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Subscribing to the adage, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime,” Financial Poise offers its audience objective and plain English education about investing. If you are looking for recommendations on particular stocks or looking to make a quick buck trading, you came to the wrong place. Financial Poise teaches investors about the fundamentals of investing for the long term.

retirement plan fees

Retirement Account Fees Can Cost You Plenty

As a retirement plan sponsor, can you justify its mutual fund fees? Find out how to identify and assess plan fees to the benefit of employees.

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celebrity investors

Smart Celebrity Investors – Ashton Kutcher, Serena Williams, et al

What do Madonna and Warren Buffett have in common? They both make smart investments. Follow these 3 investing lessons from successful celebrity investors.

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September Inflation Ticks Higher Than Expected, but Are Interest Rate Hikes the Answer?

On the tails of a higher-than-expected Producer Price Index, the September inflation figure came in at 8.2%, over the 8.1% expected and just short of last month’s 8.3%. The markets […]

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The Complicated Future of AI in Financial Markets

It is often said that AI — artificial intelligence — is the future. Technology is the source of soaring hope and pronounced concern, from smartphones to smart homes, appliances, robotics, […]

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gold bars

What Moves the Needle on Precious Metals Spot Prices? 

Market volatility, interest rate cuts and trade tensions have pushed investors towards gold, revealing factors that drive precious metals spot prices. 

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Interest Rates Could Increase Inflation

Can Higher Interest Rates Increase Inflation?

We’ve been having an ongoing discussion about commonly cited reasons inflation has become a global phenomenon since 2021. These factors range from the lasting impact of the pandemic to domestic […]

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September Asset Class Performance 2022

Asset Class Performance Review for September 2022

It’s the beginning of October and the start of spooky season. So maybe it’s fitting that reviewing September’s asset class performance paints a chilling picture. To be very clear: there […]

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Protestor in Support of Labor Unions

Labor Union Momentum and Economic Trajectories

The Biden administration’s 11th-hour labor union negotiations a couple of weeks back narrowly avoided a major strike by the country’s railroad workers. A significant achievement, it dodged supply chain bottlenecks […]

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real estate investments

3 Real Estate Investment Types and Cash Flow Potential

Optimizing Returns in Core, Value-Add, and Development Real Estate When considering real estate investment types, a variety of factors influence the stability of your cash flow. Those factors also influence […]

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eurozone inflation

Eurozone Inflation: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Editor’s Note: The eurozone is a geographical group of the 19 countries that have totally committed to the Euro as their only currency. The European Central Bank (ECB), the central […]

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