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Whether you’re hoping to sell or acquire a business, an entrepreneur hoping to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, or a professional trying to protect yourself and yours, navigating legal issues can be a difficult task. Knowledge is power. We’re looking to arm you.

Commercial Litigation funding: A Guide for Plaintiffs & Commercial Litigators

Commercial Litigation Funding: A Guide for Plaintiffs & Commercial Litigators Seeking Funding in the United States

This article is a comprehensive and plain-English treatment about one of the two parts of third-party litigation funding: commercial litigation funding.

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Band and audience, representing reasonable reliance

What ‘Animal House’ Can Teach Us About Reasonable Reliance in Fraud Cases

The boys of Delta Tau Chi unknowingly teach us about an important legal defense in fraud cases. What is reasonable reliance, and when is it effective?

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The Communications Decency Act and the Rise of the Trolls 

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects internet companies from litigation of content posted by third parties. Should they have immunity?

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Revenue recognition changes, like this business using credit cards, impacts business practices

The Impact of Revenue Recognition Changes to Business Practice

Changes to revenue recognition standards took effect in 2019 for private companies. See how business practices have changed.

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Preventing Wage Discrimination

Employment Law and 4 Methods to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims

The Equal Pay Act is one of 4 laws governing compensation. Know the legal framework to prevent wage discrimination and correct poor policies.

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Cannabis like this, on a desk blotter, represents the marijuana taxes that cannabis companies must pay

Cannabis Companies and the Marijuana Tax: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Cannabis companies are overwhelmed by taxation and restrictions on their expense deductions via Section 208E. Could new legislature ease the pressure?

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Estates like these require smart, informal estate planning via non-probate property

Informal Estate Planning: Non-Probate Property

Did you include planning for non-probate property in your informal estate planning? Learn why this is an essential step in setting your affairs in order.

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life preserver representing bad faith insurance

PLUP Fiction: Bad Faith Insurance

Can you rely on your insurance company’s description of your insurance policy? Learn about insurance bad faith and your rights as the insured. 

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An axehead chops a stump, symbolizing the 2017 tax cut and jobs act

Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Expectations Met and Unrealized

Expectations were high for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act in 2017. Were those expectations met? How the tax reform actually affects you and your business in 2023.

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Blue Sky Laws A Primer for Accredited Investors

Blue Sky Laws: A Primer for Accredited Investors

Blue Sky Laws help protect investors from fraudulent offerings, but further revisions to the accredited investor definition may be needed.

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