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New M&A Boot Camp (2023-2024 Ed.) – Webinar Premiering August 8, 2023

Leading Professionals to Teach About M&A Boot Camp

Financial Poise Webinars™ announces “Structuring and Planning the M&A Transaction,” a webinar premiering  August 8th at 1:00 PM CST. This webinar is co-produced by West LegalEdCenter™ and part of the “M&A Boot Camp 2023” series. It will feature Robert Londin (Jaspan Schlesinger LLP); Michael Weis (Firsel Ross & Weis); Bob Dekker (Balmoral Advisors); Jeremy Waitzman (Much Shelist, P.C.) and David Adler (Adler Law Group).

This episode will, in summary form, cover many of the issues discussed in greater depth in subsequent episodes.

There is an old carpenters’ expression, “measure twice, cut once.” M&A work is just one of many areas in business and law where this expression resonates. Buyers and sellers, like chess players anticipating many moves in advance, should envision and plan the route to get a deal done, including anticipated detours, at the onset of the transaction.

This webinar discusses the similarities and differences between basic M&A transaction structures; purchase price payment concerns; the most common issues that arise in the early stages of M&A transactions of all kinds; the relationship between ostensibly unrelated sections of an M&A agreement; and transaction timeline. One focus of this episode is a threshold question in many deals: whether the buyer will buy equity or assets. This episode will, in summary form, cover many of the issues discussed in greater depth in subsequent episodes.

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