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About Michael Rosow

  • April 28, 2020

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From routine banking matters to large, complex litigation, Mike brings a wealth of unique experience to Winthrop & Weinstine’s Creditors’ Remedies and Business & Commercial Litigation groups. Though the heart of Mike’s practice is focused on representing banks and other financial lending institutions, he is a go-to attorney for litigation matters dealing with a strong or complex financial component in the areas of bankruptcy, banking, real estate, contracts, and other commercial matters.

Clients appreciate Mike’s experience because he intimately understands the banking industry and its regulatory environment. He is well-versed in all types of collection matters and is able to quickly and efficiently identify possible solutions and moves swiftly to resolve issues, containing costs for the client. Because of his in-depth and “big case” experience, Mike is very comfortable in front of a judge or jury, and is able to take a matter from cradle to grave.

What is unique about Mike’s practice is that his knowledge and experience in banking matters has translated well to complex, financial litigation. His ability to simplify complex financial cases and limit them to the core facts is one that works well in a courtroom. Mike excels at heavily litigated bank disputes, including lender liability claims, counter claims against banks, claims of coercion, and fraudulent inducement. He frequently works on cases involving mortgage foreclosures, receiverships and claim and delivery, including cases involving entities that have gone through bankruptcy or have issues associated with a bankruptcy filing.

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