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Four Ways to Celebrate National Simplicity Day

Henry David Thoreau was both brilliant and eccentric. Today we honor his embrace of simplicity with ways to simplify our own lives.

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What Did You Expect The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

What Did You Expect? The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

As a leader, you know what your expectations are for the team. Have you communicated them clearly? To manage your expectations for the team, make sure that every member understands the goals and feels supported.

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Snooze, Panic, or Eject A Simple February Tune-up for Achieving Your Annual Goals

Snooze, Panic, or Eject? A Simple February Tune-up for Achieving Your Annual Goals

The new year has begun, and you might already notice some of your annual goals slipping. Use this exercise to fine-tune what you have planned for this upcoming year so you can stick to your goals and make them happen.

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Beauty Bias Can Blemish (or Boost) Your Career

Beauty Bias Can Blemish (or Boost) Your Career

Despite what we may hope, beauty bias is present our lives and in the workplace. It can impact on how others perceive you, the promotions you obtain, and how much money you make. Here are some tips to help you gain confidence in how you present yourself.

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Tough Love Leadership

The Balancing Act of Tough Love Leadership

Tough love leadership holds everyone accountable without losing their respect. How can you become a firm but fair leader?

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Dress Professionally

Dress Professionally with Style (Without Breaking the Bank)

When you dress professionally, it sends a message to your employees, peers and managers. You can do it with in-person and online stylists.

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Best Books on Investing

The 15 Best Books for Beginner Investors

Intimidated by the world of investing? Don’t be. Read our picks for the best investing books for beginners—or relearn the fundamentals.

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Professional Failure

Moving On: How to Learn From Professional Failure and Shape It Into Success

Professional failure is hard to accept, whether it was in your control or not. Take these steps to learn from failure with poise and grace.

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Green Living and Green Investing

Green Investing and Green Living: Good for Your Lifespan, Good for Your Wallet

Looking to go green? A plant-based diet and sustainable investing can improve your health, better the planet and bolster your portfolio.

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Investing in weight loss

Investing in Weight Loss Companies May Bring Big Gains

New Year resolutions, an epidemic and emerging tech could mean it’s time to start investing in weight loss companies.

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