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About Steve Bastien

  • June 11, 2019

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President and founder of Creditor’s Edge and The Bankrupt Debtor Daily Report in 1982. Started several businesses which can be viewed on my speaker’s website: Began my career working for Dun & Bradstreet as a business analyst then as a credit manager for Gibson Guitars and Desoto Chemical before starting Creditor’s Edge. Also an author and leading authority on entrepreneurship.

Taught entrepreneurship for Northwestern University and is author of two books, “Yes One Person Can Make a Difference” and “Born to Be”. He is also a former radio and TV talk show host. Stephen is an expert on managing employees, leadership and helping to expand young firms or turn around ailing ones. Stephen has owned a collection agency, Collect Temp Services, and also writes educational articles for the credit and collection industry and is the founder of Creditor’s Edge, which today is knows as The Bankrupt Debtor Daily Report.

For more information on his financial publications, books or business consulting services, contact: [email protected] Also a film maker, actor, musician and singer/songwriter who loves a good game of tennis, golf or poker on occasion.