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A cow stands in a field on a modern farm as the sun goes down. Practices on farms like this are part of the discussion surrounding sustainable food.

Sustainable Food Documentaries: What Can We Learn?

On November 15, 2022, the date this article was written, the UN announced that the world population reached 8 billion. Sustainable food production is key to the next phase of […]

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Retiring abroad image of Spain

Retiring Abroad: Does Your Wanderlust Make Financial Sense?

It’s Better When You’re Older, Wiser, and Richer A lot of people contemplate retiring abroad. In college, did you dream of spending a year in Europe? Maybe you hoped to […]

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Gut health, fermented foods

Gut Health and Your Brain: What Is the Link?

Why should you give up diet soda, limit antibiotic use and start eating fermented foods? Over the last five years, there have been key research breakthroughs in the link between gut health and your brain, immunology and overall health.

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Celebrate World Mental Health Day

Celebrate World Mental Health Day with Eight Self-Care Hacks

Though many in the U.S. are currently enjoying time off for Indigenous People’s Day, October 10th is also important internationally, being recognized as World Mental Health Day. First celebrated in […]

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brains and money

Studies Prove Brains and Money Are Connected

This Is Your Brain on…Money. Any Questions? How are brains and money connected? Economists have considered money from every angle for ages, but the research field of neuroeconomics is relatively […]

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benefits of vacation

The Benefits of Vacation are Many — But You Have to Actually Take One

Are the benefits of vacation time off significant? Do you tell yourself you’re just too busy to take a vacation? What if I told you that some of the benefits […]

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These vegetable salad bowls represent ESG investors in plant-based eating

ESG Investors and the Food Revolution: Embracing a Plant-Based Diet

How Plant-Based Eating Promotes Good Health and Socially Responsible Investing There is a rising interest in plant-based eating and ESG investors are coming onboard. I went vegan about 5 years […]

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appropriate business attire

Science: Dressing for Success Means Appropriate Business Attire

Science says appropriate business attire influences careers, paychecks. Learn how to dress for success and why it matters.

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Four Ways to Celebrate National Simplicity Day

Henry David Thoreau was both brilliant and eccentric. Today we honor his embrace of simplicity with ways to simplify our own lives.

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What Did You Expect The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

What Did You Expect? The Key To Knowing How Well You’ve Been Understood

As a leader, you know what your expectations are for the team. Have you communicated them clearly? To manage your expectations for the team, make sure that every member understands the goals and feels supported.

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