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Evaluating Future Hedge Fund Returns: Beyond the Numbers

Driving Future Hedge Fund Returns, Performance With so many articles about “hedge fund performance” popping up recently, investors are right to wonder what is driving this increase in returns and renewed investor interest. With thousands of funds spread across multiple strategies and differing levels of performance, it is critically important to understand drivers of performance […]

hedge fund performance

Three Ways to Drastically Improve Portfolio Performance with Hedge Funds Based on Your Financial Goals

A Primer on Hedge Fund and Portfolio Performance Evaluating hedge fund performance is challenging because it involves many different investment strategies employed by thousands of funds across a global $3.2 trillion industry. While many investors will analyze a previous track record to help determine which funds they should choose, that approach rarely leads to a […]

Rethinking Hedge Fund Performance and Fees

Editor’s note: The hedge fund industry faces tough times. In September, Financial Poise reported that an increasing number of America’s biggest pension funds and endowments complained about fees and underperformance. Bloomberg weighed in on the same issue last week. Below, Caroline Rasmussen of the alternative investment platform iCapital Network explains why she believes investors still need […]

Growth Potential

Foundations and Endowments are Concerned with Hedge Fund Fees and Performance

A recent Q2 NEPC Foundation and Endowment Poll reported that some foundations and endowments are re-evaluating or reducing their allocations to hedge funds.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 85 with Todd Ryden

We speak with Todd Ryden, CEO of FNEX, a growing online alternative investor marketplace. FNEX brings accredited investors together with curated sellers of private placement equity interests, managed futures, secondary private securities, and interests in hedge funds and private equity funds.

Episode 72 with Pete Hecht

Hedge Fund methods with Mutual Fund daily liquidity? In Episode 72, we spoke of Liquid Alternatives with Pete Hecht, Managing Director of Evanston Capital Management. Mr. Hecht urged investors to reject hype and to measure performance net of fees that can be attributed to such strategies.

Liquid Alternative Products Outperformed Hedge Funds

Liquid Alternative Products Outperformed Hedge Funds in 2014

A fairly recent special report from Preqin, a data and intelligence provider for the alternative asset industry, found that liquid alternative investment products outperformed alternative investment managers, such as hedge funds in 2014.

Episode 35 with Sang Lee

In Episode 35 of Accredited Investor Markets host Chris Cahill will speaks with Sang Lee, founder and CEO of DarcMatter, about how his company’s online platform enables accredited investors to invest in hedge funds and private equity groups notwithstanding investment minimums such entities require.

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Episode 24 with Brendan Ross

In Episode 24 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, Brendan Ross of Direct Lending Investments and host Chris Cahill discuss how Direct Lending Investments’ fund pools high-yielding, 6-18 month business notes and what approaches may help diversify and mitigate risks in the pool. Mr. Ross also comments on peer-to-peer lending in general, including how, and why, the investment method attracts borrowers once served by community banks. Additionally, the discussion touches on what the consequences may be for P2P in a new period of severe financial distress.

Hedge Funds

Evaluating Hedge Fund Online Marketplaces: Not All Are Created Equally – An Op-Ed

Hedge Fund Research (HFR), Inc., reported in April that hedge fund assets surged to a new record in the first quarter of 2014 (click here for more details). Global hedge fund capital increased to $2.7 trillion, the seventh consecutive quarterly record, as investors allocated $26.3 billion of new capital to the industry, according to HFR. As the HFR report shows, investors continue to see the value of hedge fund investing.