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Inflation Slows in July, But Can the Inflation Reduction Act Further the Trend?

Inflation data came out this morning for July, and everyone concerned about soaring consumer prices might have breathed a small sigh of relief. CNN reports: Runaway inflation took a breather in July, with consumer prices increasing by 8.5% year over year, a slower pace than the 9.1% increase in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

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Housing Market Data is Not as Rosy as Some Think

We keep expecting a housing bubble to look like it did in 2008. It won’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

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GDP Falls for Second Quarter in a Row, Supercharging Recession Worries

The U.S.’s GDP falls for second quarter in a row (dropping by 0.9%) in sharp contrast with market expectations of modest growth. Are we on the verge of recession?

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