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The Debt Ceiling Debate

Understanding What’s at Stake in the Debt Ceiling Debate

Debt ceiling, deficit, disaster. Fixing this mess requires us to first understand how we got here and what’s at risk.

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Crash Course: Private Equity Funds, Sponsors, and Investors

How is private equity structured? The PE industry includes private equity sponsors and financial sponsors who manage private equity funds. 

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A graphic combining various images related to the economy and performance measurement, reflecting analysis of asset classes.

Asset Class Performance Review for April 2023

April has come to a close. After celebrating financial literacy all month, it’s time to extrapolate what we’ve learned to what’s happening today. That means checking in on asset class […]

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Greenwashing presents a real challenge to green investors, exemplified here with a paintbrush coloring a pollution-heavy factory green.

Green Investors: Beware the Perils of Greenwashing

Green investing ran hot in 2022, with ESG funds mostly dodging the torrential outflows witnessed in other sectors despite underperforming traditional funds. In 2022, sustainable investing accounted for 7% of […]

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We need to invest in a greener grid.

Green Investing Success Hinges on a Greener Grid

The green investing space continues to expand at break-neck speed. Clean energy, specifically, has attracted significant investment. In 2022, green energy investments topped $1 trillion – topping oil and gas […]

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An investor leans back in his chair looking at a wall of financial charts.

Crash Course: Hedge Fund Investing Basics

Hedge funds differ greatly from private equity funds with regard to asset class, compensation, liquidity and other factors. So, what is a hedge fund?

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Green Investing Developing Countries

Why Developing Countries Need Green Investors

Last week’s Spring 2023 World Bank Meetings wrapped up in a turbulent economic climate in Washington, DC. Concerns about inflation, debt, and more formed an undercurrent for behind-closed-doors meetings, but […]

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How to Protect Your Assets Now to Cover Your Ass(ets) for Later

How to Protect Your Assets Now to Cover Your Ass(ets) for Later

Your valuables are your assets. It’s important to think of them as investments and know how to protect them from disaster, as well as regular wear and tear.

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woman with a laptop, representing a due diligene checklist

Key Private Equity Considerations for Would-Be Investors

A private equity investment is a major risk for individual investors. Follow this due diligence checklist to evaluate opportunities before you invest.

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A brain depicted in technical form fades into a human face.

Answering the Biggest Questions on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated the news in recent months. The release of ChatGPT-4 opened up what felt like a whole new world of exploring information. Companies responded in kind.  […]

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