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Employee Development

Employee Development: How to Invest in People and Boost Your ROI

Employee development and training is crucial to avoid turnover and the costs of onboarding new employees. Learn how to retain your talent.

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Failure to the Max: Lessons from HBO’s Big Rebrand

Companies go through a rebrand for many different reasons. HBO’s pivot to Max is a great example of how not to do it.

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Rent-seeking behavior

Shakedown Street: A Tale of Unethical Business Practices

A parking ticket can teach you a lot about unethical business practices. Find out how rent-seeking behavior affects consumers and society. 

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Ownership Group Conflict between three parties

Battle Royale? Managing Ownership Group Conflicts

In the 1920s, American physiologist Walter Cannon introduced the concept of “fight or flight.” He recognized that the human body, confronted with a perceived threat, experienced a chain of reactions […]

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Makin’ It Rain: Successful Startups are Investible Startups

A good idea is not enough to attract investors. Does your startup have these 4 traits that successful and “invistable” startups all share?

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Four customers evaluate their customer experience poor to excellent.

How to Grow Your Sales By Being More Customer-Centric

Companies with a customer-centric approach are 60% more profitable. Implement these strategies to retain customers and grow sales.

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A blue book with cash for a book mark indicates how financial literacy and success can be bolstered by financial books.

Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Books for Success

Intimidated by the world of investing? Don’t be. Read our picks for the best investing books for beginners—or relearn the fundamentals.

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Hands reach out with money towards an idea - the basic premise of crowd finance.

Successful Crowd Financing Requires Strong Branding

A crowdfunding campaign promises a product, but business crowdfunding or crowd finance promises investors a trusted brand and ROI.

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