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We didn't start the fire

We Didn’t Start the Fire But We Can’t Ignore it

When it’s raining, sell umbrellas. Understand more about the Green Economy and how this alternative asset could diversify your portfolio.

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The Debt Ceiling Debate

Understanding What’s at Stake in the Debt Ceiling Debate

Debt ceiling, deficit, disaster. Fixing this mess requires us to first understand how we got here and what’s at risk.

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new home construction

Inside the Mechanics of the Latest Housing Market Index Dip

Investors are clutching the pearls upon the release of the most recent Wells Fargo/NAHB Housing Index (HMI) reading of 46 today, missing the expected reading of 47. This marks its […]

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Six Things to Know About the August CPI Spike

CPI data was released today, and much to the chagrin of many on the Wall Street, the number was higher than anticipated, clocking in at 8.3 percent vs. the expected […]

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railroad tracks

Looming Railroad Strike Could Restart Supply Chain Woes

Railroad union talks seem to have come to a breaking point, sparking fears that a strike could be initiated by the end of this week. These concerns are not new. […]

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Natural Disaster Flooding

Jackson Flooding and the Importance of ESG+R

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all, it has been impossible to avoid horrific images of the catastrophic flooding in Jackson, Mississippi. When we say catastrophic, we […]

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Inflation Slows in July, But Can the Inflation Reduction Act Further the Trend?

Inflation data came out this morning for July, and everyone concerned about soaring consumer prices might have breathed a small sigh of relief. CNN reports: Runaway inflation took a breather […]

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Housing Market Data is Not as Rosy as Some Think

We keep expecting a housing bubble to look like it did in 2008. It won’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

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The Impending Recession Could Burn Up Wealth

How the Current Economic Climate Could Spur a Different Kind of Recession

Are we entering a recession? In theory, the current climate affords those looking to start a business with opportunities. But risk tolerance and available risk capital (especially with tightening lending standards) plays a role here, too.

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Now Hiring Sign

Job Reports Beat our Expectations of Unemployment Rates, but What Should We Expect Next?

The stock market is down, inflation is soaring, housing is tumbling, but unemployment is not looking all that scary. What should we expect next from this?

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