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About Scott Weingust

  • June 11, 2019

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Scott Weingust is a Director in the Dispute Advisory & Forensic Services and Intellectual Property Groups. Mr. Weingust has over 17 years of experience providing consulting services to corporations, law firms, universities, and investment firms primarily in the areas of intellectual property disputes, valuation, monetization, and other areas of intellectual property management. His practice focuses on helping organizations to create, acquire, manage, protect, and extract value from their intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Mr. Weingust has provided testimony as a damages expert in intellectual property litigation including claims associated with patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, and others. He has also been hired as a damages expert and consulting expert on other litigation matters where expert testimony was not required or otherwise proffered. Mr. Weingust has led project teams on a variety of pre-case and early-case assessments of intellectual property-related damages to assist with decisions related to whether a case should be filed and to support dispute resolution efforts.

In addition to intellectual property matters, Mr. Weingust has worked on many other types of disputes including breach of contract, tortious interference, purchase price disputes, anti-dumping and other international trade disputes, price-fixing, and others.

Mr. Weingust has also valued intellectual property and other intangible assets for a variety of purposes including transfer pricing and other tax-related issues, financial reporting, strategic decision-making, transaction due diligence (including mergers and acquisitions), license negotiations, and regulatory compliance, among others. In many of theseinstances he has signed formal valuation reports as a valuation expert.  Mr. Weingust is an adjunct faculty member at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago where he teaches a course on intellectual property valuation.

Mr. Weingust has provided consulting services for many industries including automotive, agriculture, beverages, packaged foods, chemicals, financial services, hospitality and gaming, imaging, manufacturing, medical devices and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, steel and other metals, telecommunications, and many others.

In addition to determining damages and valuing intellectual property, Mr. Weingust has extensive experience analyzing economic and financial issues in many different contexts. He has performed extensive financial fact finding and due diligence, been directly involved in intellectual property license negotiations, determined fair market value royalty rates, and developed pricing models for licensing activities.

Prior to joining SRR, Mr. Weingust was a Senior Director in the FTI Consulting Forensic and Litigation Consulting Practice. Mr. Weingust was also formerly a Manager at Deloitte Consulting.