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You Cannot Eat or Drink Gold

From natural disaster after natural disaster, to terrorist act after terrorist act, there are a lot of things going down in the world right now. The Survivalism Industry (did you know that was even a “thing?”) has even started to go mainstream. If you need evidence, just consider that Costco is now selling a year’s supply of survival food.

In Cases of Emergency, You Can’t Eat or Drink Your Investments- Usually

Financial Poise has been inundated by article submissions focused on the benefits of investing in precious metals (and guns, canned food and all sorts of survival gear). But we believe that investing in farmland and water is the way to go.

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Financial Poise rejects most of these tangible asset article submissions for a variety of reasons.

But, still, there is not always a clear line between when a particular tangible asset constitutes an investment or something else. For example, is collecting rare antiques or collectibles an investment or a hobby? Or ask yourself whether your ownership of your own home is an investment.

Precious Metals Have Been the ‘Standard’ Tangible Investment

It is true that precious metals have been a historically good way to go in times of trouble, and gold has spiked recently. But will the past continue to be prologue?

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But take a step back. If things get really bad, are metals really the way to go? You can’t eat them, nor can you defend yourself with them. (Well, you could hit someone with a gold bar or throw silver dollars at someone, but you get my point.)

If things get really bad, are metals really the way to go?

Investing in tangible assets, generally, is something worth considering. I recommend this article by Mark Tan, this one by Alan G. Orlowsky and this one by Thomas Hill as a good way to get a lay of the landscape.

Investing in Food and Water Can Save Your Portfolio (and Your Life)

But if you really want to hedge against disasters of all kinds, which tangible assets make the most sense?

I have two immediate answers: food and water. That’s why I want to buy a farm and a lake. Intrigued? Read this to learn a bit about investing in farmland and read this to learn more about investing in water. Why? Because you cannot eat or drink gold.

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