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family preparing food in the kitchen, representing how to create a Family Charter

Tips for Creating an Effective Family Business Charter

Successful family businesses often create a family charter, a written agreement to guide decisions on boards, succession, hiring, and more.

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a young woman leads an office meeting, representing leadership communication skills

Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills and Make a Bigger Impact

Develop better leadership communication skills by understanding the importance of feedback and showing your team members greater humility.

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sleep your way to the top

Sleep Your Way to the Top

Sleep your way to the top! We mean ACTUAL sleep. Learn more about the link between sleep and success.

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Twitter for Business

Tweet Your Way to Success: 6 Twitter Best Practices to Grow Your Engagement

How do you tweet your way to success? Position yourself as an industry expert by following these 6 Twitter best practices to boost engagement, credibility, and your number of followers.

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employee v. contractor

Contractor v. Employee: Dept. of Labor Proposed Employee Classification Rule

Contractor v. employee violations occur in every industry. This is in part due to the regulatory processes in wage rates, labor agreements, and exemptions defining who is and who isn’t […]

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Free Enterprise, John Marshall

What Is ‘Free Enterprise’?

In 1800, John Peck purchased Yazoo Land from a New England land company. Read about the ensuing legal battle that defined ‘Free Enterprise’.

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man working from home

Working at Home: How to Succeed and Enjoy the Process

The Work-at-Home Trend Between 2019 and 2021, the number of people working from home, or teleworking, increased by nearly 28 million, and the trend continues. Pew Research found that in […]

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celebrity investors

Smart Celebrity Investors – Ashton Kutcher, Serena Williams, et al

What do Madonna and Warren Buffett have in common? They both make smart investments. Follow these 3 investing lessons from successful celebrity investors.

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Interest Rates Could Increase Inflation

Can Higher Interest Rates Increase Inflation?

We’ve been having an ongoing discussion about commonly cited reasons inflation has become a global phenomenon since 2021. These factors range from the lasting impact of the pandemic to domestic […]

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