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Life-Work Balance

What a Racket

What a Racket: Tales of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

The Protection Racket Equifax, Experian and TransUnion don’t have your back. I’ve been trying to come up with some new business ideas. It’s really hard, though. Technology is changing so fast, you know? Well, I finally came up with a good one. I’m going to start my own security firm. I’m going to install burglar […]

What are GMOs

What are GMOs? Let’s Explore the History, Myths and Issues

With the recent release of the pro-GMO documentary, Food Evolution by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, the safety and labeling concerns of genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”) have been thrust back into the limelight on social media and other political forums. So, what are GMOs? Since it is a complicated and often misunderstood topic, I thought it good […]

business relationships win friends influence people

CIRCULAR CAUSALITY: Easy Tool to Win Friends and Influence People

When there is an issue to resolve, there is a different approach than deciding who is right and who is at fault. Think of it in terms of circular causality. In other words, how do your actions influence people? And, how does the action of others influence you?

How to Prepare for New School Year Costs

If you are the average American, you find yourself shelling out money throughout the school year for both expected and unexpected expenses. The costs of these expenses may or may not be within your means. The challenge to you is to prepare and live within your own personal School Expense Fund budget.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 81 with Ethan Knight – Co-Founder of the American Gap Association

Gap Year: using a year between high school and college in particular ways in order to maximize the value of college. In Episode 81, Chris Cahill talks Gap Year with Ethan Knight, co-founder of the American Gap Association. The AGA serves as a comprehensive resource for those interested in the programmatic Gap Year’s instructional, experiential, and adventuresome qualities.

Dealing With The Cost of Health Care

I’ve earned too much money for her to obtain government aid, yet not enough to afford her care, leaving me with the sickening choice of not providing the very best care “money can buy” or using credit and personal loans to pay for services and treatments that are otherwise out of my reach. Am I going to clean out my emergency funds? Yes. Am I going to take the money I had scraped aside to go to the beach this summer? Yup.
Am I the only one? Nope.

Pros and Cons of A Boomerang Living Situation

The term for returning-home young adults is “boomerang.” While moving “back home” may once have had a negative connotation, it is now a frequent occurrence, changing the dynamics of many American households. As always, these decisions come with pros and cons.

Do ‘Money Night Terrors’ Keep You Awake?

Night terrors surrounding money are not uncommon. As we survey the state of personal finances and discover how deeply in debt and overburdened Americans are, it’s no surprise that money fears come out at night. Estimates of how much debt Americans carry vary, but we know the number is huge.
What can you do to stop this cycle? Take control and remember to breathe…

What Has Puberty Done With My Baby?

Is your child disrespectful, moody and more interested in friends than family?
Are your thoughtful questions answered, if at all, with one word?
Are your attempts to connect dismissed and unreciprocated?
If you answered yes, yes and yes, the good news is that you need not be alarmed that your once loving, happy child has become a drug addicted cult member.

Divorce Is Not an Event; It’s a Process

Divorce really starts when you make the decision to get one. Typically, this represents the culmination of a long period of problem solving, or the recognition that you are faced with a problem that you couldn’t solve. Or, for some, this decision has been handed to you and you have no choice but to accept it. In any event, the decision has been made and the process begins.