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About Robin Sosnow

  • December 15, 2022

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Robin is the founder and managing Partner of Sosnow & Associates PLLC. Her mission is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs with quality and cost-effective legal services.? Robin consistently delivers a business minded approach to her client matters and in her management of the Firm. She is lauded by clients for her ability to present creative, compliant, and detail-oriented legal strategies that meet the needs of innovative entrepreneurs.

Robin is passionate about the power of technology in law and business. As an early participant in the crowdfunding and blockchain industries, Robin is an advocate for the migration of securities on-chain. In 2017, she developed the Firm’s blockchain practice group, which is focused on supporting businesses who seek to utilize blockchain technology to migrate their cap tables on chain, issue digital blockchain tokens representing equity or other economic rights, and offer liquidity solutions to their shareholders through secondary market listings. Her network of attorneys, advisors, accountants and other key vendors to the crowdfunding and digital securities industries enables her to bring together support teams for client matters of all types, sizes, and budgets. Moreover, Robin has implemented numerous internal and client facing technology solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity, all resulting in savings, improved communication, and improved speed for the firm’s clients.

Robin brings her enthusiasm, positivity, out of the box thinking, intuition and focus to each client’s matters. In her practice, her core focus is to service issuers across all industries, platforms and broker-dealers in the pursuit of alternative financing strategies. Furthermore, Robin supports a robust private fund practice, with real estate, venture, and blockchain focused investment strategies.

Robin prides herself on staying ahead of the advancements at the intersection of finance, technology and law. As such, she is a regular speaker on panels and writer discussing regulatory updates, market trends and disruptive technologies. She is also the founder of the CrowdCrypto Newsletter, a weekly publication that originated in January 2018.