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About Joshua Olshin

  • March 11, 2022

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Joshua Olshin is a Founder & Managing Partner of AuctionAdvisors. He has extensive experience as an auctioneer/liquidator, advising on the auction and disposition of real estate and real estate related assets for over 17 years.  In recent years, his expertise has also extended to the marketing and sale of small businesses, minority ownership interests and a wide variety of commercial assets.

Mr. Olshin’s has a track record of achieving maximum value for his clients, but his work is comprehensive, and includes the evaluation and positioning of the properties or assets being disposed of, the preparation marketing materials, the design of the auction or sales process, the implementation of the marketing campaign, and the reporting and testifying with respect to the actions taken.  Prior to entering the auction business, Mr. Olshin worked as a corporate attorney and practices at two institutional law firms for over 8 years.

Mr. Olshin received a BA from Johns Hopkins University, a JD from Northwestern University Law School & an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

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