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illustrating that working with veterans adds strength to the business

Invest New Effort in Your Business: Working with Veterans as Employees and Entrepreneurs

A Contemplation on Veteran’s Day Almost any business can benefit by choosing veterans as employees or entrepreneurial partners. Forward-thinking business people who have hired veterans can tell you amazing success […]

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why start-ups fail

10 Reasons Start-ups Fail

About 9 of 10 start-ups fail. Do you know why they do? How can entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls? The more you know, the better your chance of being the 1 […]

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company culture

Balancing Company Culture and Growth

As companies grow, culture can get lost. Learn to maintain company culture and embrace disagreements as more voices enter the room. 

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How Your Nonverbal Communication Can Help (or Hurt) You Professionally

As the lyrics of an often covered ballad tells us, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” Ok, a cheesy romantic concept? Sure. But in the world […]

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Strategic Planning for a Board Meeting Agenda

The board of directors is charged with creating an effective board meeting agenda. A board of directors serves a unique function in the business world and behaves differently from most […]

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High School Grads Are Skipping College. That’s A Good Thing.

Kids are skipping college. A college degree isn’t worth what it once was, whether you’re talking about pricetag or value to employers.

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Developing Effective Board Charters and Guidelines

Developing Effective Board Charters

Board Charters and Guidelines are important foundational documents to have for any board. Understand how those are developed to be effective and thorough for the most successful board.

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What Did You Expect The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

What Did You Expect? The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

As a leader, you know what your expectations are for the team. Have you communicated them clearly? To manage your expectations for the team, make sure that every member understands the goals and feels supported.

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How to Assist Board Members with Signs of Dementia 

How to Assist Board Members with Signs of Dementia 

How do you approach someone in your business who is showing signs of dementia? You want to handle the situation carefully and to the best of your abilities. This article offers some advice so you can avoid making mistakes when faced with a difficult situation.

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