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Whether you’re hoping to sell or acquire a business, an entrepreneur hoping to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, or a professional trying to protect yourself and yours, navigating legal issues can be a difficult task. Knowledge is power. We’re looking to arm you.

Role of the Board of Directors

The Roles, Structures, and Duties of a Board of Directors

The role of a board of directors is to represent shareholders. How that happens depends on how you define it, who serves, and more.

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Purchase Agreements, Positive Covenants, and Restrictive Covenants in M&A Transactions

Positive covenants and restrictive covenants in a Purchase Agreement protect the value of the Company for the Buyer but may be overlooked.

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Mickey Mouse founder Walt Disney has pushed the limits of copyright law time and again to protect his characters.

Mickey Mouse, the Founding Fathers and Copyright Law

On January 1, 2024, the world’s favorite mouse will enter the public domain. The Walt Disney Company, one of the most formidable challengers to copyright law, has fought since 1976 […]

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Fraud victim blame

Blame Games: Understanding the Contributory Negligence Defense in Fraud Cases

While a comparative fault defense isn’t always an option in fraud cases, the defendant could still argue that the victim is to blame.

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Two hands type on a computer with a password box partially filled as a semi-transparent overlay.

The Rising Importance of Digital Estate Planning

What happens to your digital assets when you die? Digital estate planning can safeguard your online assets and protect your digital legacy. 

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Two people participate in a credit card transaction, which is one place many merchant cash advances are repaid from.

Merchant Cash Advances & Your Business – Just Say No

If you own a small business, there is a good chance you have been solicited to “borrow” money through a merchant cash advance (“MCA”). To a company facing liquidity issues […]

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Showing a woman screaming a slanderous statement representing defamation of a business

Libel, Slander, Cyber Smear, & Defamation – A Nuts & Bolts Primer

Libel – written or published false statement that harms someone’s reputation. Slander is spoken. A guide to nuts and bolts of defamation.

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Trade Secrets

Trade Secret Misappropriation: Methods for Measuring Damages and Seeking Relief

Trade secret misappropriation is on the rise in the US. How does a business calculate damages in cases of trade secret theft?

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Steps for Protecting Business Sale Confidentiality

A transaction advisor can help you ensure confidentiality when selling your business. Take these steps to avoid a confidentiality breach.

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The Threat of Cybercrime for Small and Midsize Business

Cybercrime is on the rise and smaller businesses are in jeopardy. A cyber liability policy can protect you from the enormous damage costs.

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