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Subscribing to the adage, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime,” Financial Poise offers its audience objective and plain English education about investing. If you are looking for recommendations on particular stocks or looking to make a quick buck trading, you came to the wrong place. Financial Poise teaches investors about the fundamentals of investing for the long term.

employee stock ownership plan

Should Your Business Use an ESOP?

Handled well, the ESOP functions as a means of financing the ownership transition of a closely-held business in a tax-favored manner. But it’s not right for everyone.

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Inflation Slows in July, But Can the Inflation Reduction Act Further the Trend?

Inflation data came out this morning for July, and everyone concerned about soaring consumer prices might have breathed a small sigh of relief. CNN reports: Runaway inflation took a breather in July, with consumer prices increasing by 8.5% year over year, a slower pace than the 9.1% increase in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

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investing in venture capital

The Fine Print on Investing in Venture Capital

Is VC still booming? Everything you need to know about the risks, rewards, and returns of investing in venture capital, from startup to buyout.

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The Great Crypto Regulation Debate

It’s a subject that’s been hotly debated for quite some time now: who (if anyone) should be in charge of regulating cryptocurrency markets? It’s complicated. After all, some of the impetus behind the crypto trading surge was a desire to engage in transactions in a way that other investments could not due to regulations. Anonymity […]

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Housing Market Data is Not as Rosy as Some Think

We keep expecting a housing bubble to look like it did in 2008. It won’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

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best equity crowdfunding

5 Tips to Choose the Best Crowdfunding Platform

How do you choose the best crowdfunding platform? For accredited investors, an equity crowdfunding site the way to go. Get tips to find the right platform.

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What is Private Equity? A Brief History

Private equity firms buy or seek to control private companies through financial leverage. When did it start, and how does private equity look today?

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GDP Falls for Second Quarter in a Row, Supercharging Recession Worries

The U.S.’s GDP falls for second quarter in a row (dropping by 0.9%) in sharp contrast with market expectations of modest growth. Are we on the verge of recession?

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Investing Basics for Beginners Installment #5 Understanding the Players in the Stock Market “Game”

Investing Basics for Beginners Installment #5: Understanding the Players in the Stock Market “Game”

In Installment #5 of the series, understand the key players in the stock market “game” to prepare yourself for making an investment.

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Walmart Earnings Are the Canary in the Coal Mine

Walmart’s stock price is diving on adjusted earnings expectations. That’s not great news. In fact, it’s probably worse than you realize.

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