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About Rita Garry

  • May 24, 2021

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Rita W. Garry is a seasoned corporate, transactional and data privacy attorney and is the trusted legal advisor to a wide variety of business enterprises across an array of industries, including professional services, banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, aviation supply, craft breweries, not-for-profit trade associations and multinational gift card distributor. Rita builds strategic and long-term relationships with clients to create corporate governance, risk awareness, and legal compliance infrastructures for her clients to promote their stability, growth, risk mitigation, and future transitional planning for both strategic and private equity sales, mergers, and acquisitions. Rita’s extensive work with a diverse client base involves many enterprise matters including choice of entity and governance, employment, finance, real estate, commercial contracting, software licensing, transactions, and, most recently, data privacy and cybersecurity compliance.

As the importance of data management and privacy laws has grown, Rita guides enterprise clients, both internationally and nationally, in designing and operationalizing data management and protection law compliance programs, including those related to GLBA, HIPPA, GDPR and CCPA, among others. Also, since business data is frequently stored, processed, and shared with customers, vendors and other service providers, Rita works with clients to manage data protection in their contractual arrangement to help manage privacy law compliance.

Rita prides herself on being the trusted advisor to an array of business enterprises, helping them execute business goals strategically and collaboratively with strength, stability, and tools to grow and thrive in ever increasingly complex, competitive, and regulated environments.