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About Justin C. Danilewitz

  • June 11, 2019

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The storm clouds of a looming enforcement action, however the clouds take shape – by search warrant, subpoena or “target letter,” or an early morning knock on the door from agents – must be taken seriously, and require the guidance and navigation of experienced and able counsel. Justin C. Danilewitz draws upon his experience as a former federal prosecutor, as well as his defense of individuals and entities, to conduct internal investigations, zealously defend against civil and criminal enforcement actions, and respond to whistleblower complaints and qui tam suits.

Justin has extensive experience appearing before judges and juries, both at trial as well as in sentencings, plea hearings, bail hearings, and other proceedings in federal court. He has also written a wide range of trial and appellate briefs on both criminal and civil issues, some of them before the U.S. Supreme Court.