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About Kim Lorenz

  • August 10, 2020

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After successfully starting and running two corporations for over 20 years, then selling both to Fortune 500 firms, Kim joined World Vision as a volunteer to initiate global collaborations between Rotary and World Vision. His focus has been on successfully implementing Humanitarian and development work with this global NGO leader World Vision. The work focuses on large Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects (WASH) as well as Economic Development work alongside Rotary Clubs and The Rotary Foundation doing this work where needed most in developing countries.

To date some $20 million in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene as well as Micro Finance/Economic Development projects have been completed in these collaborations.

Globally, World Vision has 47,000 ‘local’ staff in close to 100 countries carrying out over $2 billion annually in humanitarian relief and development work.

Kim has a new book about to be published titled Tireless, Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School.


  • (Premiered on: 08/10/2020)