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Ethical Issues in Real Estate Bankruptcy - Valuing Real Estate

Valuing Real Estate Assets 2020

As the expression goes, the value of real estate is in the eye of the beholder. Ultimately, the value is whatever the market is willing to pay. While income producing properties, particularly with credit worthy tenants, may be fairly routine to value based on current rate of return demands in the market, non-income producing properties may be more speculative.

For example, even the most seasoned appraiser may struggle with finding comparative sales for a property. A landowner might see their property value go up exponentially “if only” the city council will allow for a zoning variance. Many an owner believes their property is in the “path of progress”, but when? Is it reasonable to value a property “as stabilized” if it is only forty percent leased? These are the types of questions we will consider.

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Webinar Faculty


David Levy
David Levy

David Levy is Vice President of Business Development for NRC Realty & Capital Advisors. NRC conducts structured sales, sealed bid sales, and auctions of all types of real estate and… Read More


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Biff Ruttenberg

Biff Ruttenberg has 48 years of retail development, redevelopment, management, and leasing experience.  His real estate background, including mortgage banking, construction, real estate brokerage and lending experience, has contributed to… Read More

Jonathan Aberman
Jonathan Aberman

Jonathan E. Aberman leads the Chicago Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Creditors' Rights practice and is a member of the Business Services, Corporate Finance and Financial Industries Groups. Mr. Aberman's national practice… Read More

Matthew Christensen
Matthew Christensen

Matt Christensen joined Johnson May in 2008 as an associate attorney. Now the managing partner of the firm, Matt has a civil litigation practice involving commercial law (finance and secured… Read More

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