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Borrower or Lender BE 2019 - What Kind of Loan

What Kind of Loan?

In a broad sense, most loans can be divided into two basic types:  an asset-based loan (ABL) and a cash flow loan.

An ABL is made by a lender who underwrites the loan primarily by valuing the company’s assets, such as accounts receivable (A/R) and inventory. An ABL lender underwrites a loan based on the ability to liquidate its collateral should it need to. A “cash flow” lender, in contrast, while also secured against the borrower’s assets, underwrites the loan primarily based on the cash flow and general credit-worthiness of the borrower.

The distinction between these types of loans is only the beginning of understanding the many types of loans available to a business, because within each of the two types there are many sub-types.

This webinar takes the audience through a guided tour of the various borrowing options available to businesses, from both a business and legal perspective, to paint the overall landscape of the different types of lenders that exist and to provide a framework for understanding what type of lender and loan may make sense for any particular borrower.

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Webinar Faculty


Rebecca Fruchtman
Rebecca Fruchtman

Rebecca Fruchtman recently joined Mayer Brown LLP’s banking and finance practice group where her practice concentrates on global trade finance and asset based lending matters.  Previously Ms. Fruchtman served as… Read More


Christopher Horvay
Christopher Horvay

With more than 36 years experience, Christopher J. Horvay has represented senior creditors and asset-based lenders in complex litigation, workout and bankruptcy matters across the country.  His practice also involves the representation of… Read More

Jeffrey Bardos
Jeffrey Bardos

Jeff founded Speritas Advisors and Speritas Capital Partners to help small and medium-sized businesses broaden their access to the right kind of capital. Jeff brings 25 years of experience in the financial… Read More

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