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A path diverging in a wood, representing an opportunity for divestment and ESG investors

The Expected Appetite for Divestments

A divestment allows a company to sell off a subsidiary portion of its business to secure capital for its core business. How can this capital be used to grow a business?

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life preserver representing bad faith insurance

PLUP Fiction: Bad Faith Insurance

Can you rely on your insurance company’s description of your insurance policy? Learn about insurance bad faith and your rights as the insured. 

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An axehead chops a stump, symbolizing the 2017 tax cut and jobs act

Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Expectations Met and Unrealized

Expectations were high for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act in 2017. Were those expectations met? How the tax reform actually affects you and your business in 2023.

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sleep your way to the top

Sleep Your Way to the Top

Sleep your way to the top! We mean ACTUAL sleep. Learn more about the link between sleep and success.

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A retiree looks out the window and contemplates her finances

America’s Retirement Crisis: Problems and Solutions

America is facing a retirement crisis. Less than half of Americans are confident in their retirement security. What can you do to retire at 67?

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Time to Dump the Turing Test in Light of AI

Alan Turing set the bar for whether AI could be considered actually intelligent. We’re learning (quickly) that test needs to get discarded in decision-making.

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The Debt Ceiling Debate

Understanding What’s at Stake in the Debt Ceiling Debate

Debt ceiling, deficit, disaster. Fixing this mess requires us to first understand how we got here and what’s at risk.

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A blue book with cash for a book mark indicates how financial literacy and success can be bolstered by financial books.

Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Books for Success

Intimidated by the world of investing? Don’t be. Read our picks for the best investing books for beginners—or relearn the fundamentals.

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A pig with a graduation cap is pictured next to a series of increasing stacks of coins. It ties into the importance of individual financial literacy.

National Financial Literacy Month: Numbers Make the Case

Tomorrow marks the start of National Financial Literacy Month. Established in 2003, it is a time for us to not only consider the state of the country’s overall understanding of […]

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How Headlines About Tech Layoffs Miss the Point

It feels like layoffs in the technology sector make headlines every other day. In the past couple of weeks alone, companies ranging from Amazon to Meta and beyond have announced […]

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