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Free Enterprise, John Marshall

What Is ‘Free Enterprise’?

How an 1810 Supreme Court Decision Defined Free Enterprise in the USA Chief Justice John Marshall presided over the US Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835. Marshall’s opinion in Fletcher v. […]

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wind farm green investments

What Kinds of Green Investments Contribute to the Green Economy?

Interested in the burgeoning green economy? Click to keep informed about FP upcoming green events! Green Investing by Function Different types of green investments contribute to the green economy in […]

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collecting baseball cards began long ago

Home Run Hobby: Collecting Baseball Cards for Fun and Profit?

Are baseball cards a good investment? Find out how this popular hobby has changed and whether you should consider investing in baseball cards for fun or for profit.

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Invest in Veterans

Veteran-Owned Businesses Make All Kinds of Sense

Veteran-owned businesses can improve the lives of military families and boost an economy in recession. Here’s how to start (or support) one.

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buy a website

Psst…Wanna Buy a Website?

Websites Can Be Attractive Alternative Investments Have you ever yearned to buy a website? Someone suggested you can flip a website like a house. I guess there are some similarities […]

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90-Second Lesson: How to Raise Money for Your Start-Up

The Big Picture: Three Basic Ways to Fund a Start-up Here’s the big picture: there are three basics ways to raise money for your start-up: (1) use your own savings […]

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Asset class performance review Oct

Asset Class Performance Review for October 2022

With November well upon us, it’s time to take a look at asset class performance during October. To be clear, there is disagreement over what constitutes an ‘asset class.’ There […]

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investing in wine

Investing in Wine – Assets in the Red (and White)

Investing in wine has historically offered greater annual returns than both stocks and bonds. Learn about wine funds or how to make a DIY wine investment. 

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101 exchange

Putting off the Tax Collector – Basics of 1031 Exchange Rules

Hold off the tax man by following these 1031 exchange rules when selling and reinvesting in new properties.

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investment strategies

Going All-In: Investment Strategies from the Poker Table

Take a lesson from poker, where an increasing number of sharks are chasing fewer fish. Today’s investors must raise their skill level over other investors or (cue Jaws theme music) bad things can happen.

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