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Start Up Small Business Advisor

The Start-Up/Small Business Advisor

Most startups are not destined to become billion dollar unicorns. Most, in fact, will fail and most of those that survive may never be more than small businesses. Whether and to what extent a startup will be successful depends on many factors. One set of factors is the foundational pillars on which the company is built, and includes things such as the company’s capital structure, financial controls, human capital, management/founder talent, market niche (and barrier to entry), financing growth, managing burn rate, and marketing functions. This series explores each of these topics, giving startups, entrepreneurs, and their advisors useful tools and insight into how they can build a foundation for success.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: The Very Basics: Forming the Business 2021

Produced on January 27, 2021

Episode #2: Raising Capital: Negotiating with Potential Investors 2021

Produced on February 24, 2021

Episode #3: What Every Founder/Entrepreneur Must Know 2021

Produced on March 31, 2021