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Inheriting the Family’s Finances: Helping Boomer Women Survive Financial Transitions

As the baby boomer generation ages, women outlive their husbands more often than not. Too often, the couple’s financial advisors sit across from aggrieved widows who were not involved in money decisions. In this situation, what can boomer women (and their advisors) do to ease the pain and burden?

tax-efficient portfolio investing client

Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management for Your Client

Fiduciaries must also offer a careful review of the probable tax impact of any investment strategy — without a tax-efficient focus, their work remains incomplete.

$30 Trillion Wealth Transfer: Most Advisors Miss This Critical Step

It is likely that Boomer women were largely uninvolved in their family’s finances throughout their lives. Males and females tend to have different priorities when it comes to managing their finances, and a woman advisor can be invaluable in helping to cater to these needs and make women feel more comfortable throughout the process.

FASB revenue recognition TRUMP

New Revenue Recognition Standards to Impact Wide Array of Business Practices

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently changed revenue recognition standards, introducing many new aspects that accountants need to understand as they advise their clients in 2017.

Scary Word(s) No. 10 – Commitments and Contingencies

Many balance sheets have a line called “Commitments and Contingencies” between the liability and equity sections. The strange part is there are no dollar amounts listed. So, what the heck are commitments and contingencies? Let’s start with the first one – commitments. We all have commitments. Some of them are easy—like promising to call your grandmother on her birthday or committing to a diet.

inheritance emotions family

Inheritance and Crisis: How to Handle Your Complicated New Reality

Jake’s relationship with his mother, Lily, was always a little rocky. Things were fine when they were apart—they would talk on the phone like old pals. But, when they were together, their time inevitably turned rotten. She criticized Jake from the moment he walked back into his childhood home. It was like being ten years old again.

rule of thumb action guide

Your Easy New Year’s Resolution: Use a Financial Rule of Thumb

These rules of thumb aren’t magic. In fact, they are really, really simple. The reason these little rules of thumb work so well is that they are not daunting. They are also really flexible. Your brain won’t subconsciously accept a new habit until it believes you are capable. So when you follow through on them, you’re training your money brain to develop good habits and feel great about them!

Priorities for Success: Simple Advice

There’s a lot of ways to be successful. A venture capitalist succeeds when their start-up investment nets a million dollars the first year. A successful writer may get a book on a best-seller list. A parent’s definition of success is very different.

Stop Fighting About Money

Stop Fighting About Money

Harry doesn’t like fighting about money with his wife. But it keeps happening, he tells me, and something has got to change.

Your Holiday Dinner is Costing Too Much

Your Holiday Dinner Is Costing You Too Much

When I think about making food for the holidays, I plan my menu based on tradition and, of course, the family favorites…but inevitably, I go over my budget. I slave over my food, cooking for days, and spend way too much money. All for a meal that could be gone less than 20 minutes after it’s served.

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