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Tangible Assets


3 Reasons Franchising May Not Be for You

Franchising is booming, as more and more people realize the multiple benefits it offers. Chances are you’ve already engaged with a franchise at some stage today, whether it was stopping in for your morning coffee or hitting the gym to burn it off. Franchising is now so developed that it tends to touch each and every one of us in our daily lives in many different forms. However, it may not be for you.

Evaluating Residential Real Estate Investments

When you select a residential property for investment, your criteria will be different than when you decide where you want to live personally. This is because investors care about cash flow and tax benefits, such as depreciation deductions that do not apply to a home.

Is Gold the Answer to Brexit? Consider This…

The decision of the UK to withdraw from the European Union, known colloquially as Brexit, has left many scrambling to get a sense of what’s next for the global marketplace. For some, turning to gold as a reliable investment is the obvious answer. After all, it is a tangible good, which is universally recognized as a form of currency; as opposed to print money, which is more vulnerable to economic crises. However, gold is not necessarily as steady of an asset as many would believe.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 84 with Jason Stevens – Investment Executive for Sprott Global

Jason Stevens, investment executive and natural resource specialist for Sprott Global Resource Investments, discusses the potential benefits of investing in the equity of high-quality “Real Asset” agricultural, mining, or energy companies with host, Chris Cahill. That’s right, energy companies, even today: the key to garnering inflation protection plus return for such investment is the quality of the companies.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 77 with Bruce Walker – Cataloger with Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Chris Cahill speaks about hoards with World Numismatist and Cataloger Bruce Walker, of Stack’s Bowers Galleries. From Lydia to the present, coins have delighted hoard-finders and collectors. Coins also constitute a tangible asset class with which one may balance the ol’ portfolio.

A Few Minutes With … Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker joined Stack’s Bowers Galleries, a firm engaged in the sale and auction of rare coins and currency, in early 2015 as a World Numismatist and Cataloger. He has collected world gold coins by Friedberg catalog number since his mid-20s.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 75 with Philippe de Lapérouse – Managing Director of HighQuest Partners

Philippe de Lapérouse of High Quest Partners discusses how agricultural commodity prices vary from other (recently plunging) commodity prices for oil and steel, and the attention being paid to water resources by policy-makers, producers, and investors.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 74 with David S Abraham – Author, Entrepreneur & Advisor

In Episode 74 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, Chris Cahill discusses “The Elements of Power” — the first major book (and a very fine one) on the rare earth metals trade — with its author, David S Abraham. Niobium in steel, much of the Periodic Table in each smartphone, and in smart weaponry: what are the geopolitical risks and supply chain vagaries associated with market dominance by a few nations and players? What should investors know about time frames, extraction risks, pricing volatility risks, and the Molycorp bankruptcy? Note: approximately 4 seconds of the broadcast was conducted in the Lithuanian language.

Investing in Tangible Assets

Embrace Your Inner Child With Tangible Assets

As children, many of us may have dreamed about collecting comic books, baseball cards, jewelry or art. For many those dreams have not yet come true, but it is never too late to start collecting. With the right portfolio these collections can become valuable tangible assets for investors. We’ve all heard of how tangible assets can help diversify portfolios and investment strategies. However, choosing a tangible asset to invest in can be the hardest part.

Episode 30 with Chad Snee

In Episode 30 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, Chris Cahill interviews Chad Snee, Editor of Linn’s Stamp News. Their discussion centers around philately… that’s ‘stamp collecting’ to the estimated 2 million casual collectors in the U.S. Chad enlightens the AIMkts Radio audience about the classifications and qualities that may make certain stamps good investment choices, which characteristics to consider when valuing stamps, how stamp values compare to other commodities.