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woman leans her head on a table, represeting consequences of sleep deprivation

Improving Your Physical and Financial Health with Better Sleep

Research shows sleep deprivation and work performance are correlated, which could hurt your income. Are you losing time and money?

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Two hands type on a computer with a password box partially filled as a semi-transparent overlay.

The Rising Importance of Digital Estate Planning

What happens to your digital assets when you die? Digital estate planning can safeguard your online assets and protect your digital legacy. 

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A hand cuts coupons as part of a frugal living strategy.

How Living Frugally Creates a Richer Life

Don’t let the current psychology of spending empty your wallet. Learn how to save your money with these frugal living tips.

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Glasses, a calculator, a pen, and a jar of cash sit atop a retirement plan document. Whether or not bonds get included in the investing strategy depends.

The Case for Bucking Bonds in Retirement Planning

Between advances in healthcare and an increased emphasis on better living, the Social Security Administration tells us that the average retiree should expect to live roughly another 20 years after […]

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Fraud prevention for suckers

Fraud Prevention for Suckers: Phishing Scams

Is there an urgent update on your bank account? Don’t click that link! Learn to spot phishing and better educate your family about fraud prevention. 

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Personal Budget

How a Personal Budget Shapes Your Financial Future

How and Why to Use a Personal Budget Would you like to have more control over your life? A personal budget can do that. Trying to get ahead of bills? […]

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retirement in jepoardy

Will You Retire Broke? Reasons Why Your Retirement May Be in Jeopardy

More than 42% of Americans will retire broke, according to a survey taken by GOBanking Rates. For the third year in a row, thousands of individuals were polled to ascertain how much the average American has set aside for retirement, and the results may, and should, shock you.

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Angel Investor Rankings

Today’s Top Seed Stage Venture Investors 

The potential of investing in the first round of a startup is raising capital can be a life-changing investment strategy.

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The Great Lakes Boom

Investing in the Great Lakes Boom

Climate migration and water scarcity will lead to an economic boom for the Great Lakes Basin. Is Great Lakes investing the new revolution?

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Happy employees planning their ESOP benefits

ESOP: Tax Advantages of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

How ESOPs Differ From 401(k)s An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) offers a range of attractive benefits for a sponsor company and its owners and employees. Both provide retirement benefits. […]

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