Financial Poise

Steve Kunkel

About Steve Kunkel

Steve Kunkel is an experienced interim management, financial and restructuring advisor, bringing more than twenty-five years of executive practitioner expertise across varying industries.

Steve has the expertise gleaned from a distinguished career as a corporate executive, with demonstrated proficiency in successful business leadership with profitable tenures as a senior executive, including leadership roles in large international corporations, extensive experience in corporate governance, financial control and reporting, technology innovation, sales and marketing, real estate, and manufacturing and service operations. Steve’s background includes expertise in leading aggressive business restructurings, profit growth, operations realignment, cost reduction efforts, and a focus on critically assessing essential issues, providing viable financial and operational options, and promoting stakeholder consensus.

Steve has held permanent leadership positions at large cap and other corporations, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, has served on a number of boards of directors, including serving as Chairman and on compensation, capital budget, and audit committees.

Steve’s expertise encompasses, among other experience, aeronautics manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and tier supply, construction and real estate holding, distribution and merchant trade, engineering and heavy manufacturing, commercial services, electronics, telecommunications, advanced technology innovation, environmental and industrial products and services, leisure sports vehicle manufacturing and retail, hospitality and marina management.

Prior to joining GlassRatner, Steve, wherein he advised corporations and creditors in a wide variety of circumstances, including profit improvement, distressed markets, large corporate restructurings, and complex negotiations. Steve gained the reputation as an experienced leader in negotiations, with the history of more than thirty mergers and acquisitions, striving to derive and implement elegant resolutions to complex conflicts. Steve’s leadership is hands-on, interactive, challenging, and results-oriented.

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