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Conservative investor allocating assets

Laws of Attraction: Can a Conservative Investor Love Venture Capital?

You can be a conservative investor and dabble in venture capital, despite its risks—it’s all about diversification and doing your homework.

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Woman reads a book lakeside, hunting for an accredited investor definition

Are You Smarter Than a High School Dropout? Understanding the Revised Accredited Investor Definition

Does net worth equate to financial literacy? Learn more about the revised accredited investor definition

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fundless sponsors

Fundless Sponsors Appeal to Individual Investors — Fewer Fees, More Specificity

No up-front fees and more details about investments are the two differences between fundless sponsors and more traditionally structured private equity funds.

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Alternative assets go mainstream

Beyond the Fringe: Alternative Asset Classes Go Mainstream

Alternative asset classes are going mainstream thanks to legislation and fewer publicly traded companies, but are retail investors ready?

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Beginners guide to venture capital investments and returns

Beginner’s Guide to Venture Capital Investment and Returns

Non-investors often confuse venture capital investment with private equity, but there is a difference. Learn about VC, from access to returns.

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businessman on platform, contemplating online hedge fund platforms

Evaluating Online Hedge Fund Platforms: Not All Are Created Equal

Since the SEC lifted a ban on general solicitation, hedge fund investors can now find deals online. But caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware.

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A red crosswalk light, representing a warning against equity crowdfunding risks

Crowdfunding Risks: An Argument Against Investing Through Equity Crowdfunding

The JOBS Act does not require startups to have an independent board. Coupled with poor investor education, crowdfunding risks often outweigh benefits.

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Blue Sky Laws A Primer for Accredited Investors

Blue Sky Laws: A Primer for Accredited Investors

Blue Sky Laws help protect investors from fraudulent offerings, but further revisions to the accredited investor definition may be needed.

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Monopoly board

Protection from Investment Fraud: Who’s Got Your Back?

If an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it may be a sign of investment fraud. Learn the signs with these investment watchdog resources.

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Unicorns Are Rare, So Why Hunt Them?

Three out of four startups backed by venture capital fail, but VC investors continue to search for unicorn companies. What makes or breaks their success?

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