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How Headlines About Tech Layoffs Miss the Point

It feels like layoffs in the technology sector make headlines every other day. In the past couple of weeks alone, companies ranging from Amazon to Meta and beyond have announced […]

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A sign showing the divergent directions of consumer spending and consumer savings

Putting Consumer Spending Trends in Context

The end of 2022 saw inflation slowing, unemployment low, and stocks finishing strong, leading many to release a sigh of relief. Bearish analysts began to talk about the US dodging […]

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GMOs have come to dominate global agriculture. This image contains pictures of potatoes, a tractor, a field of wheat, and a grazing cow

Dissecting the Debate Surrounding GMOs

 GMOs are not new. Neither is the controversy that surrounds them.  For years, activists have decried their prevalence, causing many companies to cultivate branding around selling non-GMO products. Research suggests […]

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A messy desk in need of decluttering.

Decluttering Your Way to Better Performance

From Einstein to Jobs, cluttered offices are often romanticized and held up as proof that disorganized spaces can yield remarkable work. Mark Twain famously insisted on being photographed at his […]

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losing power at home

Losing Power at Home: A Personal Struggle

We experienced losing power at home, specifically our gas-powered heat, for a few days while away on vacation. In the aftermath, I got to thinking about how I could have […]

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Understanding RICO

Understanding RICO in Real Life

Understanding RICO includes all sorts of plaintiffs and contexts, not always criminal. Learn how you could benefit from the RICO Act.

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UPON FURTHER REVIEW: Real Story of an NFL Lawsuit

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: Real Story of an NFL Lawsuit

Anger, however righteous, is not a cause of action. Read the inside story of a famous NFL lawsuit and how a bank became the defendant.

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A cow stands in a field on a modern farm as the sun goes down. Practices on farms like this are part of the discussion surrounding sustainable food.

Sustainable Food Documentaries: What Can We Learn?

On November 15, 2022, the date this article was written, the UN announced that the world population reached 8 billion. Sustainable food production is key to the next phase of […]

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illustrating regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming

Can Regenerative Agriculture Fix the US Food System?

Find out how the U.S. government changed – and ruined – our food industry, and why entrepreneurs are using regenerative agriculture to save it.

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Gut health, fermented foods

Gut Health and Your Brain: What Is the Link?

Why should you give up diet soda, limit antibiotic use and start eating fermented foods? Over the last five years, there have been key research breakthroughs in the link between gut health and your brain, immunology and overall health.

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