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About Mike Campanella

  • June 11, 2019

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Michael Campanella is Vice President of Prevue HR Systems Inc. ( In the early stages of Michael’s career he gained a reputation for building effective teams at every company he supported from start-ups to fortune 500s. From the very beginning, Mr. Campanella has believed that the backbone of any successful company is a focus on amazing employees that are fully engaged and 100% accountable.

In 2005, Prevue brought Michael on board to serve as their Vice President. He carefully began refocusing the company from a simple assessment provider into a more comprehensive hiring process organization. The new approach blends consulting services and proven, practical HR technology packaged as an outsourced flat-fee hiring system. Through Michael’s leadership, a solution was developed to optimize the talent acquisition process by guiding companies through a 3-step process: Job Analysis, Applicant Tracking, and Job-Fit Testing.  While this 3-step process is suitable for organizations of all sizes; it caters primarily to small and mid-sized organizations where the challenge and impact of successful hiring is felt the most.

Family owned businesses often grow organically over time and can lack formalized processes of candidate evaluation, job-fit assessment and employee development. Mr. Campenella and Prevue HR Systems have developed affordable and practical solutions, and made them available to companies in all stages of growth.  Michael enjoys taking a leadership role in guiding these companies to simple solutions that enhance their hiring and employee development processes.

Michael is a regular speaker at several conferences and trade shows where he discusses how companies can use technology to deal with challenges surrounding talent acquisition. Michael and his family reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  When he’s not working, he enjoys Bike riding, hiking and skiing. He is also very involved in the Scouts program and has been an active leader for the past 4 years.