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Investing in Weed Is It Time

Investing in Weed: Is It Time?

Marijuana has now been legalized in multiple states. Many investors see this new space as an opportunity. Is it time to start investing in weed?

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A startup entrepreneur makes notes on a whiteboard, taking notes from business leaders

Startup Business Tips from Industry Leaders

Have a business idea but not sure where to start? The experts at Financial Poise have compiled start-up business tips from industry leaders.

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Lessons from Shark Tank

Lessons from Shark Tank: Is Reality TV Investing the Real Deal?

Pitching to investors is nothing like it looks on reality tv, but entrepreneurs and investors can still learn lessons from Shark Tank theatrics.

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Two men consider a problem, representing the dynamics of the investor relationship and communicating with investors

3 Ways Startup CEOs Can Develop a Better Investor Relationship

Investors play a large role in company success. Develop your investor relationship with more transparent and proactive communication using these 3 tips.

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Unicorns Are Rare, So Why Hunt Them?

Three out of four startups backed by venture capital fail, but VC investors continue to search for unicorn companies. What makes or breaks their success?

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Does It Pay to Pursue Your Dreams?

Sure, pursuing your dreams requires a certain amount of risk-taking. But on balance, the bigger risk might be deferring those dreams.

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Makin’ It Rain: Successful Startups are Investible Startups

A good idea is not enough to attract investors. Does your startup have these 4 traits that successful and “invistable” startups all share?

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Four customers evaluate their customer experience poor to excellent.

How to Grow Your Sales By Being More Customer-Centric

Companies with a customer-centric approach are 60% more profitable. Implement these strategies to retain customers and grow sales.

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Hands reach out with money towards an idea - the basic premise of crowd finance.

Successful Crowd Financing Requires Strong Branding

A crowdfunding campaign promises a product, but business crowdfunding or crowd finance promises investors a trusted brand and ROI.

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barbershop representing small business investing

Small Business Investing: Taking Stock in Main Street

Small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses and employ millions of Americans. Learn more about the importance of small business investing.

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