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About Jim Taylor

  • June 11, 2019

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As a life-long learner, Jim continually strives to improve his understanding of a complicated industry and assist others in making educated decisions about their insurance needs. Throughout his career, it has been this passion for education that has led to Jim’s success at all levels beginning as a Vice President with Capital Assurance Group where he created and facilitated training programs that resulted in over $380 million in top line revenue. Jim’s education continued as he trained insurance professionals on establishing and operating insurance agencies and developed a Lawyer Education Series, advising lawyers on how to be more proficient in their field.

From these experiences, Jim gained an invaluable education in the business insurance profession and recognized that small to middle market businesses were in need of a comprehensive level of guidance on how to best utilize their limited resources to control costs and manage risk. Taylor Group’s mission is helping small to middle market business clients make educated business insurance decisions about general and professional liability, workers compensation, and risk management strategy. Supplying Taylor Group clients with enterprise level risk management at non-enterprise level costs, TGIA provides business insurance to the manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, construction, real estate, hospitality, renewable energy, not for profit, technology, and healthcare industries based on the principle of educated decisions.

Jim looks forward to connecting to small to middle market businesses owners in order to assist them in choosing the right business insurance plan for their current needs. As those needs change, Taylor Group’s annual client remarketing strategy and quarterly reviews allow TGIA to respond to the changing environment. In addition, professional Attorneys, HR Specialists, CPA’s, and Payroll Specialists are welcomed connections as strategic partners in assisting TGIA’s business insurance clients develop their small to middle market businesses.