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Fairness Issues Real Estate Based Bankruptcies - Single Asset Real Estate Cases

Single Asset Real Estate Cases 2021

Anyone involved in the field of creditors rights on a matter involving an LLC that exists solely to hold the principal asset has surely seen the play where, the night before property is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction, the debtor files bankruptcy. For those not familiar with the process, doing so invokes the “Automatic Stay”, which prohibits the secured lender from foreclosing on the property. The debtor then attempts to make their case to the court for reorganization.

But is failing to pay your mortgage really something bankruptcy was meant to solve? If the bank was going to agree to a loan modification, wouldn’t the parties have worked something out by the time the sheriff sale was set? The bankruptcy code recognizes this and therefore has a section devoted to dealing with this specific kind of bankruptcy—the Single Asset Real Estate (“SARE”) case. The goal of this episode is to look into ethical issues surrounding these matters.

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David Levy
David Levy

David Levy is Vice President of Business Development for NRC Realty & Capital Advisors. NRC conducts structured sales, sealed bid sales, and auctions of all types of real estate and… Read More


Christopher Horvay
Christopher Horvay

With more than 36 years experience, Christopher J. Horvay has represented senior creditors and asset-based lenders in complex litigation, workout and bankruptcy matters across the country.  His practice also involves the representation of… Read More

Matthew Christensen
Matthew Christensen

Matt Christensen joined Angstman Johnson in 2008 as an associate attorney. Now a member of the firm, Matt has a civil litigation practice involving commercial law (finance and secured transactions),… Read More

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Robert E. Richards

Bob Richards is chair of Dentons' Global and US Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy practice groups and practices in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency-related transactions and litigation. His practice includes… Read More

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