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Joining the Conversation: What a Wife Needs to Know About Her Family’s Finances

For many boomer women, the subject of family finances is not an easy one to tackle. Men may feel it is their responsibility or duty to handle this (stereotypically masculine) topic without burdening their spouses.

Tax Strategy for High Net Worth Families

Multi-Generational Tax Strategy for High Net Worth Families

Tax and estate planners familiarize themselves with the tax advantages of insurance contracts, but unfortunately, limit themselves and their clients to fully commissionable insurance contracts that suffer from a lack of investment flexibility. For high net worth families looking for a robust multi-generational tax strategy, private placement insurance contracts are more than a viable solution to the problem.

Damage Repair Scam Victims

Protect Your Money: Learn from Damage Repair Scam Victims

Michelle Gershfeld is a debt settlement and bankruptcy attorney who negotiates settlements between clients and their creditors. Michelle turns debt relief into an additional revenue stream for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice lawyers. Through analyzing the debt and then bargaining and negotiating with the creditors,

Better for you food revolution investor

How to Invest and Live with Intent: Plant-Based Diets and a Cleaner Climate

Venture capital, family offices and CPG companies are pouring money into plant-based alternatives for meat, dairy and eggs. Increasingly, people under 40 display concern about their health, climate change and the environmental impacts of industrial livestock farming.

How Much Is Too Much to Spend on Your Rent And/or Freedom?

When you sign a lease, you are committing to pay for that space for the term of the lease. The landlord has obligations to you, and you have obligations to make payment. Failure to make that payment can mar your credit, result in a judgment against you and even garnishment of your wages.

Scams against senior citizens fraud

Scams Against Seniors

Unfortunately, the elderly are frequent targets of fraud. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your family.

business relationships win friends influence people

CIRCULAR CAUSALITY: Easy Tool to Win Friends and Influence People

When there is an issue to resolve, there is a different approach than deciding who is right and who is at fault. Think of it in terms of circular causality. In other words, how do your actions influence people? And, how does the action of others influence you?

stolen mail identity theft protect yourself

Stolen Mail: What to do when you’re the victim of identity theft

Stealing mail is a criminal federal offense. Not in a million years did Lila expect to not trust her own mail carrier—or that he would so cavalierly breach his fiduciary duties to her and to the members of her community.

inheritance emotions family

Inheritance and Crisis: How to Handle Your Complicated New Reality

Jake’s relationship with his mother, Lily, was always a little rocky. Things were fine when they were apart—they would talk on the phone like old pals. But, when they were together, their time inevitably turned rotten. She criticized Jake from the moment he walked back into his childhood home. It was like being ten years old again.

rule of thumb action guide

Your Easy New Year’s Resolution: Use a Financial Rule of Thumb

These rules of thumb aren’t magic. In fact, they are really, really simple. The reason these little rules of thumb work so well is that they are not daunting. They are also really flexible. Your brain won’t subconsciously accept a new habit until it believes you are capable. So when you follow through on them, you’re training your money brain to develop good habits and feel great about them!

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