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The Effective Director 2018

While we think of a board as a functioning entity, much of the success of the board relies on the individual behavior of its directors. During this program, we talk about some of the productive and problematic behavior that can show up in the boardroom, and the effect that it can have on board effectiveness. We look at what’s expected of directors from ownership and management, and share examples of the ways that a highly effective director can help to meet or exceed those expectations and make a meaningful contribution to the company’s success.

Webinar Faculty


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Kristi Daeda

Kristi Daeda is Vice President at The Family Business Consulting Group. Kristi leads a variety of practice areas for The Family Business Consulting Group including the firm's governance and board… Read More


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Dave Mack

Dave Mack CTP, has extensive experience in working with management and boards of directors at financially distressed organizations, helping them achieve successful outcomes and meet the needs of both shareholders and… Read More

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Gary Les

Gary Les is a global executive with an extensive background in revenue development, P&L responsibility, strategic planning, manufacturing,worldwide supply chain management, technology solutions, licensing, acquisitions, and legal affairs. He has… Read More

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Jay Reilly

With his private practice and in-house experience, Jay Reilly, Counsel at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP, brings to clients a dual perspective of legal issues facing businesses. He has… Read More

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Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson is Founder and CEO of Wilson Growth Advisors in Chicago. Read More