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Raising Capital: Negotiating with Potential Investors

Every business needs capital (cash) to fund its activities. But not all capital is created equal. At the most macro level, a business can raise cash by selling equity or by borrowing (and these alternatives are not by any means mutually exclusive).

This webinar explains the different types of capital available to fund a startup; how to identify potential funding sources; how to evaluate competing funding proposals; and how (and when) to negotiate financing terms. In addition, this webinar will address the kinds of investors for entrepreneurs to consider for their start-ups.

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Webinar Faculty


Robert Londin
Robert Londin

A partner in his firm’s Corporate and Commercial Transactions Group, Mr. Londin counsels numerous companies in connection with their mergers and acquisitions (both strategic and financial), financing needs and the… Read More


Ada Nielsen
Ada Nielsen

Ada Nielsen is a consultant (PeregrineMaven Group) who analyzes and evaluates market opportunities for start-ups, then develops launch strategies that are practical, tuned to the market, and actionable. These skills… Read More

Leslee Cohen
Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen is the founder and Managing Partner of AllRise Legal Counsel. AllRise concentrates its transactional practice in securities and startup law, corporate finance, technology law, mergers and acquisitions and… Read More

Lynda Davey
Lynda Davey

Lynda Davey's finance career spans 30 years of advising, financing and investing in public and private companies. She serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Net Worth. Ms. Davey brings broad… Read More