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Employers of Foreign National Workers Need to Know This About Employer Site Visits

An introduction to Employer Site Visits It is nearly impossible to imagine the modern U.S. workplace without foreign nationals. Companies across the nation, in a wide variety of industries, rely on their specialized knowledge and invaluable professional experience to remain competitive in the global market.  According to the 2016 US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey […]

What Should Employers Do to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims?

What Should Employers Do to Prevent Wage Discrimination Claims?

Are Wage Discrimination Claims Avoidable? An employer can be sued by an employee for all sorts of things. Specifically, wage discrimination claims is an area that every employer should understand because they are so easy to avoid. One example would be a lawsuit by an employee (I use the term to include a former employee) […]

Studies Produce a Mixed Message on Worker Pay

Starting salaries for professionals working at U.S. companies are expected to increase an average 4.1 percent next year, according to a study released Thursday by staffing firm Robert Half. That’s the good news. This forecast comes on the heels of an Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study finding that American workers’ productivity continues to grow much faster than their pay.