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business leadership basics

Business Leadership Basics: Actions Speak Louder Than Intentions

It’s true: Actions speak louder than words (or intentions) It really doesn’t matter how high up in an organization you’ve reached. Your actions and behavior say everything about your intentions. People are watching you. It’s business leadership basics and general human knowledge that what you say isn’t as believable as what you do. Think about […]

leading with courage

Leading with Courage May Begin with Following Feedback

Leading with Courage takes Courageous Actions There’s a story we tell during our Leading With Courage Academy workshops of the parallel between how a person ascends within an organization and the level of honesty that person receives. For example, a person we’ll call “George” becomes the president of a major division within his company. It’s […]

Committed Leadership: Are You the Chicken or the Pig?

There’s an old fable in business about The Chicken and The Pig. Long story short: the Chicken is involved; the Pig is committed. Real, committed leadership is about being the Pig, not the Chicken.

Business Leadership

Real Leadership: Don’t Rely on the Fix-It Mentality

In business (and in life), real leadership requires empathy and compassion. Too many corporate executives see every worker’s problem as a quick solution-in-waiting.

How Do Leaders Make a Bigger Impact Sooner

Business Leadership: Make a Bigger Impact, Sooner

At The Leading With Courage Academy, we meet a lot of people who reached the C-Suite who tell us that they don’t need to learn more about themselves or to further sharpen their leadership skills. They tend to rationalize like this: “I’m the (CEO, CFO, CMO or CXO) and know all of that stuff.”

Leadership: A mindest and skillset

Leadership: A Mindset and a Skillset

Natural leadership is not the same thing as effective leadership. So, how do you develop effective leadership? You work at it.

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Read these four Life Hack tips on how to become a better leader. Although these tips won’t guarantee that you’ll become a better leader, you may consider using them to change your leadership methods in the future:

The Point of the Triangle in Business Relationships

When two people can’t seem to manage conflict or a challenging situation between them, one or both will typically go-between tension by calling in a third person to help.

Understanding Functional Behavior Patterns

Though many refer to these behavioral patterns as dysfunctional, they are basically the opposite. Someone has found a way to get needs met by someone capable of meeting them. How much more functional can you get? It only becomes dysfunctional if someone’s needs are unhealthy or dangerous, or if the person meeting the needs is resentful and otherwise not thriving in the relationship.

How to Keep Divorce From Scarring Kids

Newsflash: divorce does not scar kids; conflict does.

Divorce, for many people, is a means of ending a pattern of conflict that either or each spouse has recognized as damaging to them and their children. For others, it brings to the surface years of unresolved conflict.