good information may be presented in ways that are confusing to non-experts.

Financial Poise™ contributors cannot “buy” their way in. Our contributors are credentialed leaders in their fields who undergo vigorous screening.

Financial Poise was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Friedland, an attorney, author, serial entrepreneur, and financial literacy advocate.