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white and orange caution cone on keyboard represents need for cybersecurity to protect intellectual property

Businesses Face Growing Need for Cybersecurity to Protect Intellectual Property

A data breach can affect your patents and trade secrets. Today, there is a growing need for cybersecurity measures to protect intellectual property.

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Time to Dump the Turing Test in Light of AI

Alan Turing set the bar for whether AI could be considered actually intelligent. We’re learning (quickly) that test needs to get discarded in decision-making.

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We need to invest in a greener grid.

Green Investing Success Hinges on a Greener Grid

The green investing space continues to expand at break-neck speed. Clean energy, specifically, has attracted significant investment. In 2022, green energy investments topped $1 trillion – topping oil and gas […]

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A brain depicted in technical form fades into a human face.

Answering the Biggest Questions on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated the news in recent months. The release of ChatGPT-4 opened up what felt like a whole new world of exploring information. Companies responded in kind.  […]

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How Headlines About Tech Layoffs Miss the Point

It feels like layoffs in the technology sector make headlines every other day. In the past couple of weeks alone, companies ranging from Amazon to Meta and beyond have announced […]

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An upward bound line chart overlays shamrocks -- is investing luck the way to see those returns?

Examining How “Luck o’ the Irish” Impacts Investing

It’s that time of year. The Chicago River has been dyed. Bars across the country are preparing for green glitter-saturated pub crawls. For one day, everyone is Irish and hoping […]

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GMOs have come to dominate global agriculture. This image contains pictures of potatoes, a tractor, a field of wheat, and a grazing cow

Dissecting the Debate Surrounding GMOs

 GMOs are not new. Neither is the controversy that surrounds them.  For years, activists have decried their prevalence, causing many companies to cultivate branding around selling non-GMO products. Research suggests […]

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A messy desk in need of decluttering.

Decluttering Your Way to Better Performance

From Einstein to Jobs, cluttered offices are often romanticized and held up as proof that disorganized spaces can yield remarkable work. Mark Twain famously insisted on being photographed at his […]

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Fraud prevention for suckers

Fraud Prevention for Suckers: Phishing Scams

Is there an urgent update on your bank account? Don’t click that link! Learn to spot phishing and better educate your family about fraud prevention. 

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losing power at home

Losing Power at Home: A Personal Struggle

We experienced losing power at home, specifically our gas-powered heat, for a few days while away on vacation. In the aftermath, I got to thinking about how I could have […]

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