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Study Finds Four of Five U.S. Family Business Owners Lack Adequate Succession Plan

Family businesses often carry a lot of behind-the-scenes baggage that can weigh on efforts to develop a smooth succession plan, but there are routes to success. Finding that path is vital if a family-owned enterprise is going to thrive into the next generation. Four out of five U.S. family business owners are not succession-ready, according to the latest research by Baker Tilly International, a global network of independent accounting and business advisory firms.

Episode 39 with Sam Hodges

Join Accredited Investor Markets Radio’s Christopher Cahill and Funding Circle’s Sam Hodges in Episode 39. They discuss how peer-to-peer lending companies have addressed a gap in credit availability to small businesses, while presenting accredited and institutional investors with opportunities to select risk levels as well as types of portfolio diversification in taking slices of loans to small businesses. The irony is that — in light of P2P’s growth — banks are proposing to partner with P2P lenders, thus taking tentative steps back into the very lending space they vacated.

Op-Ed: Why Investors Should Take Stock in Main Street

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners and entrepreneurs has been and continues to be the inability to access sufficient credit and capital. And new research shows small business lending levels are still lower than they were before the Great Recession. Though many small businesses are struggling to grow and thrive, they are still our nation’s biggest innovators and top job creators. In order to foster our economic recovery, we need to help the small business community achieve its fullest potential. It’s important for investors to know that entrepreneurship is on the rise, and investments in the small business community can be ripe with opportunity.

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Episode 21 with John Lee Dumas

In Episode 21 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, host Christopher Cahill chats with John Lee Dumas, host of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, about his extensive experience with entrepreneurs. Mr. Dumas ‘ignites’ the AIMkts listeners with great insight and perspective on investing in start-ups, drawing from his wealth of personal knowledge and stories of entrepreneurs’ experiences (both successes and failures) and all the wisdom that comes with hindsight.

Small Business Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

Episode 19 with Diana Kander

Investing in startups is different than other types of alternative investing, with unique challenges and opportunities. In Episode 19 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, entrepreneurial ‘it’ girl, Diana Kander, discusses what to look for on both the investment and entrepreneurial side of a start-up. Her discussion with Managing Editor, Alicia Purdy, covers how an angel investor can help or hurt a start-up, how to avoid executing a flawed plan, how to learn and move on from a failure and how identify a perfect match between investor and entrepreneur.

Small Business Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

A few minutes with…Diana Kander, Senior Fellow at Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Diana Kander is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and sold a number of ventures, and is a Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to entrepreneurship and education. A Georgetown-educated attorney, Diana draws on her experience as a founder, investor, and academic to design and implement curriculum in educational institutions and the private sector. AIMkts recently sat down with Diana to discuss her latest venture, “All in Startup” and what entrepreneurs are thinking, that investors should know.

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