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The Stock Market is Way Up Since in 2023- Is it Time to Sell?

The Stock Market is Way Up Since in 2023- Is it Time to Sell?

As of 2023, the stock market is up higher than it’s been. Does that mean it could be time to sell?

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a mixed pile of old coins, symbolizing investing in rare coins

Show Me the Money! A Closer Look at Investing in Coins

Collecting coins is still in style. Here’s how investing in coins can turn a fun hobby into a money-making opportunity.

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We didn't start the fire

We Didn’t Start the Fire But We Can’t Ignore it

When it’s raining, sell umbrellas. Understand more about the Green Economy and how this alternative asset could diversify your portfolio.

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Lessons from Shark Tank

Lessons from Shark Tank: Is Reality TV Investing the Real Deal?

Pitching to investors is nothing like it looks on reality tv, but entrepreneurs and investors can still learn lessons from Shark Tank theatrics.

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man juggles four dice, symbolizing rate adjusted return

‘Risk-Adjusted Return’ in a Nutshell

The risk-adjusted return (RAR) measures ROI relative to the risk of the investment. Learn 3 methods for calculating RAR and how to balance your risk.

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A graphic combining various images related to the economy and performance measurement, reflecting analysis of asset classes.

Asset Class Performance Review for May 2023

May is done, which means it’s time to check in how some of the most common asset classes performed. Here’s how each fared.

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man talks on telephone, symbolizing behavioral finance biases

Understanding Behavioral Finance and Your Financial Advisor’s Biases

Your advisor is not immune to behavioral finance biases, such as overconfidence or loss aversion. How does behavioral finance affect your investments?

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A black swan on a blue lake.

Bracing for Black Swans

The only predictable thing about Black Swans is that one will probably catch you off guard at some point in your life.

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Scrabble tiles spell out ROI on top of a calculator.

Crash Course: The Rundown on ROI

What is ROI? How do you calculate it? How should it get used? This quick lesson lays it all out for investors and entrepreneurs.

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Timeshare vacation rental

4 Reasons Timeshares Are a Scam

Timeshare ownership is a popular way to vacation each year, but beware: purchasers don’t get the benefits of a true real estate investment.

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